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Fellowship Status Report

Code for America is partnering with Salt Lake County to build technology solutions to improve services and strengthen the
relationship between the county and its citizens, with an aim to lower the rate at which citizens fail to appear (FTA) in court, for
supervision and treatment appointments in addition to lowering the recidivism rate. In order to accomplish these objectives we
pursue three workstreams - build, measure, learn - to insure we iterate quickly and that our decisions are based on data and user

Phase III - Prototyping (03/06/2016 to 05/02/2016)


Goals during this phase


Understand and connect data sources to support the functionality

of an SMS reminder tool

Build an SMS (text-messaging) tool that notifies of upcoming court



user centered

Determine feasibility of measuring FTA

Programmatically measure FTA count and rate over time

Understand the justice system, how people move through it, and
their attitudes and behaviors towards it

Identify opportunities to design and build ways to make the

process more efficient and easier to successfully navigate

Week ending 04/15/2016

And weve made it to our tenth Mayors Report! For those that have been following along thus far,
thanks much as always for your support during our Fellowship and time with Salt Lake County. I should
note that in this report, we have been using Phases to identify different segments of our work thus far.
While the report back is described as Alpha we are, as these reports indicate, wrapping up the 3rd
phase of this time. We see Alpha as encapsulating the entirety of the time we spent before our monthlong residency, as well as that periods research and the initial prototype deployment. Looking into the
future, we see a period of iterative development, focused specifically on engaging in user-research
related to ClientComm.

This weeks accomplishments


ClientComm brief
UX review

Core index for Data

Visualization Report

Static full-length
report site



Next weeks objectives

UX modifications to message
view for ClientComm

Debug week on outstanding

ClientComm issues

Create documentation on
existing SLCo Court Data dump

Identify FTA calculation


Complete long form

report copy

compressed web site copy

Gather and catalogue responses

from events

Set up relationships with service

providers who were willing to speak
further from event

Partner Support
This week we do ask for support and comments with regards to our planned event for next week. In
particular, we encourage you to review and comment on the presentation website, as well as the
contents of the long form report (which is also accessible through the site, in the top right-hand
corner). In addition to comments on the website, we would also encourage partners to take a look at
the planned schedule for the research review event, which is available here. In this schedule is a

minute-by-minute breakdown of the event, as well as links to related documents, etc. that were
involved or referenced in its production.
Thanks as always,
Kuan and Ben, Code for America, Team Salt Lake County