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Anastasia Bojanowski
Master of Arts in English, University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida August, 2002,
Specialization: Literature Thesis title: Singing All the Songs: Exploring the Canaan
Myth in Toni Morrisons Sula and Paradise. Chair: Adenike M. Davidson
Bachelor of Arts in English (Literature Program), University of Central Florida, Orlando,
Florida, May 1996 Minor: French Language and Literature

Instructor, English, State College of Florida: Manatee/ Sarasota, 2009present
My courses objectives are to write a focused and formal essay that draws from academic
research. Students are expected to understand the ethics of research and demonstrate
documentation skills, using APA and MLA guidelines. I teach traditional face-to-face, blended,
and fully online courses. The courses are taught in 16, 12 and 18 week semesters.
Face-to-face courses:
English Composition I (Fall 2009-Spring 2014)
*English Composition II (Fall 2009-Spring 2014)
British Literature II (Spring 2012)
Introduction to Poetry (Spring 2012)
Contemporary Literature (Summer 2012 & 2013)
*Short Story (Summer 2012, Spring 2014)
* Developed a textbook alternative: digital textbook in conjunction with open source & library
sources to replace the courses textbook. Estimated $21,500 deferred costs for students.
Blended/ Hybrid (H) courses:
English Composition II (Fall 2010-Fall 2012)
Short Story (Fall 2012)
Fully online (W) courses:
English Composition I (Spring 2010-Spring 2013)
English Composition II (Spring 2010-Spring 2014)
Short Story (Fall 2012, Spring 2013)
Instructor, English, Valencia Community College, 20052009
My courses require students to think critically, write structured academic essays, and conduct
and integrate research that is properly documented. I emphasize diversity by both including
readings from diverse authors and by encouraging students to articulate an expression that is
informed by their diverse experiences.

Bojanowski 2
Face-to-face courses:
English Composition I (Fall 2005-Spring 2009)
English Composition I Honors (Fall 2007, Spring 2009)
English Composition II (Fall 2005-Spring 2009)
English Composition II Honors (Fall 2008)
Fully online (W) courses:
English Composition I (Fall 2006present)
English Composition II (Fall 2006present)
Adjunct Instructor, English, University of Central Florida, 2002-2005
Courses Taught:
English Composition I (Fall 2001-Spring 2005)
English Composition II (Fall 2001-Spring 2005)
English Composition II: Special Topics: Brown v. Board of Education, (Fall 2002/ Spring 2003)
English Composition II: Special Topics: 2004 Presidential Election, (Fall 2004)
Adjunct Instructor, English, Valencia Community College, 2002-2005
Graduate Teaching Assistant, English, University of Central Florida, 2001-2002


Adjunct Faculty Professional Development Coordinator, Fall 2011-Spring 2013
State College of Florida: Manatee/ Sarasota
I currently work with the Faculty Development Coordinator to develop workshops for all faculty
in traditional and online platforms to introduce innovative techniques into the classroom, use
potential of current technology available at the college, and host roundtables to share best
Writing Center Faculty Coordinator, Spring 2008
Valencia Community College (East campus)
I worked closely with the Academic Success Center Coordinator to synchronize the strategic
plan of the writing center with the overall mission of the student academic success center.
Coordinator: I managed the different resources in the writing center, including: the
English for Academic Purposes lab, one-on-one consultations, workshops and speech
Faculty Liaison: As the faculty liaison to the writing center, I ensured that we are
responding to student needs for all levels of writing and writing across the curriculum.

Bojanowski 3
Coordinator: University Writing Center, 2002-2005
University of Central Florida
I worked closely with the Director of the UCF Writing Center to coordinate a writing center
based on peer consultations for both graduate and undergraduate student writers from across
the curriculum.
Administration: I managed the daily operations of the writing center, was responsible for
the hiring process, including applications, interviews and hiring paperwork as well as
seminar and online training, and addressed faculty expectations of the writing center
Technology: As coordinator, I maintained the centers website and supervised the creation
of an online training manual using WIKI technology [a platform that allow users to
contribute information in a branching structure]
Reporting: The position also required data collection and assessment for the annual
report, as well as payroll and purchasing responsibilities
Staff: 25-50 part-time graduate and undergraduate consultants, providing more than 175
consultant hours/ week
Use: In 2004-2005, the UWC conducted 7,771 consultations from 544 courses in 44
departments representing almost every college at UCF. Consultations served every level
of writing from first-year composition to doctoral dissertations, including non-course
related writing such as application essays and resumes
Assessment: The UWC is associated with better academic performance and excellence at

State College of Florida: Manatee/ Sarasota
APA Documentation: This workshop was given to faculty from various departments, who use
APA as part of their courses. The workshop offered insights into teaching the ethics of
research, including skills on identifying academic sources, using research strategically
and documentation. Faculty were given APA templates to include their courses housed in
the learning management system (LMS) and were given an overview of formatting
concerns. Finally, differences between MLA and APA were discussed and basic
guidelines reviewed, including the use of digital object inventory (doi) for online sources.
Using Screencasts in the Classroom: This workshop used the Screencast-o-matic platform to
demonstrate how to offer feedback on student projects. Faculty could see how to create
voice recordings while navigating documents and websites. The platform was also used
to show how instructors could better explain process with online courses
Preventing Plagiarism & Self-Plagiarism: The workshop defined both plagiarism and selfplagiarism using the college policy and APA guidelines. Activities included a self-test, a
plagiarism workshop with different writing scenarios, and using tools such as to better educate students on preventing plagiarism.

Bojanowski 4

Valencia Community College

The Ethics of Research: Writing Consultants at the Communication Center were presented with
information to assist in determining the nature and necessity of research as well as
documentation for both MLA and APA guidelines.
Academic Success Center: The Communications Center Training, December 2008.
Faculty-to-Faculty Seminar: Workshop was developed with Learning Technology Centers
Director, Migdalia Otero Oln and presented to adjunct faculty. The workshop presented
options for including WebCT in both a hybrid and fully online course. Material was
focused on using quizzes both formally and informally, discussions as a means of class
communication and peer reviews, and assignment design.
Learning Technology Center: Adjunct Faculty Development, Spring 2008.
University of Central Florida
Workshops were developed in conjunction with the University Writing Center Director, Dr.
Beth Rapp Young, and presented as part of my duties as the University Writing Center
Writing Across the Curriculum. The workshop discussed how courses across the curriculum
could include both formal and informal writing assignments as a means of assessing
students critical thinking of course principles and material.
Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning. New GTA Orientation. August 2002,
August 2003.
Thesis and Dissertation Writing. Graduate students currently working and anticipating writing
their thesis and dissertations were presented with guidelines for the process of working
with a thesis/ dissertation chair for outlining the research and writing project, for creating
timelines and for writing and revising the thesis and dissertation project.
Graduate Student Association. Graduate Students. October 2002, March
2003, October 2003, March 2004.
Revision as Part of the Writing Process: Modeling Peer Review. Student
essays were reviewed and suggestions given based on individual
student concerns as a model for the revision process. English
Department. ENC 1101 and ENC 1102. October 2002, March 2003,
October 2003, March 2004.
University of Central Florida
Writing Your Graduate School Application. Practical guidelines were given for writing personal
statements to highlight students personal, academic and professional ambitions and
accomplishments, tailoring the focus to students field of study. College of Arts and
Sciences. Undergraduate Workshop. October 2002, March 2003, October 2003, March

Bojanowski 5
Presentations: University of Central Florida
Business Writing: Resume Basics. The presentation discussed how to approach each section of
resumes to highlight individual experiences as well as how to format the document.
College of Business. Hospitality Management. February 2002, September 2002,
February 2003, September 2003, February 2003. Association of Women Nurses, March
MLA Documentation and Integrating Research. Review of the rationale for documentation as
well as the guidelines for documenting sources through parenthetical citations and works
cited pages. English Department. ENC 1101 and ENC 1102. September 2002, April
2003, October 2003, March 2004.
College Service
CARE Team, State College of Florida (Fall 2013-present)
Conflict Resolution Faculty Representative, State College of Florida (Fall 2013-Present)
Faculty Professional Development, State College of Florida, (Fall 2009-2013)
Faculty Representative, Learning Evidence Team, Valencia Community College, (Fall 2007Spring 2009)
Faculty Representative, Security Advising for Campus Emergencies, Valencia Community
College, (Fall 2008)
Faculty Representative, Foundations of Excellence, Valencia Community College, (Fall 20082009)
Faculty Judge, Valencia Community College Essay Contest: Value, (Fall 2007)
Writing Center Development Committee, Valencia Community College (Fall 2008)
Faculty Advisor, UCF Chocolate Club, University of Central Florida (Spring 2007-2009)
Copy-Editor, English Department Composition Essay Contest, University of Central Florida
(Spring 2008)

Online course development using Web 2.0 (Haiku Deck, Weebly, etc.). Camtasia.
Screencasts, ANGEL 8.0, WebCT 6.0, Pages, Keynote, Dreamweaver MX, Adobe, Word,
Works, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, Internet research skills. Web 2.0 platforms
such as Haiku Deck, Weebly, and Wix.
Online communication using GoToMeeting, Chat platforms including Skype and
asynchronous communication found in ANGEL, WebCT, etc.

American Association for Women in Community Colleges
Florida Association of Colleges
The Faulkner Society