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Kaylee Jurado
Mr. Buescher
Government, P.1
27 January 2016
Purpose of Government
The purpose of the United States government is to preserve liberty. Stated in the
Preamble there are six purposes as to why there is a government. Those purposes are to form a
more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, to provide for the common
defense, to promote the general welfare, and to secure the blessings of liberty. Without a
government this country would not be what it is today. There are many different situations and
experiences that have happened that have lead todays government to be the way that it is. The
three most important purposes are to form a more perfect union, promote general welfare, and to
secure the blessing of liberty.
The government was made in order for form a more perfect union. Forming a more
perfect union means to ensure peace amongst the country and keep the people happy while
maintaining order. One attempt at forming a more perfect union happened back in the year 1776.
The colonists were attempting to gain their freedom from King George III of Britain. Five men
were given the task of writing the colonists intentions. It was mostly written by Thomas
Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence was approved by Congress on July 4th, 1776.
There are many different ways and experiences that the government has helped form a
more perfect union. One of the first attempts at forming a more perfect union was in 1775 when
Benjamin Franklin wrote the first draft of the Articles of Confederation. His version of the
articles was never even considered, but later John Dickinson of Pennsylvania wrote his own

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version and after many revisions by Congress it was printed and approved to be submitted to the
states. The Articles of Confederation was ratified by all thirteen states on March 1st, 1781. The
Articles of Confederation allowed the states to remain independent, but it gave them help from
Congress without being overly involved. Ultimately the Articles had many problems and it is
what led to the Constitutional Convention of 1787, but it was an attempt that helped make this
country what it is today. The United States Constitution is another example of forming a more
perfect union. The Constitution states all the fundamental laws and rights of the United States
and its citizens. The separation of the branches of government is yet another way that the United
States tries to form a more perfect union. By separating the government into three different
branches, it ensures that the government does not become too powerful.
There have been many different attempts to try to form a more perfect union.
Some of these attempts have been more successful than others. The Articles of Confederation
was just the beginning of making rules for the United States. The Constitution has been
successful for many years and is something that has modified when needed. In the future it is
clear that more changes will be made to the Constitution to keep up with the constant changing
state of the world.
Promoting the general welfare is the government's concern of its peoples health
and safety. The government promotes the general welfare of its people in many different ways.
Today Americans have access to a free education, starting in kindergarten all of age begin to go
to school for free. This free education continues all the way through twelfth grade. The
government also provides free and reduced breakfasts and lunches for students while they are in

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Another way that the government promotes the general welfare of its people is that they
give out things like food stamps. Food stamps are given to those who are on a low income,
citizens can exchange these for groceries. Social security is yet another way that the government
provides monetary assistance to those on low income. Another way that the government
promotes general welfare for its people is that it provides a police force. The police ensure the
safety of its people and help prevent and deter crime. Lastly the government promotes the
general welfare of its people by providing them with things such as public parks and national
forests. Citizens can enjoy these places and exercise there to improve their physical and mental
The many different financial programs that the government offers for its people are very
beneficial to those who use them, but for those who dont it can increase taxes when new
programs like those are implemented. There may be other ways in which those who are on low
income may be helped other than just using everyone elses money to help pay for them. The
police lately have been put into a bad light, there are still many good police in this country, most
of them do their best to help citizens and protect them which is a good thing.
To secure the blessings of liberty means to protect the citizens of the United States
freedom. The United States Constitution is one way that the freedom of citizens is protected. The
State's Constitution varies from state to state and has different laws and regulations that have
been passed by that state. The Federal Constitution has laws and rights that every citizen of the
United States has. The Bill of Rights specifically are a very important part of the Constitution. It
includes freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and protects the people's freedom in many
different ways. There are many different laws that have been passed to protect citizens and give
them the freedom that they deserve. On June 26th, 2015 same sex marriage was legalized in all

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fifty states. This was a huge movement in ensuring that the government is securing the blessings
of liberty for all citizens.
There are many things that are working in regards to securing the blessings of the people.
The Constitution has been around a very long time and has changed and added to to make sure
that everyone has their freedom. Today there are certain amendments that people want to change,
while others want to remain the same, such as the right to bear arms. The wonderful thing about
the United States Constitution is, is that it can be changed if the people of this country choose to
do so. The two separate state and federal constitutions have been very useful in the sense that it
has allowed each and every state to have minor differences in laws and regulations but that the
federal constitution unites all the states together under the same principles.
The three most important purposes are to secure the blessings of liberty, to promote
general welfare, and to form a more perfect union. The government of the United States is in no
way perfect, but compared to many other countries all around the world, it is viewed as one of
the best. The government provides so many different things for its citizens to ensure its safety
and well being. The government also secures the freedom and rights of its citizens. Americans
have liberties that many other people do not have and the purpose of the United States
government is to keep what the colonists originally fought for from Britain and keep the people
in a place of power. The government is here to protect its citizens and maintain peace throughout
the land while maintaining order, but still giving its people the freedom they deserve.

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