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Company: Toms


Situation Analysis
A. Environmental Analysis:
TOMS is a company that is from Playa Del Rey, California. They
were founded in May, 2006. (Fortune, 2008)
When TOMS sells a pair of shoes, a new pair of shoes is given to an
impoverished child.
In 2011 they expanded this idea to eyewear. Every pair of eyewear
sold, TOMS helps give sight to a person in need.
B. Company Analysis:
When the founder of TOMS, Blake Mycoskie was on the Amazing
Race (CBS TV Show) he was in Argentina. There is where he met
children and adults without shoes, he wanted to help. He created
TOMS Shoes and instead of starting a non-profit he pledged that for
every pair of shoes sold that he would donate a pair of shoes to
children in need.
In 2007 TOMS started the annual One day without shoes event to
help bring awareness for TOMs mission on helping impoverished
children. They have used corporate partners like Flickr, the Discovery
Channel and AOL to help promote the movement.
Currently TOMS gives to 70 counties. They have given over 50
million pairs of shoes to people in need.
In 2011, TOMS Eyewear launched with the hope to give sight to
people in need. To date, over 360,000 people have gotten the gift of
sight, either through prescription glasses, medical treatment or
sight-saving surgery.

In 2014, TOMS Roasting Company was created. This company

works with other giving partners to provide safe drinking water.

In 2015, TOMS Bag Collection was launched to help address the

need for advancements in maternal health. Purchases of TOMS Bags
helps provide training kits for skilled birth attendants with items that
will help safely deliver babies.

C. Product Analysis
The TOM show is an alpargata shoe. They are
the types of shoes that are worn by
Argentinean Farmers. The alpargata shoes
are a simple, lightweight shoe. They are
breathable and are made of lightweight canvas
on top with a sturdy leather sole.
Currently in the shoe market there are 4 main
categories: dress, athletic rugged and casual.
Casual shoes account for more than 50% of the market. TOMS fall
into the category of casual shoes.
TOMS is unlike any other company because of the unique one for
one concept business model. TOMS has trademarked the phrase
One for One.

D. Consumer Analysis
TOMS Shoes has a target market of people who want to make a
difference and are charitable. Their customers are environmentally
conscious. They recycle and are into fashion.
The primary target market are males and females 19-34. They love
the newest creative fun trend. They are socially aware.
Their favorite part of TOMS shoes is the fashion they are wearing and
the good they are doing by wearing TOMS. They look good and feel
good supporting this product.
TOMS has created a unique market for itself with the One for
One marketing.

D. Competitive
Look of



Canvas upper with

TOMS toe-stitch
Elastic V for easy on and
easy off
TOMS classic suede
insole with cushion for
Latex Arch insert for
added support
One-piece mixed-rubber
outsole for resillience,
flexibilty and durability
With every pair you
purchase, TOMS will
give a pair of new shoes
to a child in need. One
for One.

Sketchers BOBS **


$48 - $139

Soft woven canvas

fabric upper
Unique stretchable
canvas for 360 degree
elastic comfort
Slip on casual
alpargata flat design
Solid color upper
Stitching accents
Tucked toe pleat front
Heel panel overlay
BOBS logo side and
heel labels
Top elastic fabric
Stitched collar trim
Soft fabric shoe lining
Dual Density Memory
Foam cushioned
comfort insole
Shock absorbing
Flexible rubber traction
Skechers donates new
shoes to children in
need when you
purchase BOBS

$35 - $85

* Information from ** Information from Sketchers.Com


SWOT Analysis

Strong Brand with name recognition

One for One Marketing
Eco friendly
Fashion Forward and Trendy

Who gets the shoes?
Guilt associated with purchase
Easy to copy the One for One marketing

There are a lot of people in need around the world.
Easy to get Volunteers
Social Media helps get the word out about your cause.
Constantly fundraising

If the economy goes bad people wont be able to afford the shoes
Bad Press in social media
Competition with other companies easy to copy design and charitable
donations of shoes.


A. Objectives:

We, as the creative team on this project, will gather information as it relates to TOMS Shoes,
their customers, and the reasons behind the decision to purchase TOMS Shoes. We would like to
see if a correlation exist between philanthropy and the One for One business strategy of TOMS.
If a correlation does exist between the two it will help us to create a marketing strategy that is
best suited for the needs of our client, Toms, and their customers. This will allow us to maximize
exposure for the brand with less effort to identify the consumer. By gaining this, previously
unknown, information we be able to achieve our marketing objective and create an identity for a
brand that will strive long into the future.

B. Strategies:

For us to acquire knowledge into an area that was previously unknown to TOMS we will us both
quantitative and qualitative measurements to achieve the objective of uncovering a relationship
between TOMS One for One business model and the philanthropy that exist within many people
in todays society. The quantitative research will allow us to understand factors that motivate
purchases, usage patterns, and the attitudes of both consumer and their attitudes toward the brand
itself. The qualitative research will not only reiterate but give positive reinforcement about such
things as customer demographic, age, income, educational status, and etc., it will allow us to gain

insight into problems that could arise without previous knowledge of the problem. The
quantitative research will be the primary vessel that will provide the basis for the strategic
direction of our marketing campaign.
C. Method:

This research, of randomly selected participants, was conducted using an online questionnaire,
direct email, and face-to-face interviews through the use of social media, telephone calls, and
paper surveys.

This research was conducted during the final two weeks of January 2016.

We collected a total of (as of January 26, 2016) 35 online surveys, 26 direct contact surveys
either by phone or face-to-face interviews. This research was verified using random sample of
participants using an open social media page to promote the survey. The survey was available
openly for a period of two weeks to anyone that wished to participate in the survey that took less
than a minute to complete. The random sampling of 10 participants that were contacted via
phone were done so using an online phone book to auto select indiscriminate participates.
Another 16 participants were given the survey in face-to-face interviews at a local retail
establishment. They were simply asked if they would take a moment to complete a survey with
no direction other than the survey itself to help give validation to the findings and to allow no
corruption through the use of direction in filling out the survey.

D. Summary of Findings:

The participants in or survey consisted of a large percentage females willing to take our survey
versus male participants which could partially skew our results. 92% of participants had heard of
TOMS Shoes before this survey which translates into large notoriety when it comes to the brand
name. More surprisingly was that out of the respondents to the survey only a little over 30% had
purchased a pair of TOMS for themselves or a friend and over 17% didnt know about TOMS
donations of shoes with ever pair purchased to help the less fortunate. This could lead us to
believe that, although the brand name is well known, the ideology behind the company is still
unknown to many people. Almost 82 % of participants said that they had made donations to
some kind of charity before. This information allows to show opportunities for growth within the
establishment, of what seems to be, strong brand recognition. Here are some additional things we
have learned.

62% of respondents have heard of TOMS but never purchased

17% of respondents need to know about the philanthropy of TOMS
82% of respondents that do donate to charities can make a donation by purchasing TOMS
Many of the respondents fall within the known demographic (15-44 years old)
Most people make donations out of kindness (not tax exemption, etc.)

Survey Response 61 Surveyed

Frequency Chart

Brand Recognition

Have Purchased

Informed/No Purchase

Survey Example:

Toms Questionnaire




Donates to Charity


Educational Level:
High School or below
Associate Degree or certification
Bachelors Degree
Graduate Degree or above
No Comment

$20,000 or below
$50,000 or above
No Comment

Have you ever heard of Toms shoes before this survey?



Did you know that Toms donates a pair of shoes for every pair sold?

Have you ever bought a pair of Toms for yourself or anyone else?

Have you ever donated to a charity before?


If the above question is answered with Yes; What charities do you donate to?

Why do you donate to charities?


Problem: One would think TOMs are expensive if they were not aware they were actually
buying two pairs of shoes.

Opportunity: During the sales or the advertising process, we can show the other pair of shoes that
they are buying so they can feel they are getting more for their money and visually satisfied.

Opportunity: When they do buy a pair they get a custom URL so they can track where the other
pair of shoes they bought are going. They can see the person their shoes helped and receive
updated progress reports.

Problem: Toms target audience is limited due to their mostly online presents and sales. There are
only a couple of stores and most of them are on the west coast. This can attribute to lack of brand
awareness for other target audiences on the east coast.

Opportunity: Create a flagship store and form partnerships with independent retailers.

Opportunity: Create a shoe that would better fit the colder conditions of the east coast to build
brand awareness and usefulness. Development of a water resistant shoe

Problem: People seem to know the brand but do not know the benefits. In other words, the
people that would engage with the benefits are not being targeted.

Opportunity: With the rapidly expanding green market and millennials caring more than ever
about giving back we can based our marketing towards social responsibility and non-profits.

TOMS Shoes is a company that doesnt just care about the bottom line, TOMS cares about the
people to the point that for every pair of TOMS Shoes that is purchased, they donate a pair to
someone who needs it. Since the bottom line isnt the biggest goal for TOMS Shoes,
conventional advertising hasnt been a focal point of the marketing team. However, the time has
come for TOMS to begin to flourish not for the bottom line, but for the people that they help.

Our goal is to increase overall sales for TOMS Shoes by 25% within the next 2 years.

By using more conventional methods of advertisement to make consumers aware of the

TOMS brand.

TOMS Shoes will begin to have an annual advertising budget, which will consist of 5%
making the overall increase in profit about 20%.

Raise awareness of the various charitable acts that TOMS Shoes conducts every year by
lower the unawareness from 17% to !2%

This will give consumers an understanding of how they can help TOMS Shoes in the
charitable endeavors, and in turn produce more revenue into the company.


TOMS has already seen tremendous growth over the past several years by using a
philanthropist business model that exceeds customers expectations. By appealing to new

and already common markets in a more charitable fashion, TOMS could increase market
shares and brand appeal.

By promoting the charitable side of TOMS in sites that are intended for other charities
TOMS can increase brand awareness while increasing sales and profits.

By forming a minimal alliance with other charities TOMS will create a brand that is
synonymous with charitable donations (TOMS is still not recognized by 17% of people
that have heard of TOMS shoes before) Independent Study

TOMS recognizable brand has grown in awareness over the past 5 years with nearly 85%
of those survey having heard of TOMS shoes before which is an increase of over 50%

By creating alliances with other charities and out doing competitors with a philanthropic
mission TOMS will capture a larger share of an apparel industry that brings in $331
billion annually.

Marketing Flowchart


TOMS has never worked with an advertising budget, so this will be a first for us. Like all
businesses, TOMS does engage in promotional activities even if we do not have a marketing
budget. Customers, employees, interns, and students engage in significant word-of-mouth
advertising. However, TOMS also markets itself through events, DVD screenings, and social
We plan on utilizing an advertising budget of $500,000 for the first time to increase brand
awareness and sales. Without an advertising budget TOMS has managed to sell over 50 million
pairs of shoes since the beginning.
First we will use a test market to gauge the effectiveness in this increase in traditional
advertising. We expect a 20% increase in sales in the test market. If the test market preforms as
expected we will utilize that same model in the global market.
Our advertising dollars will be allocated accordingly:
Advertising - $200,000
TV Spots, Print Ads
Sales Promo - $100,000
Public Relations - $50,000
Direct Marketing - $25,000

Event Marketing - $50,000
One for Two - (donation of 2 pairs of shoes to those in need)
Digital Marketing - $75,000
Digital ads/Social Media
With this broad allocation of an advertising budget we will be able to reach a new customer base,
gaining more customers and support for the One for One business model.

Marketing Objective:
Increase overall sales for
TOMS shoes by 25% within
the next 2 years

Marketing Strategy/Creative:
To establish brand awareness as
well as the charitable benefits.

Creative Objectives:
To establish TOM as a leader in
charitable efforts as well as a
popular fashion statement for


Marketing Strategy/Media:
To target 16 to 26 year old
fashion forward, tech savvy
consumers who care about the
world and giving back

Marketing Strategy:
to target
16 to 26 the
old fashion
forward, techtosavvy
our target
who care by
the world
to their
giving back

TOMS will incorporate various promotional tactics in order to meet the objective of brand
interaction with new and existing customers. Promotions will offer incentives to increase
customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Special Delivery Sweepstakes

TOMS will offer a promotion for each customer that purchases a pair of TOMS in the month of
April will be put in a drawing for a ticket to travel with TOMS to their next drop off location to
be there for the delivery to those in need. A total of 5 travel tickets will be given and all travel
expenses will be covered.

Public Relations:
These strategies will help get the consumer more involved in the brand.

Campus Clubs
TOMS currently has existing campus clubs on campuses around the United States and Canada.
In order to better reach the desired target market, TOMS will reach out to different colleges and
universities about starting a Campus Club rather than having students apply to start one. TOMS
Campus Clubs are groups of passionate students who want to contribute to positive change by
inspiring their campuses. From volunteer efforts to hosting fun events like BBQs and TOMS
video screenings, they creativity and energy to the TOMS movement.

A Day Without Shoes

Toms has a current public relations campaign to raise awareness for childrens health and
education. For each photo of bare feet tagged on Instagram TOMS will donate one pair of shoes.
This is a great campaign that we would want to replicate on a bi-yearly basis. We would also
like to include a free TOMS sticker to those who participate.

Direct Marketing
Direct Marketing is a form of advertisement that is directly between the manufacturer and the
customer. There are various forms of direct marketing that can be utilized by a company. Some
of which include telemarketing, direct response media, social networking, emails, fliers, catalogs
and more.
Direct Response Media actually includes various types of advertisement itself. That being said,
our agency has come up with a couple of options to help promote Toms to a wider spectrum of
consumers. First, we will be selecting a couple of popular magazines to print ads showing the
charitable opportunities that come with buying a pair of Toms. We will also being creating a few
television ads that show how the charity helps those who are receiving the shoes.
We will also be using social media and emails to further the promotions of the brand. Those who
like Toms on Facebook and follow us on Twitter will occasionally see posts from Toms talking
special offers that we will have in place to help sell the shoes. Also, those who use their email
and register for the online newsletter will receive emails containing the newsletter and specials
monthly, so they can see the benefits of buying Toms.

Telemarketing isnt a form of direct marketing that we will be utilizing because the cost of
telemarketing would be too much for the small amount of profit that it might produce. However,
we will be utilizing mass text advertisement because it is inexpensive and can reach large
quantities of people in a short amount of time.

Event Marketing
TOMs as a company already participates in two great events. One Day Without Shoes and
World Sight Day, they both have the purpose of raising awareness for the worldwide issues of
poverty and avoidable blindness.
Currently the TOMS tribe consists of people who want to get involved in creating positive
change by giving back and helping others. We could partner with college campuses across
America and have A day without Shoes across America. One the day without shoes TOMS uses
the #withoutshoes tag and for every picture that is tagged on Instagram they instantly give a new
pair to a child in need. No purchase is required for TOMS to make a donation. This is a one-day
In the weeks leading up to the event we could partner with TOMS and use their resource kits to
educate the people on campus about the following important topics

How to be a global citizen?


Live Locally, act globally

Being a conscious consumer.


Do the companies that you work with help the community, the world?

Why is it important to have shoes in foreign countries?

What is social responsibility?

Each week information would be distributed around campus to get the information about these
important topics and really get the conversation going about the needs of the community and
different areas in the world.

Trade Events
The display at the trade event would resemble a pop-up shop. We would have shoes on display
and various sizes and designs for people to try on. Walls would be of pictures of children in
poverty stricken regions who have received toms. Another picture would be of college students
in TOMS shirts who are participating in the without shoes movement. The furniture would be
upcycled furniture that is made from other items and reclaimed wood.
We would have a collection box for people to donate old eyeglasses. If people didnt bring the
glasses with them they could take a pre-paid envelope with them to mail glasses back to TOMS
for free recycling. Before the trade show, we would distribute information to the attendees that
we will be collecting glasses.

Viral, Social, and WoM
These aspects of marketing are gaining attention with good reason. Facebook has over 1.5 billion
users. LinkedIn has over 400 million users, Tweeter has over 300 million monthly users, and
with over 3 billion people online as of 2015, this form marketing has the ability to capture a large
audience. These forums will go hand in hand with TOMS Special Delivery Sweepstakes and A
Day Without Shoes promotions. By allowing people to enter the contest online and to share on

Instagram and other forums TOMS can create an online presence unlike any shoe company has

Personal Selling
We will not incorporate any personal selling

No changes will be made to TOMS current packaging other than some minor additions. All
packaging, for the duration of promotional events, shall include instructions for entering TOMS
promotions as well as any affiliations that can be attained with other non-profit or charitable

No changes will be made to current merchandising strategy that is incorporated by TOMS.

Introduction of an APP that allows customers and potential customers to design their own TOMS
shoes will allow an increase in online presence and notoriety among TOMS demographic of 16
to 26 year olds.

There will be no change in the product. TOMS already makes a great product for the right

TOMS brand will maintain its current pricing.

No changes are planned for distribution of TOMS shoes.

Section incomplete. Need some guidance on this part.

Target Audience
Currently Toms main target market consists of young men and women from ages 19 to 24. Their
second target market is boys and girls from ages 12-18. As the marketing department, we feel
that Toms has been missing out on a large target audience that wants to dress and feel young
again. So, that being said with the new marketing concepts we feel that we could expand that
target market to include adults ranging from 25 to 40 years old. We feel that in this age range
there are a large number of people that try to hold on to their youth, plus that would also have a
better understanding of the charitable side of Toms. Another plus side to this age range is that
they are already in their careers, which means they might be willing to spend the money to by
Our goal is to establish a new target market to include a wider range of age groups, because we
feel as if Toms has been missing out in the upper age ranges. We also want our target market to
have a better understanding of how Toms operates and how the charities that Toms supports
function and work alongside selling the shoes.
Our strategy will be to convince the larger target market that Toms are worth the price because
of the fact that when they buy a pair of Toms, that another pair is being donated to those who
need it. We want them to see that poses a big difference between Toms and our competitors,

because with our competitors they are just buying a pair of shoes. However, with Toms, they are
buying a pair of shoes for themselves and for another person who cant afford shoes.
We feel that with the right marketing efforts, Toms will sale themselves because of their stylish
design and the charitable contributions. A lot of companies have to make their products flashy
and blingy just to support their brand. Thats where Toms is different because we have a product
that has a simple yet stylish design and a charitable connection that supports our brand and
shows our customers who we are as a company.
As the current marketing strategy continues to increase sales and profitability, we will continue
to look at other opportunities that will allow Toms to expand even further. For example, not only
do we want to expand our current brand but also look at adding other types of shoes to the Toms
Family. They would still be stylish and we would continue the charitable aspect of sales, but they
could serve various purposes. We would look into a Toms sports shoe line, because this would
open up a door to a whole new market for Toms. However, these concepts are still in the
planning phase while we work on our current strategy.

The tone our advertising for TOMS will be upbeat, confident, inspirational and that of a leader.
Our messaging has a serious undertone. The problem of poverty around the world is a serious

The TOMS consumer is a winner because they are getting a fantastic quality product and they
are heroes in the community by helping people in need with our Give a Shoe, Give a Shoe


Giving back has always been part of the TOMS brand and will forever be part of our brand. We
are dedicated to making a quality product while also being dedicated to helping impoverished
children around the world.

The advertisements have creative use of the shoes we sell. One in particular is the world GIVE
spelled out in shoes. Not only are the words colorful and eye catching, but they are made in our
shoes. The word GIVE is our main objective. We give something with every purchase.

Additional Components of Advertising Creative

Creative Brief

Mini-Saga (Profile of a customer)

John and Marilyn are a college sweethearts. They are both young business professionals just
starting their career. They are very concerned with the world around them. They are very aware
of the environment, they conserve energy and recycle. They donate blood, they give to food
drives and their plan is to leave the world better than they found it.

TOMS shoes fit perfectly with their lifestyle. They feel good about their purchases with TOMS.
With every purchase of a pair of shoes, an impoverished child receives a pair of shoes. With the
glasses they purchase, they not only look stylish, but they are helping improve someone else's
sight. With the coffee they purchase from TOMS, they are providing clean water to people.
TOMS bags purchases help provide safe births to mothers around the world. And lastly, with our
new Stand Up Back Packs they are helping prevent bullying. People all over the world will be
helped by John and Marilyn.

Television Ad 1

MUSIC: Soft then fades away
TEACHER: Sally can you tell us
about the Civil war?
SALLY: Gratuitous
TEACHER: How about tell us
about the issue of dependence on
SALLY: Insular
TEACHER: Can you tell me why
you keep giving one word
SALLY: Indolent
MUSIC: Quietly fades back in
with ad line

1. Teacher is seen at chalkboard
and turns to ask student a question.
2. Picture goes to student that
gives a one word answer.
3. Return to teacher for another
4. Return to student that gives
another one word answer.
5. Same series of question/answer
6. Picture goes to students shoes
7. Picture goes to ad line

Television Ad 2

1. Image of person recycling
2. Image of person planting trees
3. Image of person recycling bottle
4. Image of person giving blood
5. Ad Line: Is this you? Do you
believe in giving back?
6. Ad Line: TOMS Shoes

MUSIC: Fun, Lively instrumental
Announcer: (after each image
comes to screen) Do you do this?
Announcer: If you believe in
giving back in every way possible
then get some TOMS and well do
the giving back for you.
Announcer: Legal

Radio AD 1
SFX Sound of writing on the chalkboard
SFX Sound of chairs sliding
TEACHER: Sally can you tell us about the Civil war?
SALLY: Gratuitous
TEACHER: How about tell us about the issue of dependence on oil.
SALLY: Insular
TEACHER: Can you tell me why you keep giving one word answers?
SALLY: Indolent
MUSIC: Quietly fades back in with ad line
(This ad will directly coincide with airing of same television ad)

Radio AD 2

(Radio DJ Banter)
DJ 1: So you walked in here like you were on a cloud of air this morning
DJ 2: Well I am feeling pretty good about myself and my feet are telling my story
DJ 1: What has you in such chipper spirits? Youre giddy like a teenage girl that just
got asked to the prom
DJ 2: Im walking like a champ because of these new TOMS shoes I just bought and
they have my feet feeling great and my spirit too.
DJ 1: Shoes that make your feet and spirit feel good? Tell me more about these
magic slippers.

3. Print Ads
i. Magazines (Minimum 1)

ii. Newspapers (Minimum 1)

iii. Inserts
iv. Sunday Supplements
4. Direct Mail

5. In Store demos/displays (Illustrations)
7. Out of Home (Outdoor, guerrilla, etc

8. Web Ads/Website/Links to what Sites or

9. Trade shows (display or other)

10. Product Placement in TV shows/movies

11. New Media and Other ideas


An evaluation of our marketing plan will insure how well our message is being received by the
customer and also assist in ways to ensure our message is being portrayed is the best way
possible. We will be able to evaluate the success of our message through interim evaluations
from several different sources. By tracking retail sales across the country we can determine
progress on a this year versus last year basis. We will determine what is causing the numbers
to either go up or down by the use of several interim tools.

Brand measurement toward attitude

Brand measurement for awareness

Advertising awareness measurement

Media analysis

Respondent measurements will be evaluated on a five point Likert scale in order to measure
progress by evaluating the results over a specific time period.

Current Situation:

TOMS current evaluation of the marketing plan is being attain through the use of online
surveys, social media followers, customer service hotlines, tracking of sales numbers, and instore questionnaires. By evaluating the current evaluation of the marketing plan we can make
adjustments, if necessary, to any current features of the marketing plan in order to optimize any
or all of the marketing plan.


The objective for the market plan evaluation is to determine the rise or fall of brand awareness,
recognition, customer satisfaction, and advertising effectiveness for TOMS shoes.


The strategy for the evaluation of the marketing plan for TOMS Shoes will have a two part
objective as follows:

To help gain insight through qualitative measurements to find out what customers feel
about TOMS as a brand and why they make purchases of TOMS Shoes (for the image
that TOMS creates or for charitable reasons.

To use a quantitative measurement to see if the marketing plan is being effect in helping
grow brand awareness and create an increase in revenue (to be conducted during second

Tactic (Method):

We will be using various methods to evaluate how well our marketing plan is working. The
customer feedback we will obtain from our evaluation will determine if any changes to the plan
needs to occur.

We are using online surveys to see how much people actually know about the Toms brand and
how satisfied they are with the brand. We also use social media trackers to see how many likes
we have as well as how many followers we have. We are using customer service hotlines to work
with customers to meet their satisfaction as well as obtain any feedback that will help us to adjust
the campaign as needed. We also track in store purchases and use in-store questionnaires to
determine if the new marketing strategy has had a positive or negative impact on sales. With the
methods that we are using, we will be able to gain an understanding of our customers attitudes

toward our new marketing plan, which will in turn help us to make adjustments to the plan as

We will be testing in Santa Monica, the city for TOMS headquarters. We will use Austin, TX as
our control as they have a similar demographic to Santa Monica.


To determine the sales impact of a $500,000 increase in advertising spending. Is the plan helping
to create brand awareness and helping to increase market share?

The objective of this marketing phase is to test all the variables in the marketing plan. It is to
help simulate the all the elements of the marketing plan in a real world setting.


To use a promotional trip give away and an increased web advertising presence to increase sales
in the test market.

Created by:
Devin Hice
Joshua Haynes
Matthew Kaylor
Mandy Patterson
Kaitlin Wright