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Mid Term Assignment

I chose to talk about Amreeka and Dirty Things movies we watch in class, which
is about immigration. Ameerika is a focus topic through human lens, in other hand Dirty
Things is more center on policy, a very different and unfortunate situation. Both movies
are a representation about mainstream media regard towards immigrants.
Amreeka is the story of a Pakistani family from their land departure to their
establishment in the United States of America. A single mother of one child, a boy in is
teen, leaving outside of Jerusalem. They were driving half hour from home to the main
city. As a very educated person, she worked for a bank and she managed her finances so
good. It seemed that life was very manageable at that time until September eleven attack
in the American soil, which started the war with Iraq. Things changed dramatically and
most of the Middle East countries reinforce their borders which was somewhat already in
place, due to their conflict between them. Now it takes up to two hours to travel down,
vehicles have to stop at each check point with frequent search.
Her dream is to joint her married sister and there families already well established in
United State for over a decade. Between each family have frequent contact and still
having a good relationship. After fourteen years having applied for the USA immigration
allowance they finally got their passport.
On the USA soil, they have to go through an incoherent security, both very tired, get
distracted by other security officers. That she lost all of her saving to have a good start in
the country. They really have to rely on family support until she get an employment. After
a long effort and not getting her dream job because of being a foreigner, she is taking a
fast food restaurant job. Her son, is at the same school and class than his cousin, and she
is very supportive. They have same friends and start to do teenager stupid staff. In other
hand his mother became friend with the school principal, even having some family
activities going on. He make known of his family heritage. The time fly and at school the
son get classmate enemies due to a recent attack against the American soldier over in
Iraq. The contention over time grow bigger with racial assaults, and more dramatic
problems to the point it involve police. That situation was due to those American boys
going to their usual fast food and picking on the mother. They do stupid teenager staff, it
affects her job and she got injured, her family take of her to the hospital. Later in time, in
late evening when the son discover the story, he became so furious, with his cousin they
drove to that bad classmate. He knock on the door that the dad opened and request to see
the son. That son come to the door with an arrogant attitude, some conversations is going
on, get heated and finish outside on the land with a fight and he got arrested. The mother
and the nice together at the police station explain the situation, but the policeman doesnt
cooperate making harder on them eve after paying the bailout, the officer wont release
the son. So desperate, she call the principal, he come to the station, being recognize and
acknowledge by the officer. The principal put good words toward those people, but the
officer still wont release the boy for pretext that he became a treat to the country. The
principal again explain the true story and many actions took place at school and at works.
Finally the officer release the boy.
The end of the movie focusses on the family happiness of being in the United States of
America, even all difficulty of being integrated into the welcoming country. It shows the

family catering and cultural celebration, having their special friend, the principal. They
invited him because having lots of common ground, an understanding between them, in
life, culture and fights to achieve the American dream.
Through the movie it had been presented the attitude of people with good attentions,
those with lots of understandings, and feelings. It show also the difference between an
well educated person verse less educated in domain of foreign or immigrants settlements
and their cultures, That movie also pointed out the behaviors between teenagers, those
with tolerance, acceptation and the consequences of selfishness.
Dirty Pretty Things is the story of Immigrants newly arrived in a country with
no yet legalized documentation and having no wrights at all, leaving in the shadow of
fear to be caught and being deported. For some of them is to be involve in bad trafficking
by giving one of their kidney. To do so they supposedly get legalization papers or
passport to stay in the country or to visit a different one, or to establish a life in the
United States. The story take place at the London Bastic Hotel. The night crews are all
foreigners from many different countries and some of they are illegal immigrants trying
to make a better living. Usually it will be an honest organization try to help those
immigrants with no wrights to be establish lawfully. In this situation is not the case, many
already establish foreigner take advantage of the less unfortunates to make profits
regardless the lost of life. The manager, from Spain is the head of organs trafficking, the
removal take place in one of the Hotel room by a carless doctor, in other word a butcher.
His practice is unsafe method with no sterilized room and equipments. The assistants are
some of the Hotel employee. So the victim and family get their will, but usually got sick
or badly infected that they still cant go to the hospital and get dying. Sometime it involve
prostitution with drunkenness and stilling of any organs. The receptionist from Africa was
a Doctor practicing chirurgic. He is a person of good will that even at is other job he heal
is college or friends. At the hotel he discover the practice but cant do anything besides
healing the victims even saving lives. One of his college she is a Muslim hiding from
emigration officer, he is housing her, helping her many time when it is possible. She
wants passport for America to live with a family members, to do so she decide to give her
organ, but he discourage her and explain the consequences. So the head manager
knowing the doctor skill want him to do the removal, but he refused. Under pressure and
treat, he have to accept under some conditions. The deal his accepted with passport in
hands. So the African doctor consult his Muslim friend to pretend of the operation, he
also contact his mortician friend to them with the exchange organ and money and having
them drop to the airport with already purchased airplane tickets to their desired
destination. The complot to have the manager to became his assistant for the surgery. So
another deal on with the in hands passport for both of them, they proceed. When the
manager come in to check for every things are ready, the doctor give him a drugged up
beers under the pretext of celebration and he motivate him to drink because he have to
assist him during the surgery. The Spanish manager with his dad deal got a turn over
himself bad deal, its him having one of his kidney remove. The exchange went
successfully they got money and other documents. They come upstairs to the doorman
from Russia give him all instruction of what to do for calling an ambulance for their
manager, they jump in the mortician car and got drupe at the airport and bon voyage.

The story line from that movie his that, always advantage taker of others live, will
result of losing all, and imprisonments if not already dead. The doctor was very smart, he
made sure that this kind of traffic will come to an end with a given explanation to the
court from the own Traficant mouths.
That movie also showed that immigrants are always to be strong and determine to win the
battle to finally be accepted and well integrated in the society.
Those two movies where not made or wrote by white American either by
Hollywood filmmakers. It came straight from independent film make American
naturalized and even foreigner themselves. It made the point that foreigners are not
portrayed with wrong ideas from the media, but to make an understanding of the foreign
culture and way of thinking.
I also chose to talk about Smoke Signal because the movie is directed by a Native
American and Cesar Chavez which also is directed by color people. It truly revile their
personalities, culture differences. But both fitting for the common things, which is call
the human rights.
Smoke Signal his the life of American native community, little bite hopeless, but
having a simpler life style. It is the story of two young men raised by a family member
either one parent, the mother, or a grandparents. They grew together in that community
and theyre journeying to go collect staff from a passed away father. They collect all there
money to travel via bus across the Western States. To reach that bus stop they have to
depend on a ride from a neighbored women which car run only on revers. Then they have
to walk a long distance until somebody kind stop and give them a ride to the bus station.
During the bus trip they got verbally harassed by mean white Americans which ended
them to finish the rest of the trip by feet to the father place. That place is in the middle of
nowhere leaving in a trailer home having for neighbor a younger single American Native
woman leaving in a trailer too. After two days of rest with her they pick some of the
father staff including the pickup truck to drive destination home. A car accident suddenly
happen front of them which forces them to stop in a ditch they are in the way to rescue
the injured people, a single woman, then going to the next car and find out a broke male
disputing with is injured wife instead helping her. So they do go help her and got
seriously interfered by that man. That road his rarely use by vehicles so the next day they
all be find by the road construction crew. But unfortunately that drunk man charge press
toward them and got the police station. Both injured women explain the happening, even
the wife against her husband. So finally the two young men return home, back to routine
with a better acceptance of each either and tolerance of personality.
Due to the fact that the American government took advantage of the Native American
depriving them of all right and evicted them from their own lands. They grew in their
own culture, with their own laws which it still applicable today. But they organized a
powerful government of their own to finally be recognize as human bean, and they are
native of this land. They will not be any more pushed away from their land to be camped
and that no more land be taking away from them. Today the government have to consult
the bureau of land management before doing any sale or developing on it.
This movie feel flat, if not understanding American Indian culture. They
are calm and patient people, they are truly in contact with Mother Nature. The simplicity

of their life can be felt in this movie because is produced by a Native, This kind of movie
are more educational than entertainments.
Lets analyze another movie directed by another color people He is from The
Philippine and the name of the movie is Cesar Chavez.
During the sixties the fruit farms corporation, in this case in the Western such as
California didnt have any enforce laws to protect foreigner laborers. It has been find
even very young children from those families up to their elderly working an entire very
long hours a day seven days a week. Breaks where not allowed, very low quantity of fluid
was provided. Drinks and very skinny meal where purposely missed. The sick elderlies or
injured person couldnt visit a doctor for some fear either of the mean employer, because
of their wrong doing, or the fear to be deported. Those people were suffering up to death.
Fortunately on of them, Cesar Chavez well educated and smart enough to take in his hand
a very delicate mission, be inform of laws he brought case to court. He created
organization and a community to help those farm field workers where so ever in the
western states. Among all Latinos such as Mexicans and Pilipino, Cesar was emotionally
and financially sustained by them and his own family. In some of their religious meeting
it was time of encouragement and teaching of rights and to always act like Jesus Christ
such patience, love, respect and learning experience with long suffering. Some of the
local government where secretly investigating of their movement in fear of a political
turn over. Some local official stirred up the White towards violence to disrupt Chavez
ongoing. For many Years, at least five, Cesar organize protesting, and strikes, and
nonstop long marsh up to another states for getting there rights. Meanwhile so the
Africans and Asians. The best Cesar disturbances was to stand by grocery stores to
discourage customers to by local fruit produce and explaining the real situation. Farmers
lost business that they were starting to export to England. Chavez got over there and
explain the situation to the European marketers, which again affected the American
producers. After long efforts, fasting and struggles, the farm field workers started to
receive their rights. But it took many life lost by some murderers farm corporations. They
violently abuse their foreigners employees by spraying on them chemicals, used of force
by gun shutting and strong pressure water them down.
Those farmworker in bondage, slavery, deprivation of many means even time to school
those youngs.
This is another movie with no Hollywood motions and codes, or arranged story
and White actors to pretend the role to attract the viewers. This movie was purely
integrated in televisions for educational means.