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Marketing Plan

Marvel Pocket Television

To earn profits:
We aim to earn maximum profits just like any other organization which is started

To bring television in every one’s reach:

We intend to bring television within everyone’s reach and we plan to achieve our goal in the upcoming future.

To fulfill the desire of watching television easily and anywhere:

We aim to make television mobile by making it hand held so that it can be viewed by the user anytime and
anyplace for the user’s utility

We have conducted a survey and analyzed that the

• Strength

• Weakness

• Opportunity

• Threat
Of Marvel TV can be clearly understood by the study of the following
Strengths of Marvel Pocket TV:
In accordance to our feasibility we can state that

Low price:
The most promising strength for the success of our product is the price we have launched it for a mere Rs2500
which can be affordable for anyone, even with a low-income and thus can result in a great success for our
product and our organization

Easy availability:
We are intending to launch the Marvel Pocket TV in major cities of Pakistan firstly
Launching in

• Lahore

• Karachi

• Islamabad
We have plans of launching it into small towns and villages after we get a good response form the major cities
We intend to do so by making it available at every electronic store as well as in every departmental store for
easy approach for the customer and we are also intending to launch our company operated display outlets for
ease of selection of models for our customers

After sale service:

We are also offering a large network of after sales service from our Display centre and provide free service for
our clients for a limited time during warranty of our product and at a very minimal fee after warranty expires

Also we are offering limited after sales warranty to our customers from our display centre’s which covers every
possible problem which can occur by using our product according to our given instruction any other damage or
problem will not be entertained
By our study we have analyzed that the greatest weakness which can create hurdles in the way of success for
launching and running of our product is

Low awareness amongst buyers:

The weakness of our product can be low awareness amongst customers which we are intending to overcome by
advertising on a large scale for creating awareness amongst customers and determine better ratio of success

The opportunities which we have found from our survey are

New Idea:
We are launching a new concept which is a not a very rare idea but has not been worked upon in the past by
anyone and we also found out that there is a large share of market which is waiting for any new innovation so
we planned to launch our Pocket TV and hope to acquire a large share of the market

Large share of market:

There is a large share of market which is unturned and we have analyzed it and are taking this opportunity and
will try to cash it to maximum extent

New Entrants:
The most major threat to our product will be new entrants but by the time they emerge we shall have developed
our brand name and trust amongst our clients

Unique Selling Point:

The uniqueness of our product can be seen by the study of the following

Hand held television for easier viewing:

The uniqueness of our product is that it can be carried around anywhere like a cell phone or a radio transistor
but shows the channels of television unlike sounds from a radio and is free of cost when compared to the
Mobile TV which requires G.P.R.S (Global Positioning Resource System) for viewing it on cell phones
Minimizing the tension of viewing television by making it portable:
By becoming hand held it becomes portable and can be taken anywhere by the user and so is also a unique point
for sale of this product

The Marketing Mix:

The marketing mix of Marvel Pocket TV can be understood by the study of following

The product of our company for launch is

Hand held Television:

A hand held television which can be taken around anywhere with the user and can easily be carried around as is
small in size and is light weight

Very carefully analyzing the market we have placed the launching price at

Rs. 2500
Rs. 3500
Depending on the variety of range of our products

We intend to cover a large market and so for doing so we are planning of launching our product
Every large departmental store
Electrical store
In the major cities of Pakistan firstly
We have separated a large budget for promotion of our product as the more aware the customer
will be of our product the larger return we will get from the market
In order to promote our product we are using the following mediums of promotion
We will place our banners and holding at every road and every street for creating awareness amongst customers

We will get broachers printed and get them dropped in every house and will contact with the news paper
suppliers and give them our broachers for dropping in every house where they drop newspapers and also with
the one’s who drop utility bills in every home for creating awareness amongst customers of our product

Electronic media:
We have also created an advertisement for our product and intend of launching it on channels for people to find
out about our product

We also have designed an advertisement for publishing in different magazines for more people to know about
our product

Door to Door representative:

We have hired some people for informing people by going to their homes and telling them about the features of
our product and also helping them if they have problems in using the product

Market Research:
We had conducted market survey to analyze the possibility of our products launch and we have found that it
carries a lot of potential

Market Analysis:
Market survey showed that market carries a lot of promising success for our product

Market Segmentation:
We intend to capture a large share of the market which will mostly consist of teenagers

Target Market:
Travelling people:
The people who are mostly in their phase of travel can use this pocket TV to stay in touch with the world as it is
portable and can be viewed anywhere

Low Income Group:

The people who have low income can also become the target market of pocket TV as they are also interested in
watching television but cannot afford to buy it

The greatest share of market for us is the teenagers as they like to use new technology as soon as it is launched
and they are more interested in any new innovation which is technology related

Competitive Analysis:
As far as before our launch there are no competitors for us and we will monopolize the market for some time
after some rime new entrants will create a problem and capture a share but till that time we will have developed
a Brand name and we shall have little problem because of our competitors

Operating Analysis:
We will enter the market forcefully launching our product in the major cities of Pakistan first and then we will
infiltrate into smaller towns to capture a lager share but slowly and eventually we will capture a large share of

Marketing Slogan:
Say to your old television a good farewell
And enjoy the new technology by using the new handheld Marvel