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Henil P Patel
Professor Jessica Morton
UWRT 1102
31 March 2016
What is terrorism, who are refugees and their life in other countries, is there a credible
background check system present

Fleeing Terror, Finding Refuge

This source describes the life of Syrian refugees in turkey. There are 1.6 million Syrian
refugees in turkey right now and more and more are coming each day. Turkey has been helping
these refugees settle but the lately the Turkish residents are protesting against these refugees.
Many of these refugees are discriminated. These refugees work as slaves in exchange for rent
and shelter. The lower class Turkish people are losing their business to the Syrian refugees
because these refugees work far lower wages than a normal Turkish resident. This source
consists the interviews of Syrian refugees and the Turkish residents. Syrian refugees talk about
the difficulties they are facing and the emotional trauma they have to go through just for a
peaceful living.
Salopek, Paul. Fleeing Terror, Finding Refuge.
March 2015. Web. 31 March 2016.


Life inside Syrian refugee camps

This source contains the photos of the Syrian refugees conducting their daily activities in
refugee camps set up on countries like Iraq, Turkey, Jordan, on the border between Syria and
Turkey like washing clothes, eating, learning in a school, children playing, a bride getting ready
for her wedding in a refugee camp. By seeing this pictures we can see the problems they are

Hansen, Lauren and Eberspacher, Sarah. Life inside Syrian refugee camps. The week. WEB. 31 March 2016.

Life In A Refugee Camp

This article on Forbes also describes the life of Syrian refugees in camps and gives in
depth information about how these refugee camps work and the activities there. These refugees
are given a stipend of $30 a month. Many NGOs have set up their camps and are providing
medical assistance to all these refugees.
Bandow. Doug. Life In A Refugee Camp: What happens to those who flee Syrias Civil
War. 4 January 2016. Web. 31 March 2016.
Misery Beyond The War Zone: Life for Syrian Refugees


And displaced populations in Lebanon.

This article provides the rough figure of Syrian refugees living in Lebanon. Many of
these refugees split up with their families while crossing the border and they do not know where
their loved ones are. The MSF had conducted the survey on the living conditions of these refugee
camps in Lebanon and neither of these camps were in a good condition. The Syrian refugees

Driven out of the war zone and the Lebanese people all had major chronic diseases. There is also
lack of basic hospital care and many of the refugees are not even registered.

Misery Beyond the War Zone: Life for Syrian Refugees and Displaced Populations in Medicins sans frontiers doctors without
Borders, Web. 31 March 2016.

Understanding Terrorism: Challenges, perspectives, and issues

This book gives information about what terrorism is, different types of terrorism, the
cause of the violent terrorism and responses to the terrorism. The book also is a source of
information about the terrorist typologies.

Martin, Gus. Understanding Terrorism: Challenges, perspectives, and issues.

Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications, 2003 Print


Inside Terrorism
This is a book written by Bruce Hoffman on how to define terrorism. He states that
defining terrorism is not that easy rather it is a complex thing. People consider terrorism as

Violent activities but there are many definitions of terrorism revolving around us. The activities
of anti-government dissidents or governments themselves, organized crime syndicates or
common criminals, rioting mobs or persons engaged in militant protest, individual psychotics or
lone extortionists are often termed as terrorism activities. No definition of terrorism has gained
universal acceptance.
Hoffman, Bruce. Inside Terrorism. Columbia University Press; Revised & enlarged
Edition, 8 June 2006. Print

What is Terrorism
This article on Aljazeera tries to explain what terrorism is and who are terrorist and when
to use the word terrorist. What acts can be considered as acts of terrorism and what activities are
Nielsen, Laura. What is Terrorism. AlJaeera, 17 April 2013
Print. 31 March 2016.


This Is How Syrian Refugee Screening Process Works

An article on time describing the screening process of Syrian refugees entering United
States of America. All the steps are explained in thorough in this article beginning from their
registration through UN (United Nation) to their settlement in United States.
Altman, Alex. This is how the Syrian refugee screening process TIME,
17 Nov 2015, Web. 31 March 2016.

A Syrian Refugee Story

This is a story of a young Syrian family who were just about to be killed. Faez and three
other men were detained by the Syrian army forces on suspect of being terrorist, Faez was just a
normal person who had no link with terrorism. Suddenly an elderly woman saves the life of these
three men. The article is about how Faez escaped from Syria and his settlement in US.
Altman, Alex. A Syrian Refugee TIME,
Web. 31 March 2016.

The European Refugee Crisis and Syria Explained

This video on YouTube explains on how the refugee crisis in Syria began and it explains
the hardship faced by these refugees who migrated to Europe.


Kurzgesagt. The European Refugee Crisis and Syria Explained. Online video clip.
YouTube. YouTube, 17 September 2015. Web 31 March 2016.