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28 April 2016

Prof. Julia Intawiwat

English 112-39
Central Piedmont Community College
Dear Prof. Intawiwat,
I am writing to thank you for the great experience I had in English 112-39 this semester. I am
glad to have taken your excellent class. I admit that I took the class to fulfill an English
requirement, but I considered it one of my favorite courses within the first couple weeks. I wrote
some papers and journal entries through this course, and I feel very proud of those writings what
I have done. However, it is nearly at the end of the semester.
The context of my music essay is to use different parts of the musician, Elvis Presleys life.
These parts divided by his background story, his own style of music, and the music culture of
that time. The purpose for this essay was to let everyone know about Elvis Presley how he
changed music and the culture by his rock and roll music. I was trying to make a natural flow of
his life through music. The audience for this essay would be the fans of Elvis Presley or rock and
roll music.
The extended inquiry project was the one of assignments which I made an effort to do it well.
The context of the extended inquiry paper is to use several steps for a specific topic. The first
step was writing an investigative proposal. Before writing a proposal, I did choose my topic
which is a bucket list for the extended inquiry project. Then, I wrote my proposal about what I
already know about a bucket list and what I will going to explore my topic over the course of
years. It helped me to focus on my goals about this project. The second step was research and an
annotated bibliography. I found sources with researching about my topic and Christopher
McCandless, and I wrote my annotated bibliography by sources which I found. The last step was
the essay and the reflection. It was the easiest step to think about what I will going to write
because all of information was in my proposal and my annotated bibliography. The purpose of
this project was exploring self-discovery with a connection between my topic and Christopher
McCandless. Thus, I tried to focus on my topic and to explore it on my essay. The audience for
this project would be people who work hard and want freedom from the society or who are
interesting to have a bucket list.
To achieve my goals about the extended inquiry project, I tried to challenge myself. I did not do
a traditional essay but decided to do an infographic which is graphic visual representations of
information. An infographic looked easier than a traditional essay; however, it was hard than I
was expected before I started to do it. At first, I intended to present information quickly and
clearly, but it was difficult to be a simple with summarizing information. Also, emphasizing parts
became difficult to recognize or complex by a lot of writing information. I tried to keep my essay
as a simple and easier to understand when people read it. For my goals like this, I dedicated too
much time to do my infographic.

My music essay and the extended inquiry essay evolved through revisions. After peer editing
with my classmates, I changed some vocabulary better and provided more information about
Elvis Presleys songs and his fashion style into my music essay. I also add more about a bucket
list and Christopher McCandless in my extended inquiry essay. Those revisions evolved my
essays to have and to increase information strength.
The most interesting assignment was an essay of the extended inquiry project. It was also the one
of assignments that I learned the most from this course. The journal entries which I wrote about
my favorite inspirational quote and the neologism were that I enjoyed to write in this course as
well. The first journal entry, where I did my literacy narrative, was not doing very well when I
revisited it now. However, it was the only I learned the most by myself.
An annotated bibliography and essay for the extended inquiry project were that I found
particularly challenging and that I was especially pleased to have been able to solve. I had never
been doing those assignments before I take this course. The reason that those assignments were
difficult to me was not only the first experience but also some problems I got during those
assignments. As a footnote, four types of sourcesa primary source, a secondary source, a
general internet source, and book sourceneeded for an annotated bibliography. However, it
was very hard to find my sources because sources what I want were not easy to find within
minutes. Also, my essay had some problems. I had to use various icons because my essay was an
infographic, but there were not many icons what I find for my essay. Summarizing information
on the slide was the one of problems as well. To solve all of those problem for my annotated
bibliography and essay, I took more time to find or to change what I wanted. Those two
assignments were what I spent much time to find and to change my sources or icons. Finally, I
found several credible sources to write my annotated bibliography and changed my ideas about
icons for an infographic if I could not find similar icons what I found.
My participation and effort in the class were good in my opinion. I came to class regularly and
helped my classmates if they needed to get some help to me. I also asked questions to my
classmates and you if I did not understand, and I participated class as well when I did peer
editing with my classmates.
Through all of assignment what I did during this course, I think my writing has improved. I was
not good at writing because English is not my first language, but your teaching in the class was
really helpful to know about research techniques and writing strategies. Even though my writing
is still not clear and has many grammatical errors, I gain confidence to write in English. To be
honest, I hope that I can get an A on this course. Nevertheless, I think I should be get a lower
grade because grammatical errors weigh on my mind at all time even if I already submitted all of
my assignments on time.
Prof. Intawiwat, I have met you only a few months, but I would like to express my gratitude for
being one of your students. This course is coming to an end, but my gratitude for you as my best
professor would not end. I shall always remain grateful for all the things I have learned from
you. You taught me the importance of discipline and hard work in life which I will carry
throughout my life with me, and I will stay forever grateful of that fact. Thank you for

completing my English 112 course, I really appreciate it. I hope that your next semester is off to
a wonderful start.
Thank you again and more power.

Jamie Han