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Eron Mathew

Comp 2
April/ 18/16
Vote For Me

Introduction: All the candidates are horrible and I am not going to vote for none of them
in real life but since this project is set in a theoretical setting and I have no choice but to vote for
one of the five to complete this assignment, My vote has to go towards Bernie the boss
sanders. Bernie Sanders born as Bernard sanders is an american politician and is a running
candidate in 2016 Democratic nomination. Bernie has a long political career, starting in the mid
70s and continuing to this day. He has many experiences with the government and he knows
what the youth want, he is the man America needs.


Experience isn't everything Bernie brings to the table he possesses many

qualities and values other candidates lack. Some actions he is claiming to impose if he is to be
elected as the president of America, is to make college tuition/ Debt Free and increases the
minimum wage.

Proof / College tuition/Debt Free: Education should be a right, not a privilege. We need
a revolution in the way that the United States funds higher education( Sanders)Bernie hopes to
achieve this goal by lowering student loan interest rates from 4.69% to 2.37%, he plans to
impose a tax on wall street speculators, which basically means is that stock traders will be taxed .
05% per stock they sell, so I the trader sell 20000 dollars worth of stock, the Federal Reserve

would receive 1000 dollars and this thousand dollars will go towards someones college tuition
and finally he plans to allow individuals to refinance their loans at a lower apr.

proof/ Minimum Wage: Bernie plans to increase the minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour,
He states that The current federal minimum wage is starvation pay and must become a living
wage. We must increase it to $15 an hour over the next several years( A Living Wage - Bernie

Refutation/ Free College: Taxing the Wall Street speculators sounds like a great idea at
first but here is the problem, more than likely the us gov is only going to tax traders that are
selling stocks that are high in value . Most of these stock that are high in value belong to the 1
percenters. The 1 percent already get taxed 40% of their income/ assets and if you add this plan
that means that they are going to lose more money. The cheaper college gets the more enrollment
there is going to be and the more the 1 percent has to charged to make up for the cost, so
eventually the ultra rich are going to get fed up and end up revoking their us citizenship and shut
down their business, which will leave thousands of American unemployed, When thousands file
for unemployment, the Federal Reserve will lose more money.

Refutation/ Minimum Wage: Everyone deserves to live with dignity and in 2016 money plays an
important factor when it comes down to living conditions, but raising the minimum wage isn't
going to help infact its only going to hurt, Raising the minimum wage and the inflation of money
goes hand in hand. The more the employer has to pay to the employee, the more the price of the
product will be due to the fact that the employer/ manufacturer has to make a profit and also to
make up for that previous income to current income gap. Raising the minimum wage will also

hurt employment because the more the payroll per employee increases the more the employee
will be laid off because the employer has to cover for the costs and many small business will
also go bankrupt. This is the main reason why huge corporations such as Walmart, Dollar Tree
and many more are in support of raising the minimum wage because raising the minimum wage
to 15 dollars is nothing to walmart but for a mom and pop store it's everything. If there is no
competition then there is a clear winner.

Conclusion: Out of the all the candidates Bernie Sanders is the best because if he plans to do
what he is saying then I will be going to college for free for the next three years. If you are in
college I would recommend you vote for him too.

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