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Neri Colmenares




Engineering, University of
Occidental Recoletos (1977)
Bachelors in Economics, San
Beda College (1992)
Engineering, West Negros
Bachelors of Law, UP College of
Law (1996)
Ph.D, University of Melbourne
Work Experienceii
Congressman (2010-present)
Consultant, Office of Rep. Satur
Ocampo (2004-2006)
Attorney, National Amnesty
Commission (1998-1999)
Legal Officer, National Amnesty
Commission (1997-1998)
Private Secretary, National
Amnesty Commission (19961997)
Laws Principally Authorediii
In the 15th and 16th Congress,
he principally authored 114
bills, of which 3 became law or
were substituted or
consolidated with bills that
became law. These laws are:
RA10639 providing free mobile
alerts in times of disaster
HB03549, which would have
increased the ceiling for
Christmas bonus and other
benefits from taxation and was
substituted by RA10653 (which
increased the ceiling for the
total exclusion from gross
income of 13th month pay and
other benefits to P70,000)
HB03046, which defined and
penalized the crime of enforced

Pro-Poor Programs
President of the
National Union of
Peoples Lawyers,
which describes
itself as a
association of
human rights
lawyers in the
committed to the
protection, and
promotion of
human rights,
especially of the
poor and the
oppressed iv
Used DAP to build
roads in
Pampanga, a
multi-purpose hall
in Aurora,
buildings in Iloilo,
gave subsidies to
LGUs, public
health care
institutions (PGH,
National Kidney
Institute, Lung
Center of the

Actions to Improve Ethics

Opposed DAP despite
having received
funds for his projects,
claiming he did not
realize the funding
came from DAP and
endorsements of all
projects schedules
that he suspected
were funded through
Challenged the
administration to
release list of
lawmakers who
received DAP, and
investigate use of

or involuntary disappearance
and was consolidated into
RA10353, which did the same.

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