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Form 9a

Bi-Weekly Reflective Journal Entry

In addition to the bi- weekly reflection based on this form, please reflect on one question per journal entry from
the next page. One journal entry every two weeks for a total of six during the semester.

Student Name: Mike Kesler

Weeks # 4 & 5 Dates: 1/31/2016 2/13/2016

Internship Hours: Two Week Total: 83.58
Cumulative Total to Date: 199 Hours

Supervisor: Chad Keefer
Agency: Vivint Smart Home Arena
Brief description of the past two weeks duties:
Its been a pretty busy past couple of weeks. Weve had a number of Jazz games, Globetrotters,
and had 7 Marvel Universe Live shows over Valentines Day weekend.
How are you experiencing a relevant and challenging use of your skills?
Its been a busy couple of weeks. A lot of the learned comes in the form of experience and
decision making. I faced a couple of new problems during Marvel that I had yet to experience
which forced me to make a decision based on the best interests of our organization.
What did you learn from the experience?
I learned that you wont always make the right decision, however what you can do later down the
road to improve will help a lot. Messing up once means you know the appropriate outcome for a
future problem of the same kind.
What worked well? What would you change next time?
I think next time I need to not be afraid to take a couple of seconds before speaking in regards to
guest complaints or problem s regarding seats.
Please describe the supervision you are receiving.
As has been the case, supervision is minimal as I have assigned departments I am responsible
and I am responsible for getting my work done in a timely manner.

Journal Entry 2
Over the past several months Ive had to adjust to life in an office and the time it takes to
dedicate myself to the work we are doing. When I was an intern I only arrived on site to work the
events however I am now in a position that requires me to be here during the days and be more
involved in the preparation of the events.
Since my hiring in this position, I have been responsible for Salt Lake Police, Fire, and
our in house EMTs. Though they have direct supervisors that schedule them, I must coordinate
with those supervisors to make sure they are in our system so that they can clock in on arrival.
Since taking on this responsibility, I have worked to improve the system we currently have that
will include working with Human Resources to ensure department supervisors have the authority
they need to do their job and improve on staffing training and expectations for future events.
Though the latter is a more long-term project that wont be finish in time for the internship to be
In addition to my responsibilities for those departments, I also work closely with our
Director of Event Security, Steve Smith, and Director of Guest Service, Chad Keefer in regards
to our events. I have taken on event notes, prep for staff, working with HR on new employee
processing, and other various tasks.
My attitude has been fairly positive given the new and challenging nature of the position.
I think the hardest part about this job is the hours we keep. We manage ourselves and are simply
responsible for making sure our work gets done. On some weeks, I find myself arriving for work
at 1 or 2 in the afternoon and working shorter days as I have other days where I work from the
late morning and well into the evening. Finding the balance between my work life and personal

life has been difficult given that my work schedule has no rhythm and requires me to be at work
when we have an event but find personal time when I can get it.
Though it is challenging, I couldnt imagine being anywhere else to start a career. The
head of our department is hands down one of the best bosses I think Ive ever had as he works to
be as transparent as possible and allows us to be ourselves within the work environment which
keeps things loose. With that in mind, Ive been committed and will continue to be committed in
any way I need to be to help our organization be successful.
My actions have been that of a student-learner. My direct supervisors work hard to keep
things progressing in their departments and dont always have time to teach and learn throughout
the day. The thing I must remind myself is how useful the experience is for me and learn from
the problems I witness and am forced to work through. This has included unlawful behavior from
guests, problems with the facility or staff that affect a guests experience, and various other
problems on any other day or night.
The biggest thing Im looking forward to is to step up when the Bees season starts in
April. With my experience at the ballpark, I can work with my current department to improve
things and work towards a better experience for our guests when the season rolls around. For
right now, I must continue working and communicating as best I can so that by this summer,
events at the Arena can go smoothly under my sole leadership and responsibility.