Yasmin Ponce

March 16,2016
Access to Education

Ever wonder why students sometimes feel school effects or their surroundings?
Why that student that sits next to you is not here? Maybe even what happened to that one student
that was called “nerd”? Who is probably living a better lifestyle than you ever thought many say
they don't need education but we all do, it is beneficial for our future.There are many factors that
affect education and here we will discuss on topics of it. I’ve researched many topics and
subjects on factors that affect education. Access to education affects one's environmental and
social stability because they decrease the crime rates in communities, increases social benefits
for students, and opens up more job opportunities.
According to Pennsylvania Public Education an article that claims public education is a
worthy investment. Research shows that individuals who graduate and have access to education
qualify education throughout primary and secondary school are more likely to find gainful
employment, have stable families, and be active and productive citizens. “Decreasing the number
of high school dropouts by half would nationally produce $45 billion per year in net economic
benefit to society” (Pennsylvania Public Education, 3). The author wants to discuss the amount
of decrease that would benefit the net economic benefit to society. How the amount of education
affects the environment and stability of others.“High school dropouts are more than twice as
likely to be unemployed and three times more likely to receive welfare assistance,costing billions
of dollars nationally each year for government funded assistance programs” (3). Here the author

discusses on the amount of dropouts that would lead to unemployment and those who do have a
better chance of employment. “Graduating from high school improves the quality of
health,reduces dependence on public health programs by 60 percent, and cuts by six times the
rate of alcohol abuse” (3).
The author shows on how having education and graduating from high school improves the health
by 60 percent and cuts down rates on alcohol abuse in which is better for community crime rates.
They show how education and graduating from high school is beneficial it decreases
unemployment rate,increases better social ability, and better unemployment. Shows how
education is a good thing to have in life and supports your life for a better lifestyle.

According to Cynthia,Wagner The author argues that girls don’t have schooling or
education because they are told to do other important things to support themselves and family.
The author also claims on having access to education not only improves economically but also
helps ensure their reproductive health. “Increased Civil and political participation” (Wagner 1).
Having the ability to have access to education is a big beneficial because many people don't have
it or don't have the opportunity like we do here in the United States or even worse don't have the
money to do so. So having this opportunity leads to having knowledge of things so they’ll be into
civil and political thing, they’ll know about it so it will lead them to participation of these issues.

“Increased national per capita income growth” (Wagner 1).
The author here is explaining in having education could lead you to a better job. Better
employment leads to more income which is beneficial to you and also in growing or wanting to
develop a family. “Lowered levels of sexual harassment Reduced sexual and labor trafficking of
young women Mitigation of HIV/AIDS” (Wagner 1).

Here the author claims on having education has lead especially girls into a key role in life. This
shows on how life can give you many obstacles but you must never give up on things and
continue because the key to life is having a good education that will build a better future for
yourself. A woman's daily life and not having any distractions that could effect the better for
yourself. According to Manuel Heitor and Hugo Horta, these authors claims that they focus on
this paper relying to build science,technology and higher education systems in Latin America,
based on international comparative studies and fieldwork. In responding to the, “explosive social
demand for higher education and to vast social and political transformations already induced by
new waves of educated youth,countries face the need and the opportunity for large investments
in science,technology and higher education”(Robert Hall 64).
Here the author discusses about a demand in higher education to help out students to get
the appropriate education they need. “This gains particular relevance vis a vis the growing
demand of higher education by populations perceiving private and social returns of education”
Here the author writes about how it increased the growing demand of higher education by
populations. He also discusses about how education should be discussed on social returns of
In conclusion, there are many things that affect your education. Whether it be around
your environment or social stability. It could be the community, your surroundings that affect

education or the effect of school. Having education increases many things such as social stability
and job opportunities rather than a dropout student that has less opportunities.

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