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15 days will be credited in advance on 1st of Jan & July

every year. It can be accumulated upto 300 days. If the
balance at the credit is 300 further advance credit will be
kept separately and set off EL availed during that 1/2
Credit is made @ 2 1/2 days for each completed month.
At the time of retirement the leave will be calculated at
the same rate upto the last date of retirement.
1/10 of EOL or dies non will be reduced if availed in past
half year, from the present credit.
Credit will be made upto the end of proceeding calendar
month in case of employees removed/dismissed from
service or dies in service.


Unavailed joining time will be
credited as EL but total should not
exceed 300.
EL can be availed up to 180 days
at a time and up to 300 days as
leave preparatory to retirement.
It can be granted up to 240 days to
Gr. A & B officers in access of 180
days, if the entire leave is spent
outside SAARC countries

Half Pay Leave

It is credited @ 10 days in advance on 1st Jan & July

every year.

1/18 of the period of dies non/suspension treated as

dies non will be reduced subject to maximum of 10

HPL @ 5/3 days for each completed month will be

credited up to the date of retirement /resignation.

HPL @ 5/3 days per completed calendar month will

be afforded to a Govt. Servant who has been
removed/dismissed/dies in service, up to the end of
the Calendar month preceding the last Calendar
month of service.

It can be availed with or without MC.

It can be converted into full pay leave by taking it as

Commuted Leave

Commuted leave not exceeding half the amount of

HPL due can be taken on MC.
Commuted leave can be taken without MC :
(a) Maximum 90 days in the entire service if utilized for
an approved course of study certified to be in public
(b)Maximum 60 days by a female Govt. Servant in
continuation of maternity leave.
(c) Maximum 60 days by a female Govt. Servant with
less than 2 living children if she adopt a child less
than one year old.
() It can not be granted as leave preparatory to
() If commuted leave is taken twice the no. of days
availed should be debited in HPL account.
() If a Govt. Servant granted commuted leave quits
service voluntarily w/o returning to duty, the
commuted leave shall be treated as HPL and the
excess leave salary should be recovered.