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Los Alamos National Laboratory

Bikini Atoll Rd., SM 30

Los Alamos, NM 87545
6 March 201611 May 2016
Gabriella Dalton
P.O. Box 6171
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87502
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Bikini Atoll Rd., SM 30
Los Alamos, NM 87545
To Whom it May Concern:
My name is Gabriella M. Dalton and I am a sophomore at the University of New Mexico
pursuing dual Bachelors degrees in Applied Mathematics and Spanish where I have maintained
a cumulative GPA of 3.94. After I earn my Bachelor's degrees in the spring of 2018, I will pursue
a Masters degree and a subsequent PhD in Applied Mathematics. After I receive my degrees, I
plan to research problem solving, critical thinking, and cognitive recognition of non-native
English speaking students in whom are exposed to the beauty of mathematics. mathematics
exposure. I am applying for the year-round internship as a researcher, which I found online
through your website.
To better prepare myself for research and succeeding student support, I am a mathematics tutor at
the Center for Academic Program Support (CAPS) on the Science, Technology, Engineering, and
Mathematics (STEM) team. Last semester, the STEM tutoring team provided academic support
to over 2,500 unique students at UNM. In this incredibly busy position, I have learned the
importance of clear and concise communication within the field of mathematics, while also
simultaneously taking accountability for my own methods of communication. Providing students
with academic support has taught me a skillset to better interact with students, instilled my
passion for mathematics, and has further sparked my interest in the way students think, dissect,
and perform computations. I plan to use these skills and passions to become a Mathematics
Professor who specializes in problem solving, critical thinking, and cognitive recognition of nonnative English speaking students when exposed to mathematical language. My career will be
used to illustrate the beauty and opportunity for bilingual, non-native speaking students and
fluency in mathematics as its languageMy career will be used to illustrate the beauty of
mathematics, as well as give opportunities for bilingual, non-native speaking students.
As a Math Tutor at the Center for Academic Program Support, I have developed hands-on skills
presenting mathematic concepts, developing new cognitive methods, and researching
scholarships relating to mathematical content, instructional methods, cultural diversity, and the
applications for native Spanish speakers. I am thrilled to continue my education because I have
only dipped my toes into the beauty and joint possibilities of mathematics and bilingualism
within mathematics. Working, as a tutor for CAPS has been extremely beneficial and moving
forward I plan to explore my research interests through an internship program like the Los

Alamos National Laboratory (LANL).

LANL is an essential part of the Los Alamos community and to New Mexico as a whole, and the
opportunity to become an intern for your team of professional researchers would provide me
with the tools necessary to become a researcher in a field I am passionate about. I believe this
opportunity would be mutually beneficial as I posses many of the qualifications necessary for the
job listing criteria. I appreciate the opportunity to apply for this wonderful position and I look
forward to hearing from you with any further questions or inquiries you may have. Attached you
will find my resume and all required documentation.
Gabriella M. Dalton
Phone: (505) 670-2063