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Reflective Writing 1

Andi Reynolds

I decided on a quote in chapter 1 pg. 13 of the Down To Earth Archaeology textbook,

(by: Lewis R. Binford) that says, Archeology is not a field that can study the past
directly, nor can it be the one that merely involves discovery, as the man on the bus
suggested. On the contrary, it is a field wholly dependent upon inference to the past
from things found in the contemporary world.
I chose this quote because I too, like the old man on the bus in his article, assumed
that archeology was mostly about the things you find from the past, but reading his
statement made me have a different idea on the subject. I think that this quote will
help me have a better understanding of why people want to be archeologists and
made me think that they arent just digging around looking for items of the past,
but more a full understanding of the culture and meanings in the time era instead.