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Lesson Plan Template






Number of Students/ Grade

24 KG/N


Personal Aims (What do YOU need to work on in order grow professionally?)

Do not spend more time in activity. Do not take more than 40 minute of teaching.


Learning Outcomes:
(Link to the ADEC K-5 , MOE or International Curriculum

1- Identify, the meaning of transport

2- Why we use the transportation

Examples of transportation. Picture, song,


3- Learn the different kind of


Lesson Introduction
Question (Blooms Taxonomy)
Whole group activity: Time_______
Opening/Introduction: (Bullet points)
Ask them how they come to school by what?
Active Engagement: (Bullet points)
Playing on line game
Link: (Bullet points)
Playing by model and imitate the sound of the

Remembering (low level):

Show them picture of transportation
And what kind of transportation it is.
Understanding (low level):
Ask them and observe them.
Applying (low level):
Doing the activities.
Analyzing (high level):
On the board match
The picture of transportation with the place.
Evaluating (high level):
Through the activity.
Creating (high level):
Let them create 3d activities.

Learning Center Resources or Materials

Learning Center 1
Match the picture with
the shadow.

Learning Center 2
Sorting the
transportation and it
kind if it is air, sea or

Learning Center 3

Learning Center 4

Small Group Learning Centers: Time______

Closing activity: Time: ______
Allow children time to play with transportation model and let them role play.

Assessment for Learning: through the activity and asking them.

General Comments

Recommendations / Future personal targets / Areas of focus

I have to raise my voice to make it clearly.

SWC Lesson Reflection (Completed after EVERY lesson taught)


Your Name

Jamila Saad


Al- Ansar international school.


14- march



MST tamara


Firstly, discuss one aspect that YOU feel you did very well. Try to analyze why you think it
worked well and what hints you would share with other teachers about the successful
strategy/ resource/activity/management style etc.

Online game it was very good. And the activity was enjoyable.

Secondly, elaborate on the aspect identified by YOU that requires attention. Discuss what
the problem was, why it occurred and what action you intend to take to be more successful
in the next lesson.

The problem was my voice it occurred because the students were very active.

Personal focus for next lesson:

Raising my voice and try to find thing that can attract the students.

Reflection transportation lesson

I did not follow the teacher lesson plan because the teacher just focuses on the book.
She explains her lesson and asks them to answer on the book. The teacher writes on
the board by making mind map to warm up the lesson. She always writes in the board. I
did not like this way because some students do not read it is hard for them to
understand. She also just talks she follow the teaching style of the schools. I did not like
this way because she treat them as a primary. It is very boring ways. Children need to
see picture listen to story and watch a video these things attract children.
In my lesson which is transportation I start my lesson by tell them that one day I was
absent because my care was disrupted and the bus also left me I tell them as a story.
Then I ask them how they come to school. Why we use these different transportation so
they said the advantages. Then I show them a song about the transportation we imitate
the sound of the transportation and action. This song includes different type of
transportation. I asked them about the song and the futures of each transport it was
very nice lesson because they know this kind of transportation and they use it in their
daily lives. The students were very interest because I use different learning style like
visual, aural, and physical. After that I did my activity on the power point which is
matching the transport and the type of it if it is land, sea or air. Then I start my
activities. This is group activity. I explained for the whole class the activity then I
Separated them as their level.
I feel that the lesson was successful and I did not face any problem. Just small problem
with transition I found difficulties to deal with hyper active students. I try to attract
them by say positive word but it does not affect with them so I ask him to be a small
teacher so he set with me and help me to teach.
My MST gives me lots of comments. The first thing she said that she did not like the
song because this school do not use music. I have to find other video. She also said the
activity was nice and she gives other ideas that I like it. Which is do the same activities
but make it bigger. And choose a leader for each table. Then I can do rotation for
groups. So the students can do the whole activity but will be one day a week. It is nice
activity but I think it is better to be at the end of each lesson so the activity helps them
to reinforce and help me to evaluate them.
The other comment is that I take long time to explained for them and use the video,
picture without focus on lesson content. I did not agree with her because they
understand the lesson content through the story and the video and I already talked with
them why we use this transportation. She said that I loss time without doing work in the
book. Because, they just focus on the books activities.