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Grammar Builder A grammar guidebook for students of English A. Amin 5) CAMBRIDGE R. Eravelly EB UNIVERSITY PRESS ba. Ibrahim ‘CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS {Cambedge NewYork Melbourne Madrid, Cape Town, ‘Singapore, Sio Paulo, Delhi, Mexico City ‘Cambridge Univers Press 79 Anson Road, 405-0408 Singapore 079908 vwrmcambrllge org ‘© Cambridge University Pes and Pan sa Publieations Sn Bh 2008 “This publican sin copyright. Subjet wn staratry exception and tothe prison of eleva’ elective eensing agreements, ‘no reproduction of any part may take place without he writen permission af Cartridge University Pres. st published 2004 rpg 2013 Prine in Singapore by aft Punt Intemational id ‘ypeface op. tem Quasars ISA 978-0521 5459-5 Grammar Bulder Hook ISBN 978-021 3060-1 Grammar Buller Book 2 ISBN 978-021 561-8 Grammar Buller Book 3 ISBN 978-021 5485-2 Grammar Buller Book 5 J ) d J J ote This boa ‘Sram Youn.) book Totherd, the G2 uabie hey) Hows J The Gran ote) rams Ipeo Each bon group.) unit cache The Pract There J Ponts. ea En Testud the ge In the complet chr fly cud Pons reece) There most od J ) » © 0 ¢08eeee{NTRODUCTION*® seeeeeeee ‘othestudent “This book i designed co help you master key conceps in Eagls grammar easly and qui ‘tides ho ned co fake writen exaos ae well as those who wish to write wel wl bd te ‘Grammar Bader sens help. oy oes too fret apace. An nse secon acted ate ack of the ‘Totheteacher ‘he Gar Bul ie elapse: ay man Engh ngage couse a ‘aber both classroom teaching ands sty. The series focures on wien grammar and be ey grammar concepts that students need obo tor wien exces. ovr the books onganised “The Grammar Buller series comprises ve books fr beginner o upper intermediate level learners of Been Engh. Books I and’? are intended for learners eho heed to acqute the basis of {Gamma Dooks 3109 ae for leaners who ned to stengen ther proficiency in grammar and Stnprove tei niten Engi Each books made up of 420 56 units and unis deliog with elated tples (eg prepositions) awe trped together for eae ous ‘uit covre thre to grammar concept and ineudes our to sc ferent yes of eerie, ‘ey'gammar coneepe ef tense tug inte lower ee books ate tevsed and expanded {pointe oer books ofthis sees frat us, tele fo she Cones at he bepaning of ich book ‘The books use a simple but eflecve three-step approach (stor identfcton, cometon, and practic to help lamers maser Enghch grammar. ‘Tere are four pages per nit, and each units divided int thee sections: Checkpoint, Grammar Points and Pratace Aunts begin wth a Gheckpin secon containing several pas of numbered examples tha show ‘common geammetial ere and then thelr coveted forms These examples of comet and ‘tconect lenge demonstate tothe student ov sight dlfrences In expression can result In grammatical eros, ‘owen cn a feo eon Cnr nn ene ecto nih al the gamma concepts ighlighed under Cheepoin, stow hoo ppl he pammat concepts cheaand palemot etempks, vee vac ti hid sean, Pac, ei he ane concen te hve eared by ‘hmpleting a group ofereree. Te answers an atthe back ofthe book) This enables stickseigt etch sce lows aso ser he yep a ty do at ily comprehend. Stasene may review what they have lesned by going tough te Grammar ous agin ater competing each exercise The Grammar Points ean also be used for quick reference purposes “There ate six revision and evalaton tests owards the back of every book. These tess deal with ‘mos ofthe Grammar Poitscoeted in each book usr ul 2 3 "bs base for ‘verbs with and ing endings Verbs: with ed ending unr 23 24 or nether i ‘together Subjeccve agreement alot of, yfecry nokechidehte pronours Subjectver agreement: ala of font’ some of each each of bneloneot Subject ver agreement: abstract sous there ero ob! unr a 32 3 34 a5 35 [51 Simple presen’ and preseat Simple past ease Past cantinaous tense Present pete tose Past perfect tense Breen and pant pest Simple fur tense: wll and poingto forse Future continuous tense Future prfectense unr a a ‘ative and passe voicetense 6 aul agree phrasal ves Active and passive voice: present fd past ctinuous tenes the passe wit by or with Activ and pastive voice: present, sand future pect esses supposed Indirect pooch positive and negative statements Diet and inanet speech Positive and negative questions a 2 a 8 a 7 oe eeeeee CONTENTS «eeeeeeee > vm ada postive aces G2 Modal: eguvesttemens 63 Modals postive and negative questions rubers weights ee 172 Prepostins: with stutions and one Prepositions: with people and 73 Ros 0p 724. Prepositions: with issues, purposes reasons unr - Subject and Podicae UNIT 91 Reaive dauses: 92 Relative clauses: with which 83. Relative clauses with whose 94 Rak nue ares ot mainclauses u 10. Adverbil clauses wit because, Ssysince 102 Adverbial clauses: wich although, ‘though eventhough tog Advrbil clauses: with when and ‘while Adveria clauses with so that oa Sha ng Adverbial clauses: ith Ing Adverbil clauses: with as unr 111 Repored dauses with that ‘whether. it 12 Reported clauses with wh-words 13 Reported suse: with whi and 13 ie “é 90 ea 102 106, 10 i Te 12 126 130 ac 1a 12 M6 150 154 ie 162 15 UNIT wi se prep 122 Ae part 2a Ac part UNIT) 13 Ady a9 132 Ady thes 133. Ad 13d Ae pat 135 ae bet UNIT at Nour at 142 Nour 143 Nudd ey UNIT 3 6B &) snip unr? iad vee ny prom, 3 ) seeeeeees CONTENTS + +eeeeeee> ‘ wr est ee 86 ‘12.1 Adjectival pheases: with 170, Units 1-4 226 % esa x san ee etwes signe me TEST participles ‘Units5-11 co) 123 aang 2 6 a participles TESTS _ UN Units 2-16 ae ee iS ai Rearaieaes 3 sts 1 ee 12 etilpraetaond : Fear uo Me eases 190 ‘TESTS sours ee iss etetptscewtnete, 18 - — cables rn 7 zs anit ANSWERS. sot 190 14.2 Noun phrases: as complements 206 ae ot wh 8 ieee ceena on ome we oe “ that 45 161 Reference: pronouns andnouns 218 ¢ 16.2 Reference: demonstrative 22 a eee aoe a eee ir 158, ry ( hand 165 UNIT J.) VERBS B ssa cond an, base form 5 > re Lookat ne and B sentences elo: Find out why Bs correct and Ais wrongin the ‘Grammar Points section B vecat cavoun vi) TA Mypucnsundersandeny pblon,_ 5 ‘pans understand ny robin ) Moves your ear theside, pase ; Move yur a the sie please 2 sch we liwants io ge us anc 3 “A_Breryne must follows he ules ay 48 Bvejune ust follow te us ; nn = , GD Bebe form ofa verbisthe simples fom. tdoesnot have he's on nding We use 5 the bse oma th present een these ays tee is hyena oe heohers face ey vel 5 Xoueomplain abot he weather hei. Ie retrahlayn spn eran nos 5 heb manage he whole compan testes (6) witht noun subjects > ars: Thelmmgratonofficerscheck he paspot of very ae. 5 Those casos lack prope vetaton emENRER TOO = T= 4G Inet tae pes oleae main vs analy vs The maf of es ema vs D RilayrasNcemalgeupohetsnchaagnbs was-tehew anemyce Tayecwsel | Thecare ‘Ntonnsenhnas Tey mst tet mans seen 3 om langange team 2 Mayhat eam) GED 3 opent.d ‘= The verbs to be, to da’ and to have’ can be used as main verbs as well as auxiliary verbs. 4 Lary: ) taovrse Means fing often (asa we) 5 rane J edeeameher aera (dosnt wt) 5 ns) 1 Tolephch 8 goto d J ® J c nding. We use t “ same main verbs. Theyareused B seraveoaseshe bscformota verb when we ge Instructions, warnings ade of Commands othe person stclngo Wor when we make requests of at pron ‘asus, Fry the shin orci ‘niruction) Maveeway fom tbe clifedge! (warning Stmyon gondems with eveyone. advice) Govobed atonce ‘command Glvemeantherfrm plese. reques) “ake note that you the istne) isthe sujet in ech ofthe above sentences GB Weeatinebase orm otaser ogee th t'an nite’ ora non ate ve: A sentence withn nine sno compet nls it contain er 5 we UNPLE, She needs to consult adoctor abouther backache. — [7] ox) She tin a doctor about her backache 1 Avetbisetherfinite orn le Ainite er changes its foxm accordingto the tense and subject of the sentence, Anon finite veb does nox changeit for. cours never keno Unter: toplay Present tense: My parents ik 1 pl tennis at weskend Pastiense My patent ie apa tennis in their younger ays Singulasubject: He Ukas oly tennis at weekends, Piralsubject We Ike topliy ennisat weekends BD ewe nese om ota vet wth mot an, may, ght should tours Hogan snower alte qusion corey a Cae) Yousouldanpweal ihe qusions she nerve Gams EXEEIEA A) undertine he base fcmsinthe sentences, Put ~ in theboxifthere are no base forms ina sentence. ‘The car veered to the left and collided with a tuck ‘Mary has to renew her driving licence tomorrow ‘Open this can of peaches forme, please. Larry should attend our meetings more regularly. ‘The aitine staff must explain why there fsa delay ‘Telephone Evelyn and befriends again [go for computer classes on Mondays and Fridays. 1 2 3 4 5 Janet is coming here (o coach me in Science 6 7 a > {8 Johns foot bie protsetyshen he stepped ona piece of ss mom! 10 They ays make sur tat hey send ou thee Christmas cards | 5 ty the fist wekof December —— er copes He Lg] inate) Gn) seyt0 you. B) Someofthe sentences contain mistakes verbforms. Undelinerhe mistakes SM and tite the comect verbs in the boxes ee 1 Bend overand tou yourtoes T] ates 85 2. The ane promises to compensates me forthe los of my suites. 1 Forage 3 enjoys cup often every morning before breklst 2 4 Please lace an order for mre office desks and chairs 8 The children must waitfora willl dentist. a 6 Ges rs Ragers on the phone forme. please 5 7 The chefs needs to thaw theron ater they can cook A 8 Our college wil release te exam results on Monday. J 8 They should informs Eicof the change in plans immediatly me 10 Tonyfelshonoured oe our delegation atthe ineratonl _ conference — s_) J EEEEIEY C) Fitinsheblanks with he correct verbs inthe brackets oom 1 tase _ pecan pie bt now prteraple pie. ike ike) > 2 Youshould__ to Meeyforyourhoughessess yesterday. eo {apologie to apalgo er hat . be be hen Ney cn suggestions on how o improve the men. (ge / ges) Foner 4 co cooperate wth the ohersin the team Ty Tes) 1 Fit 5 We. _____to visi that factory to see how glass is recycled (want / wants) 2 2 6 Asses asians mst ite andhepfl ataltimes (be / being — 7 our the washing before you leave fr school. (Hang! Hanging) — 4 Theteleisionstatns ae) broadest rosdees — 9 Those univers students want ___sboutiodaings for themselves a! (enquire voengute 5) 10 Hecon__ that Fshitfor somthing ta ofthe samevale. -_ ‘exchange earhange) = . 2 7 ) 4 ‘D) Underline the sentences with mistakes in the use of verbs and rewrite them | corte — Aare Fs alam] For aquick lunch, gest ‘Bennito in Holly Steet. The noice on the eaé door reads, “We aims G topless Plesseto ing forsence” Benno himself wll geet yout the door take yous oder [eg] SRSSSoie tan tnnneyoutvaannespr a dns Bo © ‘410 ou, "Pease eforgving me, my wie my chef and my café. We want you o enjoy ou food. We ZRethemistakes ish youtohaveit ie of charge now Benno eat fs opened for business hee years go. According to Aledo, one of Bennio’ waiters, Benita had to gies away free fod any woe in al hose years fi 1 Foraguick lunch, goto Benno in Holy Sie, et : - 3 é . 4 a 5 on Ca : Ed s EEERIEYE) Rewrite the sentences and change the description into instructions. Use the base form ofthe vers. i ust, Lplaced the printer on a lat surface. Then fied the paper tray and paper rest othe printer. Aer that, opened the front cover of the printer and inserted the colour cartridge into the cartridge i holder. Next, Lowered the lock ever to make sue the cartridge was in place. Then, connected the ” power cord othe back of the printer Finally {plugged the power plug into the power outlet 1 Fist place the printeron a fla surface wants) 2 “ being) a 3 ing) 4 fi — UNIT 1.2 VERBS with‘s’ and ‘ing’ endings Lookat the A and B sentences below. Find out why Bis correct and A is wrong in the Grammar Points section GBS cece tmmacociaatvomniainns | every year, ‘ur company donates io charable organisations |, every yea, 2A__The waiter taking our orders. x 28 ‘The walter staking our orders. 7 3A__Thewomen wear white uniforms ae from the health department iT women wearing culos wom be |“ resin dope Reseustoege GBD Weve nebase om ota ve wi the ending forte presen ese in tes wa wth singular noun abet ad th pronoun subjects be she and [EMIPLES, He She reaches home later than 7 pm. each day The machine | It makes a wishing sound when you pres this switch, (b) ‘with uncountable or collective noun subjects ‘Water flaws from the ‘Thepublc expects the local council sivers into the seo to use funds prudently TRENEMBERT = 1 Most base forms ake ending in he present tense. Those which end in hi titea cae the‘ ending Those which end y fen ake te ie’ ending rawness ves vee quit aus touch toes cry hues Shrink sinks fuses evesses vwony worl sn uncountable nous fers o things that cannot be counted. aways takes a singular er for, renifitendsin's fxr Physics Is my weakest subject. 1 Acollectve noun ees toa group of people or hings I can ake Bot saga o plural ver. A Singular we wed to eferto the fru a unt Aplral ver suse 0 show that thefocus sone tmerberethat make up the group. fexries Thecastisreadyt perform. east asa) Theeastareatefortehearal, —_(eatasmember ofthe group) Or Weuse ae} Test Coa, 2 1 lessie Weand 3 thist ) 4 SealsYy 5 The eres } Conthe ‘ ean cote, peal eouncil ¢ Ee la ve for, or pla verb & (ocasison the + When the sbjoctis moun phrase, we declde whether use a sng ra plural wer by looking a {heliead word 1 he wor sui the noun that the mast porta povinie mung ‘Ther restanceta change makes ci) ofanoun phrase evo work wt ther. GB ese tne bse fom hh ing ending together vith the verb a be it contnuous tenses (a) present continuous tense: verb to be fam are baseform with ng’ ending TAME Wen distebuting the vation cards (b)pastconinsos tense: verte’ was/ were) base form win! ending TMs They were arguing js 0 (©) tatureconinsns tense ser tobe lle «base fom thing ending sri Jean wie contacting ou this ves Reeder hh ng ending slo cle the present parle hanover) IReusettahera mun todeeibe ode the noun This pe fn ase functions Ike relative cause, ref dae [AMPLes: The company produelng teak furiture belongs to Gary’s family company G2 Geamem) Games) Te company whichis producing teak frat’ belongs 1 Gary's family. The students waiting atte bus top aze my classmates. The stents who are waiting atthe bus top are my classmates. RE ‘= Mostpuesent parpes are formes byjustaing'ng thease form. When absse form ends the i le repaced by eloe ing’ added t fe Some bate forms with vowel + consonant endings have tat conse doubled before ‘ng ts aed t them. tse form over + ‘se form of ver ending in ing) aePLe caplan > expsiing Put measure measuring tase farm of vec endingin te (ing ‘base form of verb endingina consonant rule yg ssameennsonant + ing ce eel aeing EEXGEIEY A) tick he sentences hat are correct. 1 Jessie realise shes lat for her appointment. 2 Weare willing to cooperate with you, 3 Thisreminds me of my ip to Florence as spring 4 Seals those packing cases for me, please ‘The crew hasa lot of work todo each day. 6 That shop guarantee thats clothes do 7 His vanity often iltates his friends {8 They srivng to improve their grades shrink ater awash, {9 “The boy grinning at you's Luey'sbrothes 10 Helen cing the weeding cake now. EXEEIEL 8) vncetine thecomee ver forms to complete theaalogve Receptionist, Sam Receptionist Sam Raceptionis Porter san Porter sam EEEETEA C) some ofthe erences conan mistakes in ve fons, Undetne the takes 1 Joan respond wel to extcism. 2 That lecture on polfurans makes us want co be more careful 28. Production haveto stop hecause the raw materials have notatived ye. 4 That child requires alot of care and attention 5 Ubemeeting Donna at the park at 6 pam. 6 The Art Club halding its annual general meeting in November, 7 The journalist receiving the Journalist ofthe Year awards Sarah Lane, {8 The despatch boys running an errand for me now {9 Police operate the oadbck are on the lookout fora grey sedan, 10 The consultant insist that the report willbe ready by tomorrow, Whieh eypeof room would you prefer, si? ‘A room 1 {ace facing) the sea would be wonderful 2 Let Lets) me-see... We 8 (has / have) justoneroom left and it sone of our best. 14 give / gives) a breathtaking view of the sea at sunset. Allright...You wil have Room 25 Here’ your key. The porter 6 (wat / waiting) by the it wil escort you to your room, st Here we are, sir..Room 25, My goodness! This room 7 (smell smells) of fis! Your receptionist sad its one of the best roams inthe hotel Iti. ic for viewing sunsets hutitis als close to where our fishermen € bring rigs) inh day ath, om Heed 9 (cl toe me that. 10am eve / am esting) his * Ae, hotel at once ‘and write the coroct verbs in the boxes. J 1 Heabwayeh Healuayst 2 Yourtiny 2 3 Thelady* 5 —) 4 Ourcolgd ) My fvourit D ) J EE} ) Atourye's hospital stat. ‘her mouth si_) andere sie wegeecalst ) ro) —> zo J 3 J —J) ‘ —) (one ofourbest. ‘ sit waiting) by c | ides oneof [EEEIEID) Rewrite the sentences and correct them using the base form with ‘J ‘ing’ endingor the ing’ clause. He always bother about Kays opinion. Healayr bothers about Kay’ opinion ‘Your tiny handwriting giving me a headache. “The lady teach the gis to make patchwork quilts s Mrs Roberts (ur college orchestras take part in the inte. college music festival, >My favourite restaurant specialising in northern Indian culsne 6 Biology deal with che study of living things. Unglesine the sentences with mistakes and rewrite them correctly using the base form of a verb, the base form with’s'/ ‘ing’ ending orthe“ing clause. _ A four year-old giles in a hospital bed with a broken arm is causing alot of concem among the hospital staf. She speaks language no one understands, Her gestures baffles everyone. She points to ‘her mouth othe staff offer her food and drink but she shakes herhead and refuses both, “she is try totell us something. Unfortunately. we dont know whatit is, Noone knows who she is and where she i from,” sald Head Nurse McKinney. "she needa lot of care and protection. Bvery day ‘we get calle rom reporters. The press want photograph her but wont allow tun she gts better.” UNIT 1.3 VERBS with ‘ed’ ending Look at the A and B sentences below. Find out why Bis correct ané Ais wrong in the Grammar Points section TA__Janetwas explain the problem tomeyesterday. | _* “TB Janet explained the problem to me yesterday v a x 20 ‘They haveexamined the patient thorough, | 7 2 GA Thehicfequipmentisloadedinwo thevanisfor | part. Thehinpen inden he vanisor a 5 ‘Weuse the base tor ota verb with thee ending fr the past cense FRANPLES, Mr Thorne coaxed his son co share his toys wit his cousin, ‘Wemanaged to cros the swollen river alter waiting fr tro days. The playfulness ofthe students annoyed their teacher. The health department conducted spot checks on eateries lat week. TREN EMBERT z u a ‘The follwing ate sms ways of forming he past tense of regular verbs ase fom of ee base form af verb ending ine 9 rewrite fal =e xAAPLES aplagse~ apologised Infogm nformed rchange exchanged base form of ver endingin'# +e base form of verb entingin consonant xan bully ~bulled ¢ the same consonant» ery = queried fxwrie. planned planned onl Load = contlled ‘Note thar he doubting of eonsonants docs ne apply tow. ae 1 Thepast tense of an regular verb doesnot consist of hbase form ofthe verb with tending sexs. fet flt tive pate went rar ure eave Fe fet et ‘We use the past participle in perfect tenses with the vet to have’ and passive sentences with the vet to be! AUIPLES: Shehas solved the problem, (present perfect tense) Kim and Donna have booked tickets forthe show once. (present perfect tense) went people were injure. (passive sentence) This tapestry was woven by my mother. [passive sentence) 0 ) ed a tind —) Thepes ) happened ANPLE a 1 Bristeam " 2 1 [eprimang 3 The shops | P ‘ Cathe xaos (nant a rolled ed! ending entences with \perfecttense) Cberfect tense) ‘esentence) (sentence) prrenearcrers REMEMBER Tas ee 1 The as particple she base form ofthe ver wth he'd ending for asegulr verb Ris {acme ther was forieglar verbs | Biaseformn | Pastform — | ~ Past participle farm: egularverbe enter entered entered lien Tena iene Teepuarveibs cach ough caught (Go forms thesame) [set sole sel Teegular verbs sing ag sung Three forms dierent) [vite a ween Teepuar verbs cut on at (eos the sume) | ‘i fit @B Mepss purple onis om isanonfriteveb Westar noun to desebe wat happened the nounTas ypeot cca hnctoneikes eave case. The Bowes ordered Lee havea, ‘The lowers which were ordered by Mr Lee have arrived, The document keptin this folder i missing ‘The document which was kept in this folder is mussing [REMEMBERS RUNES ES Te = Preset paticpes ave atv in meaning wae pas participles are passive in meaning ‘The man questioning the secur guard looks angry (Theman doing heaton) am ‘The man questioned by the securty guard looks angry. (Theman srcevng the action) Cross out the incorrect verb forms to complete the sentences, 1 Bic team [hallenged | was challenged] my team to. hockey match. 21 bythe management for poor dnekosping 3 Theshops by the power fale closed eat yesterday: 4 Megan that noone was perfect ) 5 We [Rave used] wore wt] onl eycled materi for our decorations mE 6 ram Ta apAATA plcoman er dvccons ohis how ji 7 The oltaner [despa deveope] engine woul ons wayto pete stain soar 8 The shipment [ar delayed [ was delayed] for wo days due to rough weather tsa, and enoy te son a just needen 6 Thetashion cole [lara as pana] rhs summer uses very tight abi are 10 Theears in the accident were owed away = EXXEIEA(D) Undertne te correct words inthe brackets to complete the paragraph alypesctsed a were state u 2 atmo Do peed ssid) Mam ithan msi g-asadon, ne ypeof clay ven used in tia The andor 2 (shaped shaped) ik alg ur, Mura mae) 3 charmed was charmed by the git She 4 hugged was hugged} Dad agin and api. eee) He, in turn, 5 (delighted / was delighted ) by her response. d Sinceerbirhay. am 6 (has sed /vasused) he enor see ines and we mom 7 ave enjoyed wee enjoyed her nana endoorchicken tremendous Naan sea made ri tom whet an isusulyoalin shape (is pressed/ pressed against theinner wlohe oven Seal anew oie Chen 9 (cle hse Ins dorenanatiwin RD ‘yogurt and spices the previous day. An ingredient 10 ( has also added | is also added) {Foor scone) — walke j Circle the letters ofthe conectsentences, There maybemorethanoneanswer Leela foreach question. oe 2 1A. MeMooteadtesed te large gathering athe community al o B Thee adresed to you has a New Guinea postmark 2 C John was addressed the letter wrongly. ea select boe. 2 A The media raised a considerable amount of money for the boy with a kidney problem. Tecra B_Alotofinterest raised on the outcome of the boy's operation, ‘that they) _Thisprivate hospital has raised its charges fr oupaten eaten summarize 3A. Thediamonds have displayed in that showcase, The group the BB The diamonds ciplayein tha showease are dazzing es) © Thedlamonds displayed by Mr Hicks forthe bride-to-be ae dazling othe 4A Ourschoothas installed several inking fountains along the coreidors cn B_Ourschool installed several drinking fountains along catidors last week Several inking fountains instal along the coridrs four choo ls week. Each 5 A The chairman was promoted her tothe post of financial advise. (Rarstam) — Heirspeechy She was promotedtothe pos of inanlal adviser by th chairman thejudes wl G_Theotficer promoted tothe post of financial adviser i Jean, 12] humour Bout ) 2 ) aS [IEGEEA(D) undenine the mistakes in ver forms inthe sentences Wit the comect verbs in ‘ theboxes (C Tari yes co browse through thelist of items displaying on the screen 4 c a | was instructed to click on the food items I wanted to order tines € 72] and to state theit quantity. | chose ‘seafood’ and immediately os C20 tendor, the price totalled for me. Then the website ‘grocer’ informed me a | ¢ Mum that delivery van would sent me my groceries the next day, tine 10 | cd again. had seally done my shopping without leaving home! . (is bread made frstin eat = : = “shan one answer ‘Leela Menon, a dentist, and Mel Gates, a teacher, (1). emerged the winners: es ach finalist had (8) .a third title each. Then they presented a r a ADE « E ) UNIT 2. SUBJECT-VERB AGREEMENT , either...or, neither... nor, as well as, together with oa wecancd Look at the A and B sentences below. Find out why Bis correct and A is wrong in the Pa Grammar Points section. J 6 “rons ) GRO ia orienta ohay edison Tr era oo . 1 Neithe Tle an oer sisters have o buy the drnis or ted) thea oo TA Neither eporton the causes ofthe plane cash were ; 28 Neither eeporton the causes ofthe plane crash was [Ga The prime minister, as well asthe members ofhis| en cabinet, ae visiting the new airport. hinted 438 The prime minister aswell asthe membersaThis| ‘abinotlevlelding the new ont ) BD Wer. ajc apnea ewok e.oF easing verb when Both sheave gua pl vero when bo aes apr one sje nga saulicater trl te ver apes whet ht ser 1 eitherBe finals toni! d 2 Neither the 3 hdr uate [iter the supervisors or the workers have goneo see the manager 3 Neithere Neither wd terns ther Kevin or his cousins are responsible forthe messin the room, BD Wren wo subjects are joined bythe word nelther...nor, we usea singular ves when both a ae a elope ou [Nether Nir Sims nor his wife likes thle new neighbours. Either th > the mishap. Gomme) > d “ )