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MUNTAKHAB AHADITH A Selection of Ahadith Relating to the Six Qualities of Da‘wat and Tabligh KALIMA TAYYIBAH | [ SALAH ‘ILM AND DHIKR_ | [IKRAM-UL-MUSLIM IKHLAS DA‘WAT AND TABLIGH Compiled by: Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Yousuf Kandhlavi (Rahmatullahi Alaihi) Organised & Presented by: Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Saad Kandhlavi Printed at Jayyed Press, Ballimaran, Delhi-110006. CONTENTS PHONETICS PREFACE INTRODUCTION ..... iii Vii KALIMAH TAYYAIBAH ‘Iman Belief in the Unseen Belief in the Hereafter ... oo ‘Success in Compliance with Allah's Commandments 104 SALAH PRAYERS Fard-Obligatory Prayers . 121 Salah in Congregation 143 ‘Sunnah and Nafilah Non-Obligatory Prayers 173 Khushi’ and Khudu’-Fear and Devotion in Prayers .. we 213 Virtues of Wudi-Ablution . 225 The aa'mal-deeds and Fada’ lirtues of the Masjid .. wee 235 ‘ILAM AND DHIKR KNOWLEDGE AND REMEMBRANCE OF ALLAH SUBHAHNAHU WA TA’ALA ‘im- Knowledge 241 Inspiration by Qur'an and Hadith .. 265 DHIKR (Remembrance of Allah Ta ‘ala)’ Virtues of Al-Qur'an 7 268 Virtues of Remmembering Allah Ta ‘ala Duw'a’-Supplication and Dhikr-Remembrances as narrated from Rasildliah Sallatlahu ‘Alaihi Wasallan ..... 354 299 IKRAM-UL-MUSLIM GENEROUSLY FULFILLING THE RIGHTS OF MU: ins She Diqnity of Mustin Excellence of Conduct. The Rights of Mustims Strengthening the Bonds of Kinship... Warning against Harming Muslims eee ee eee 410 .. 512 .. 518 Reconciling differences amongst Muslims .. Helping Muslims ........ IKHLAS SINCERITY OF INTENTION Sincerity of Intention ... . 527 Belief in Promisies of Allah and Hope of Rewards .... . 540 Condemnation of Riya-Deeds with Intention of Being Seen 544 DA ‘WAT AND TABLIGH INVITING TOWARDS ALLAH AND. CONVEYING HIS MESSAGE Da ‘wat and its Virtues Virtues of Going Out in the Path of Allah The Etiquettes and Deeds of the Path of Allah .. 614 AVOIDING THE IRRELEVANT Avoiding the Irrelevant GLOSSARY . . -. 672 BIBLIOGRAPHY ........ 675 PHONETICS ‘Arabic Names of Transli- Prenunciation Letters Letters teration ‘Alf a wigu, at vba b Asin English. 2 ou tA soft dental, like the Italian t. © tha th_—_-Very nearly the sound of th asin thing. jim j As in English. A strong aspirate, as in hall. kha kh Guttaral, like the Scotch ch in loch. ana B = must be learnt by an Arabic teacher. ghain gh —_Asstrong guttaral gh. > dal = d_— A soft dental. 3 dhal_ = dh_~—Asound between dh and z. > «i t Same as in English. 3 7a z Same as in English. vw sin s Same as in English. uw shin sh Same as in English. we sd 5 A strongly articulated sw. did = ds Asstrongly articulated sh. +’ « {t—_ Astrongly articulated palatal t. + «a z Astrongly articulated z. & ayant A guttaral an, the pronunciation © 3 fa f 3 in English.