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Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.

- Chinese Proverb

English for Beginners

Bayside Community Center
Instructor: Nicole Ludden
Office hours: Tues/Thurs 11:30 am 12:30

Spring 2016

Class Time: Tues/Thurs 9:30 11:30 am

Location: Room 2

Required Materials

Laubach Way to Reading Book 1: Sounds

and Names of Letter

Laubach Way to Reading Workbook

Three ting binder to keep notes and

handouts organized.

College-ruled line paper, pen/pencil,

highlighter, eraser, and USB flash drive

Course Description
This beginner course is dedicated to preparing students for comprehension in listening,
speaking, reading, and writing. In this course, students will learn to read and write by gradually
progressing from sounds consonants and regular spelling to irregular spelling and vowels.
Students will learn listening and speaking conversational skills in a sequence that will prepare
students for reading. The course is also designed to support students who are illiterate in their
native language or comes from a language with a different alphabet. The overall goal is to
improve students spoken English so they can have a voice and take on a more proactive role in
their community.

Student Learning Outcomes

By the end of the semester, student will be able to:
1. Write sentences and short paragraphs about themselves and
2. Hold a brief conversation with speakers of English.
3. Read and comprehend short passages without assistance.
4. Present information such as their nationality, occupation,
routine, and family.

Attendance Policy
Students enrolled in the program are expected to attend every
class session as every moment counts. Attendance will be taken
every class session.
Students are allowed two absences. After that, points will be
taken from the final grade.
If you arrive to class more than 10 minutes late two times, it
will count as one absence. If you arrive an hour late to class, it counts as an

Classroom Expectations
Be prepared for class by bringing all required materials.
Participate in class activities.
Cell phones must be off or on silent (not vibrate) and tucked away.
Be respectful of classmates as you all come from different counties
and cultures. You are all here for the same goal, to learn English.
You are responsible for missed assignments. Email or call a
classmate about assignments missed before contacting me.

Classmate 1
Name: ______________________________________________
Phone number: _______________________________________
Email: ______________________________________________
Classmate 2
Name: ______________________________________________
Phone number: _______________________________________
Email: ______________________________________________

Presentation: You will prepare three brief
presentations, one of those with a group, about a
certain topic in class.

Homework: Throughout the semester homework will be

assigned from the workbook and/or a handout passed out
during class. Late homework will not be accepted. If you
are absent contact a classmate.

Participation: You are expected to participate both voluntarily

and when called on. Make an effort to speak English in class as
much as possible as it can only help you.
Journal Entry: On the days assigned in the syllabus, you
will turn in a journal entry at the beginning of class.
When writing your journal entry, use words that match
your level of knowledge. If you are absent, email me
your entries before class or have a classmate turn it in for
Quizzes/Tests/Final: Throughout the semester your
learning will be assessed. You must be present to take
quizzes, test, and the final. They cannot be made up and
will result in a zero.

The course will be graded in the following way:
Participation and Homework.....10%
Journal (4)......20%

Letter Grade
A = 90 100%
B = 80 89%
C = 70 79%
D = 60 69%
F = 0 59%



Learning Agenda
Unit A C
- Introduction
- Address and phone number
- Identifying Objects in the classroom
Unit D F

Workbook pp 4-6
Mini dialogue worksheet



- Nationality
- Occupations
Lesson 1
- Days of the week and months
- Weather
- Reading #1
Lesson 2
- Body Parts
- Action words
- Reading #2
Lesson 3
- Describing people
- Numbers
- Reading #3
Lesson 4
- Food items
- Count and noncount
- Reading #4
Lesson 5
- Money
- Object pronouns
- Reading #5
Lesson 6
- Family
- Questions with do + have
- Reading #6
Lesson 7
- Recreation and Time
- Expressions with go
- Questions with go + -ing
- Reading #7
Lesson 8
- Animals
- Reading #8
Lesson 9
- The House
- Reading #9
Lesson 10
- Work and The Community
- Reading #10
Lesson 11 and 12
- Readings #11, #12, #13


Journal Entry 1
Practice reading pp 6 7 in
Laubach Way to Reading Book 1
Workbook pg. 11
Practice reading p. 10 11 in
Laubach Way to Reading Book 1
Presentation 1
Practice reading p. 16 - 17 in
Laubach Way to Reading Book 1
Journal Entry 2
Practice reading p. 22 - 23 in
Laubach Way to Reading Book 1
Workbook p. 24
Practice reading p. 28 - 29 in
Laubach Way to Reading Book 1
Practice reading p. 34 - 35in
Laubach Way to Reading Book 1
Journal Entry 3
Practice reading p. 40 - 41in
Laubach Way to Reading Book 1
Presentation 2
Practice reading p. 46 - 47 in
Laubach Way to Reading Book 1
Practice reading p. 52 - 53in
Laubach Way to Reading Book 1
Journal Entry 4
Practice reading p. 58 - 59 in
Laubach Way to Reading Book 1
Workbook pp. 47 48, 55 57,
Practice reading p. 67,73 and 78
in Laubach Way to Reading Book


Review Material

Presentation 3
Study for Final