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Amy Dutschke Regional Director Bureau of Indian Affairs Pacific Regional Office 2800 Cottage Way Sacramento, CA 95825

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Dear Amy Dutshcke,

April 29, 2016 PAGE 1 OF 2

I am in receipt of your letter dated February 17, 2016 regarding the Trask Challenge. In your letter you state no action will be taken. In your letter you also state this was based on Richard Steward v. Pacific Regional Director, IBIA 204 (8/19/2015). As you are aware, the San Pasqual Constitution vests the U.S. Department of Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs with final authority regarding enrollment in the San Pasqual tribe.

On January 6, 2015, I submitted a Trask challenge to the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Southern California Agency. By letter dated, February 17, 2015, the agency refused to take action and requested to send the challenge to Allen Lawson, a Trask descendant. The agency is clearly aware the enrollment committee, is Allen Lawson. Due to the inaction of this agency, subsequently the Trask challenge was submitted to the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Regional Office on October 6, 2015.

As you know, the San Pasqual Enrollment Committee submitted the first challenge to the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Southern California agency on August 11, 1960. The enrollment committee found at least 5 historical inaccuracies. The copies are included herewith. The San Pasqual Enrollment Committee refused to enroll the Trask’s as they are affiliated with another Tribe, Mesa Grande. Nevertheless, the Bureau refused the challenge and enrolled the Trask’s in the San Pasqual Tribe.

As you remember, on October 1, 2014 a San Pasqual descendant, Huumaay Quisquis, an enrolled Tribal member, Roll # 290, submitted also a Trask challenge. These copies are included herewith. The Southern California Agency also refused to take action. The Bureau of Indian Affairs has been served with at least three (3) challenges, which require action by the Bureau of Indian Affairs under 25 CFR 48.14 (d).


All 3 Trask challenges have been refused by the Southern California Agency and the Pacific Regional Office. Please be reminded that the Trasks are not San Pasqual Indians and are affiliated with Mesa Grande notwithstanding their Mexican Indian ancestry. Your agencies are accepting these historical errors.

Be also reminded, the Trask’s are not California Indians and your agency continues to accept the Trask’s as California Indians. My research has proven the Trask’s have Mexican Indian ancestry from both sides of the parent’s lineage, and do not have “blood of the band.” These Mexican Indians are obtaining United States Federal and Tribal benefits as members of the San Pasqual Tribe.

The Trask family took over the reservation by Frank Trask in 1909. He was hired as the caretaker of the San Pasqual reservation by Amos Frank. Frank Trask was a white descendant who married a Mexican Indian from Baja California, Mexico, who at that time, was living at the Mesa Grande Indian reservation.

By not taking action in this matter, the real San Pasqual descendants continue to be kept out has it’s been for decades. Nevertheless, the Trask family have been successively achieving their wrongdoing from 1909 to the present day. In addition, the Bureau by not taking action is non-compliant to the BIA’s own policies under the Indian Affairs manual in which is mandatory for Indian Affairs employees. To date, the Bureau of Indian Affairs has taken no action, which is also a breach of fiduciary duty to the San Pasqual Indians and descendants. The inaction of the Bureau will never be forgotten.

Unless the Regional Director takes action or merits of this written request within twenty (20) days of receipt of this request, or establishes a date by which action will be taken, then additional appeals shall be filed as provided by statue.


Emilio Reyes Researcher Film | History Student

Enclosures CC: Javin Moore, Superintendent, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Southern California Agency Diane Feinstein, California Senator, United States Senator Viola Brooks, Tribal Operations, Office of Tribal Government Services Michael Black, Director, Bureau of Indian Affairs Lawrence Roberts, Acting Assistant Secretary-Indian Affairs, DOI Hankie P. Ortiz, Deputy Bureau Director, Office of Indian Services Kamala D. Harris, Attorney General, California Department of Justice