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Should Medical Marijuana Be Legalized in Utah?

Andrea Grubb Barthwell, M.D. worked in the White House under President of the United States
George W. Bush as Deputy Director for Demand Reduction at the Office of National Drug
Control Policy. Would Allowing Medical Use Of Marijuana Send The Wrong Message To Our
Children and Society. The Chicago tribune, 2004.Print.
Andrea barhtwells opposing the use of medical marijuana, by experimental research to
examine whether it is possible for an individual to use as medical option. Working as deputy
director for demand reduction at the office of national drug control policy, as president of the
Illinois society of addiction medicine, and the president of American society of addiction
medicine and as headed two drug treatment organization, that provide of addiction treatment
services and intervention, she summarizes and reflects on her work, her relationships with peers,
and her research in substance abuse, barthwell argues that legalizing of medical marijuana is
dangerous to our children and our society. She claim they undercut the goals of stopping the
initiation of drug use to prevent addiction. Barthwell concludes that creating boundaries to
prohibit lines between dangerous, illegal drugs and medicine.
As an experienced doctor, Barthwell is very credible, she is also aware of the limitation
of her experiment and ethical connection of her experimental research, tactics and reflects on
these issues in the article, she obtainable about her methods and her experience with scholarly
research on her place of employment, the drug and the rising addiction in America. So adding to
both her ethical and logical appeals, Barthwells project is timely, descriptive, and well-

Researched. She uses examples and language such as quote to appeal to readers sense of fairness
and honestly.
I can use her arguments to help me form the position of those who argue for the use of
marijuana as medical. Before I read this article, I was really focused on trying to answer the
question of whether or not medical use would lead to more the other hands I was
really overlooking the human and ethical aspect of this issues and even being quite judgmental
about addiction and death toll for the society. Especially young people I dont think I even
understood that there was a medical option medical marijuana. Who might have such chronic
pain, muscle spasms and reducing nausea during for chemotherapy, improving appetite? But
I believe theres more harmful, than beneficial.

The US Office of National Drug Control Policy (OCNDP), published an article titled "Statement
on Marijuana as Medicine" (updated May 4, 2002),
The US office of national drug control policy is opposing the marijuana The confusing message
about marijuana that these referenda send our children could not come at a worse time. They
believed in recent years, drug use by young people has increased at an alarming rate. They
claimed that among eighth graders, the use of illicit drugs primarily marijuana has tripled. They
reported that this increase has been fueled by a measurable decrease in the proportion of young
people who perceive marijuana as dangerous... They knowledges that the federal government
must protect public health by preserving the medical-scientific process for determining
medicines. They recommended that they also protect children from increased marijuana
availability and use, preserve drug-free workplaces, and uphold federal law.
The US office is very credibility. And also aware of circumstance of their experimental
and researches and ethical connection their tactic and reflection on the issue for the article. Their
experience with scholarly research of their place of employment.addicton rising and legalizing
marijuana in American. By adding their ethical and logical appeals. The US drug Control is very
detailed and well researched. They uses examples and language such as quote to appeals their
readers sense of open-minded and truth.
As I am very aware of my own bias. I am very prepared to answer to this question. I
believed this is not the right time for our children to have access for the dangerous drug.
Legalizing this pot the entire country will cause more problems, special our children. I agree
with the national drug control that the government should protect public health by doing more
researches before addition they must not give everybody the opportunity to access
for marijuana. I also believe that for those in need there is another way to treat them.

Francis L. Young, former Chief Administrative Law Judge for the US Drug Enforcement
Administration (DEA), made the following statement in his Sep. 6, 1988 ruling:
As a former chief administrative law judge for the US drug enforcement, Young claims
that There are those who, in all sincerity, argue that the transfer [of marijuana] to Schedule II
will 'send a signal' that marijuana is 'OK' generally for recreational use. Young argues that
This argument is specious. Young believes that it presents no valid reason for refraining from
taking an action required by law in light of the evidence. Young contends that the fear of sending
such a signal cannot be permitted to override the legitimate need, Young agrees amply
demonstrated in this record, of countless sufferers for the relief marijuana can provide when
prescribed by a physician in a legitimate case."
As a chief of law judge I think hes very credible, and also aware of his limitation of his
experimental research, on this article issue. His ethical connection of his experience and of his
scholarly of his place of employment by adding his ethical and logical appeals. The Law judge
for the US drug enforcement is very obtainable about their research. He uses examples and
language such quote to appeal their readers sense of fairness and decency.
I think I as am ready to answer to this question, I agree with him the most part for the
only access for those suffering to prescribed by physician, but I also disagree it because anyone
can go to the doctors office and asking that he need in for same symptoms, and its very easier
to get it. But I also believe it that those suffering that they can get helped in other ways without
legalizing it. As Governor Gary Herbert support that only for those in need but he quoted Dr.