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Aristotelian Texts Explicitly Treating Dimensions of Anger




focuses on Anger in terms of movement, heat, the

heart, the blood, physical appearance

On the Soul, bk.1

Parts of Animals, bk. 2

On Dreams, On Memory

focuses on Anger in terms of what the emotion is,

Rhetoric, bk. 2, bk. 3, Poetics, bk. 2, On Sophistical Refutations

intensifies or lessens it

Nichomachean Ethics, bk. 2, Eudemian Ethics, bk. 2, bk. 7

pain, pleasure, desire, how anger is produced, what

On the Soul, bk.1

Politics, bk. 5, bk. 7, bk. 8

Topics, bk. 2, bk. 4, bk. 6, bk. 7



focuses on Anger in terms of virtues and vices,

prohairesis, character

focuses on Anger in terms of how it affects weakness

of will, choice, reasoning, deliberation, prudence

Nichomachean Ethics, bk. 1, bk. 4, Eudemian Ethics, bk. 2

Rhetoric bk. 1, Topics, bk. 4
History of Animals, bk. 8

Nichomachean Ethics, bk. 3, bk. 7, Eudemian Ethics, bk. 2,

Rhetoric bk. 1, bk. 2, Topics, bk. 4
Politics, bk. 5

On Dreams, On Memory



focuses on Anger in terms of cause or factor of

Rhetoric bk. 1

for wrongdoing

Politics, bk. 5, bk. 7, Athenian Constitution

political events, legislation, and legal responsibility

Nichomachean Ethics, bk. 5

focuses on Anger in terms of response to perceived

Nichomachean Ethics, bk. 3, Eudemian Ethics, bk. 3

fear, and temperment

History of Animals, bk. 1, bk. 8, bk. 9

threats, connection with courage, confidence, and

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Politics, bk. 7

Parts of Animals, bk. 2, bk. 3