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School of Education
Department of Curriculum Studies and Secondary Education
1801 East Cotati Avenue, Rohnert Park CA 94928

April 19, 2016

Dear Members of the Selection Committee:
When I met Sarah Lecus in August 2015 in my course, Teaching in a Multicultural Setting,
a requirement for the first phase of the Secondary Teaching Credential Program, I learned quickly how
exceptional she is. She completed all the assignments with superior marks, contributed to class
discussions, and introduced me to additional ways to teaching flow from the naturalist Joseph
Cornells Flow Learning. I used her format to clarify an easier way to accomplish flow to her peers.
As a student teacher at Elsie Allen High School with Annette Bustamante for biology and Paul
Fleischer for physical science, Sarah has two unique mentors who are supportive and very different in
their approaches to teaching a true learning experience. In physical science, the ninth graders are
adjusting to high school and really require engaging methods to science. When I learned Sarah took 30
freshmen outside to pursue a scientific project, I was impressed that she took the risk. On the other
hand, I was not surprised since she loves the challenge of teaching and wants her students to appreciate
science as she does.
In my course, Sarah always participated actively whether she was in groups or in whole-class
discussions. With her inquisitive mind, I always wondered what her next question would be! For her
multicultural lesson to her peers, she developed a game that reviewed the plight of the Native
Americans. It was engaging and sophisticated. Although I have not observed Sarah in her classes this
semester, I know her mentor teachers who have nothing but praise for her. I agree wholeheartedly with
their assessment of her, especially of her content knowledge.
Sarah also participates in the AAAEL Project (Accelerating Academic Achievement for English
Learners) that incorporates strategies for ELL achievement in learning. At the same time, she and
Annette Bustamante partake in the co-teaching model, a program that will assist both the mentor and
student teacher communicate and learn and teach together. Its an exciting process that has been very
successful for the student teaching experience. It is also additional professional development not
essential to earn her the secondary credential. As always, she thrives to become the most effective
teacher she can.
I highly recommend Sarah Lecus for any science position to any department and school site.
With her positive attitude, knowledge of subject matter, and comprehension of teaching and learning,
she will make an excellent asset to the department. Hire her and youll soon recognize her natural fit for
the classroom.
Sincerely yours,

Kirsten Searby
Kirsten Searby
Faculty, Curriculum Studies and Secondary Education
Coordinator, SMTRI/Noyce Scholarship, Placement, and Intern Advisor