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Abhirup Saha

Honors 201
Successful Leader Starter Kit
Leadership is something that we use in our day to day life, in everyday life situations. Like John
F Kennedy says in his quote Leadership and learning is indispensable to each other. Everyone
has their own set of leadership skills and so do I. Leadership consist of various strength an
individual possesses, skill sets, a flair and style of leadership and inclination towards
extroversion or introversion.
I possess various leaderships strengths and after taking the Gallup Strength Finder a multiple
times I have come to realize that my top 5 strengths are mostly fixed, which always pops up but
possibly in different order. After taking the test, the strengths that are in my top 5 are
Competition, Strategic, Relator, Achiever and Significance. I have also realized that I use these
strengths in my day to day life. For example Competition- Competition brings the best out of me,
when I am competing against myself or someone else. It helps me scale my achievements with
myself and others. Lets say I have an exam coming up and in my previous exam in that very
class I scored a B my target or goal will be to better it to a B+ or possibly to an A. This
demonstrates how I am competing against myself to make myself better.
Strategic is the other of my top strength. According to Gallup It is not a skill that can be taught.
It is a distinct way of thinking, a special perspective on the world at large. This perspective
allows you to see patterns where others simply see complexity. It is more of the ability to see

various sides of a situation. Let me clarify it through an example, lets says we were working on
an International Festival on Mankato campus. Where most people wont see all sides of it, like
the things thats will be hard to do or might face obstacles, I can see those obstacles from far and
guide us to the destination with minimum obstacles.
Relator is as defined by gall up is Relator theme pulls you toward people you already know.
You do not necessarily shy away from meeting new peoplein fact, you may have other themes
that cause you to enjoy the thrill of turning strangers into friendsbut you do derive a great deal
of pleasure and strength from being around your close friends. This is more of having a close
set of friends whom you trust and are able to be vulnerable in front of them as you open yourself
up to strengthen the relationship and as to my past experiences it has to be mutual for it to occur.
That does not mean I dont like meeting new people or being friends with them, but for me to
truly connect, trust and opening up to them takes times.
Achiever as described by Gall up Achiever describes a constant need for achievement. You feel
as if every day starts at zero. By the end of the day you must achieve something tangible in order
to feel good about yourself. This can be strength or a possible need for me. I like to feel like
every day is worth lived. This kind of mindset was instilled in me that you are in this world to
make it a better place and to give something back, and if I am not achieving something then it is
just being like a dead corpse. Achievement in my day to day life gives me strength and helps me
focus on the following day and it also provides me an urge for being successful in what I do.
Significance is my other strength which has appeared in my Top 5 for the first time and the
possible reason behind it is that because I have been in state wide leadership roles by being part
of the Student Senate for California Community College and also school wise leadership posts I
held at that time. According to Gallup Significance theme will keep pulling you upward, away

from the mediocre toward the exceptional. It is the theme that keeps you reaching. I agree to
how Gallup describes it, as a force that pushes you to be successful and bring along others to be
successful until either give up. It is goal oriented skill where you achieve a goal and be
successful in it before you move on to the next and make yourself successful by achieving
something and noteworthy. Other than leadership strength there is various kind off style of
I tend to believe in a leadership style which can flex depending on the situation. I like to lead
from the front as an example or fall back to support others so we are successful. It is based on the
need of the situation. For example if there is a crisis situation I would most likely love to lead
from the front but when its not I would like to lead from the back and be in a role of a mentor
and a back bone pushing others forward.
Along with having a style, I believe that a leader should have some skills to be successful in
leadership. I believe that skills can be many which ones requires in leadership but for me the
three skill which is really important in leadership are the ability to be Open Minded, ability to
Listen and ability to act on each situation based on its criteria of judgment. I believe that a leader
should be open to prospective ideas and he/she should promote those ideas if they are really
good, it is a way you create more leaders. A leader should also have the ability to listen so he
does not always enforce their prospective and follow directions sometimes. A leader should
judge situation by its merit and then react to it as it is useful in judgement of situation and helps
to do things right.
A leader can be either an Extrovert or an Introvert, after taking the quiz to determine where I fall
on the scale, I did find out that I am more of an Ambivert who can flex according to situation

weather I want to be Extrovert and Introvert in a particular situation and how comfortable I am to
that situation and how I want to portray myself.
Practice is the key for anything, same goes for leadership. I want to build my leadership
competency in my remaining time at Minnesota State, Mankato by being active on campus,
keeping myself involved on campus through student government, honors program, state wide
senate and advocacy group, possibly being an orientation leader, peer mentor, working for the
Kearney International office and various other leadership opportunities that comes my way.
When there is no vision, there is no hope according to George Washington Carver. So for me I
have a vision of how I want to take my leadership and after this class I have the tool to do it and
now I have to use those tools to shape my leadership that showcases a positive end outcome for
all to see.