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Kearny Science, Connections & Technology

Syllabus and Course Requirements

Computer Science Principles

Computer Science Principles

Corri-Anne Burgess

Curriculum available on class website

Course Catalog and Student Handbook

I ask that the parent/guardian and student have both read the
Course Catalog and the Student Handbook, both of which are available on-line at
Course Objectives
Computer Science Principles offers a multidisciplinary approach to teaching the
underlying principles of computation. The course will introduce students to creative
aspects of programming, using abstractions and algorithms, working with large data
sets, understandings of the Internet and issues of cybersecurity, and impacts of
computing that affect different populations. Computer Science Principles will give
students the opportunity to use current technologies to solve problems and create
meaningful computational artifacts. Together, these aspects of the course make up a
rigorous and rich curriculum that aims to broaden participation in computer science.
Course Requirements
Students are required to come to class every day. There is no substitute for the
classroom experience.
Students are required to use their time wisely in the classroom, especially while
on the computer.
Students are to complete all work on time. Late work will not be accepted.
Other Requirements and Policies
Refer to the Student Handbook for details

Academic Honesty Policy

Cellular Phones and Other Electronic Signaling Devices
Dress Regulations
Free Public Education
Tardy Policy

Grading Policy
Points will be given for assignments, quizzes, projects, and tests. Each
assignment/project/test will vary in points depending on the extent and difficulty of work
Grading Scale
A - 90-100%
B - 80-89.99%
C - 70-79.99%

D - 60-69.99%
F 59.90% and below

Policy on Late Work
No late work will be accepted. Students must turn in work on time. (Only POSSIBLE
exception is an EXCUSED absence)
Policy on Missed Work
Students are responsible for finding out what they missed. Students have one day from
when they come back to turn in any work missed. A student has one day to take a
missed test. A student may not make up any work/lab/quiz/test/HW due to an unexcused
absence. Students have one week to make up a lab, must be done on their own time.
Policy on Student Engagement
Students must be engaged in Computer Science Principles work in class. Cell phone
use, online gaming, video/television viewing, completing unfinished work from other
classes, etc. cannot be tolerated because of the negative impact these behaviors can
have on student learning outcomes and class morale. 10% of student's academic grade
will be comprised of observed engagement during class time. Students engaging in off
task behaviors will have their grade reduced by 1% point per instance of off task
behavior. Parent will be notified of any reduction in academic grade as a result of off task
behavior in an effort to better support student academic growth.
Citizenship Grades
A students citizenship grade will be determined by their behavior. All school rules will be
enforced. Please refer to the student handbook located on the school website.
(all criteria must be met)

(all criteria must be met)

(all criteria are met)
Needs Improvement
(If any one of the criteria is
( If any one of the criteria is

No disruptive behaviors; always displaying respectful

behaviors toward adults and peers, always displaying
excellent study habits, asking thoughtful questions,
participating actively in class discussion, often helping
others; is a role-model.
Rarely displays disruptive behaviors; consistently
displaying respectful behaviors and good study habits,
asking thoughtful questions, participating actively in class
discussion, sometimes helping others.
No major disruptive behaviors, asking questions,
consistently participating actively in class discussion.
Exhibits disruptive behavior resulting in at least one
referral or two parent contacts, often lack preparation
and/or participation.
Major disruptive behaviors resulting in two or more
referrals or three parent contacts, lack of preparation
and/or participation on a daily basis, caught cheating or
plagiarizing on assignment/test.

Complete and Return

Please complete and return this form to your teacher.
I have read and understood my son's/daughter's syllabus as well as the student
handbook referenced above. In order to help my son/daughter successfully
complete the course, I agree to:

Provide a quiet space and time for my son/daughter to study at home

every day.
Monitor his/her progress regularly at least once a week.
Communicate with the teacher when questions and/or concerns arise.

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Parent/Guardian's Signature: ___________________________

Date: _________

Please feel free to indicate any suggestion(s) to help make this class a successful
experience for your son/daughter. Include any special needs/accommodations that
he/she requires to learn successfully. If more space required, please write on the back of
this page.