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Nika Seider

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand D-NY
-Interview Time: politicians were asked interview questions by the media about their stances on the
-Press Conference: both candidates briefly discuss their platform

Marco Rubio announced official candidacy

Hillary Clinton announced official candidacy

-Interview Time:

Blair Bugle (Reporter Elizabeth Cove) asked me my opinion on Hillary and her speech

CAP-SPAN (Reporters Nolan Bay and Seamus Swyers) asked me about Hillarys key points in her
campaign platform
-Closed-Door Democratic Caucus: meeting to discuss campaign strategy and platform

Role of the First Man

Gay Marriage

Minimum Wage

Workplace Discrimination

Gun Control


Promoting Public Health


Attack Ad
-Interview Time:

Blair Bugle (Reporters Becca Aitken and Christian Mussenden) asked me about the caucus and
what we discussed

CAP-SPAN (Reporters Nolan Bay and Seamus Swyers) asked me about the attack ad on Hillary
-Press Conference:

Hillary Clinton answered questions on:

o Security
o Benghazi Attacks
o Past Experience
o Police Violence
o Campaign Reform
o Military Intervention
o Attack Ad

Marco Rubio answered questions on:

o Immigration
o Global Warming
o Past Experience
o Cuba
o Spending
o Education

Bernie Sanders talked about:

o Education
o Free College
o Socialism
-Press Conference: candidates discuss major policy

Marco Rubio talked about:

o Close gap between poor and wealthy: lowering taxes for all Americans to stimulate
o Increase military power: ISIL, fighting for democracy overseas.
o All students have right to education: student debt, paying debt with income, change the
way colleges are accredited, apprenticeship programs.
o To have decisions for family affairs be decided by states: womens health, same sex
marriage, health issues.

o Human rights: sex-trafficking, prostitution, discrimination, gambling.

Hillary Clinton talked about:
o Immigration reform: integrating them into the U.S. economic and political system
o The economy: stabilize the economy by closing corporate loopholes, cutting taxes for the
middle and lower class, raising GDP, raising taxes on top 1%, increase minimum wage,
closing gender gap, removing soft money, promoting small businesses, in favor of TransPacific Partnership
o Education: college education, student loans, making it more accessible
o Human rights: gender equality, maternity leave, marriage rights, discrimination, police
o Environment: global warming, regulating pollution and gas emissions, rising sea levels.
o Foreign policy: spreading human rights, protecting U.S. citizens, two-state solution for
Israel and Palestine, Iran nuclear power, denuclearizing North Korea, removing troops
from Iraq and Afghanistan, protecting Ukraine against Russia, ending the Cuban embargo,
progressive trade deals global diplomacy.

Was asked by Hillarys team to be Vice President

o Started working on a speech

Browsed social media

o Became aware of conflict between two Republican Senators
o Took a poll
o Saw poll result with Hillary in the lead
-Press Conference:

Hillary Clinton answered questions about:

o Lead in poll results
o Concern about Bernie Sanders
o Communications director saying Bernie Sanders will win
o Past experience in forming foreign policy
o Benghazi attack and protecting Americans abroad
o Human rights in other countries
o Obamas policy
o Campaign reform
o E-mail scandal
o Bill Clinton
o Growing threat of ISIl
o Military strength

Communications Director releases statement in regards to scandal of him saying that Bernie
Sanders will win.

Marco Rubio answered questions about:

o Bernie Sanders
o Homosexuality, right to marriage
o Immigration
o North Korea
o Military intervention
o Womens rights, abortions
o Death penalty
o Police reform

Bernie Sanders answered questions about:

o Terrorism
o Poll results
o Similarities between his policy outline and Obamas failing policy on ISIL

Our nations biggest problem

o Rubio: our education system
o Clinton: making the middle class stronger
o Sanders: big money in politics

Gridlock Issue in Congress

Clinton: willing to make compromises with both parties

Sanders: working towards big issues which everyone is willing to make compromises on
and then narrow it down
o Rubio: will try his best in using bipartisan techniques

o Sanders: push for a job creating program, make jobs by fixing our infrastructure
o Rubio: it's expensive to make jobs, lower taxes for all Americans
o Clinton: cut taxes for the middle class, raise taxes for the upper class

o Rubio: privatize health care
o Clinton: Affordable Care Act
o Sanders: give every American healthcare, Medicare for all system

Climate Change
o Clinton: tax large corporations for pollution and their emissions
o Sanders: it is a huge problem, must work with other countries and our own to cap
emissions and look for other energy sources
o Rubio: taxation is bad for our economy

Police Violence
o Sanders: hold police accountable with a fair trial, limit weapons
o Rubio: police body cameras, more in depth investigations
o Clinton: incarceration rate too high, police body cameras

Gender Inequality
o Rubio: Girls Count Act, provide funding for crimes against women in other countries
o Clinton: increase minimum wage, better maternity and paternity leave, child care
o Sanders: equal pay for equal work

Foreign Policy
o Clinton: cant be isolationist, find a balance by using diplomacy and military intervention
o Sanders: cant adapt a gung-ho approach
o Rubio: use military might in a responsible way to protect freedom and democracy

Gun Violence
o Sanders: all Americans have the right to own a gun, ensure only intelligent Americans
have gun, increase regulation
o Rubio: gun control is not the answer to diminish crime rate
o Clinton: background checks, no assault rifles

Increase Political Involvement

o Clinton: close the achievement gap by reforming the education system
o Sanders: make sure everyone can get a college education by making it free, raising the
minimum wage
o Rubio: integrating economics into education

Overall vision
o Sanders: more prosperous middle class, putting people back to work, better education
o Rubio: efficient workers
o Clinton: fix social issues and inequality, strong economy, good environment, strong
relationship with other nations
-Clinton Benefit

Performance by Selfish Sunday

Bill Clinton introduces Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton gives speech on

o racial inequality
o gay marriage, LGBTQ rights
o women's rights, maternity leave

Nancy Pelosi gives speech on

o LGBTQ rights
o ending discrimination and intimidation
-Open-Door Republican Caucus

Vice President Choice: Senator Rand Paul

Upcoming Press Conference


Republican Members at the Clinton Benefit
-Press Conference

Clinton answered questions about:

o similarities with Sanders, shes more moderate, more willing to compromise on policy
o her benefit, how it was not a ploy
o Nevada law that allows tax dollars to be used to send children to private school
o protecting ex-felons, giving them voting rights
o announced Vice President (me)

Sanders answered questions about:

o announced Vice President (Jeb Bush)
o funding his extreme plans
o working with Bush who has different views than him
o avoiding gridlock

Rubio answered questions about:

o climate change
o Clintons benefit, treats and goodies comments
o gay marriage
o discrimination against the LGBTQ community
-Press Conference

Vice President Bush Gave Speech on:

o Conflicting ideologies in the U.S. and the benefits of compromise
o Minimum Wage
o Social Security Age

Vice President Paul Gave Speech on:

o Education
o Drug Use
o Economy
o Foreign Policy
o Taxes
o Military Strength
-Press Conference

Sanders and Bush answered questions on:

o New Deal
o Police Intervention
o Poll Standings
o Free College
o Scandal about Sanders calling Bush an idiot
o Campaign Spending
o Minimum Wage

Rubio and Paul answered questions on:

o E-mail Scandal regarding police brutality
o Bowing down to pressure
o Poll Standings
o Gay Marriage
o Gun Control
o Campaign Spending