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Clarita Hernandez
Professor Daniel Baird
April 27, 2016
Mestizo Arts and Activism Volunteer Feedback
Alondra came to Mestizo to volunteer in our program and has been a part of our
organization for the past 4 years. At Mestizos, our goal is to inform the people in our community
so it was a perfect place for Alondra to find a topic. Due to conflicting schedules, we were not
able to work together on her project but we were able to discuss and help her expand on the topic
she chose. The topic we came up with together was Nutrition assistance Programs and how
they benefited our society as well as the abuse that is often seen. People within our communities
and even within our discussion groups have seen people take advantage and abuse the system tat
provides help. We understood here that the topic in class was Illiteracy. Alondra, instead of
focusing on the inability to read, chose to look at the broad definition of illiteracy which is
defined as lack of knowledge or ignorance. Alondra explained how here topic relates to the class
theme. Together, we related the two topics because her presentation if focused on the abuse of
these social programs is due to ignorance and the inability for the abusers to look at the bigger
picture and how they are affecting the future of there programs.
Alondra conducted interviews around our community for people who are currently
receiving some form of nutrition assistance from the government. She found that some of the
people who were receiving help had not fully proven their need for assistance. Some of the
receivers were not asked to submit proof that their spending vs. amount of income was
inadequate for a health life. Alondras first solution to the problem was to start by correcting the

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application process. It is best to start from the very beginning and work to modify the system
from the outside in. Another solution was to have annual revisions. Peoples financial situations
care constantly changing so an annual revision would be appropriate to determine everyones
need for help.
Overall, Alondra and our organization believe that theses solutions are ones that are
reasonable and easy to introduce to our current system. They would not cause any drastic
changes and would simply create a more organized system. The community and the people in
need would still benefit from these programs. The major change would be that less theft would
occur resulting in more assistance to those who are truly in need.

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