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Morgan Carrera

Professor Deby Jizi

UWRT 1102-028
25 January 2016

Double Entry Journal

Citation: Pursuing Happiness by Matthew Parfitt and Dawn Skorczewski

Source: Quote (Page# or Paragraph #)


I think one of the reasons happiness is a

bit problematic today is really tied to
expectations. Pg. 176

I completely agree with this quote because

happiness is an expectation to some people.
Sometimes people dont understand that
finding happiness is a journey all throughout
life and is not an end destination.

We develop these ideas about where we

ought to be up to, what we ought to have
accomplished, and these expectations are
really tricky, because we live in a world that
is increasingly unpredictable and kind of
chaotic. Pg. 176

I agree with this quote because from a young

age we all have our dreams about how our
life will turn out. Such as our dream career,
car, house, family, financial situation and etc.
When in reality most people dont completely
achieve what they imagine their life will be.

Its especially frustrating and perplexing to

be around such individuals when theyre in
the same difficult or troubling situation as we
are but seem happy in spite of it. Pg. 179

I think there is truth behind this quote

because some people seem to be happy all
the time even though they may be going
through a difficult time, you cant help but
wonder how they remain so happy.

The first myth is that happiness is

something that we must find, that its out
there somewhere, a place just beyond our

I think this is true because most people think

that happiness is a destination you must find.

reach.. pg. 185

Myth No. 2: Happiness Lies in Changing
Our Circumstances pg. 185

I agree with this quote because you may not

be happy in the situation you are in so you
must change it to become happier.

Myth No. 3: You Either Have It or You

Dont pg. 186

I think this quote is a thought most people

have about happiness. That you find it or you

the first step you should take toward

reaching greater lasting happiness is to put
those things aside in your mind for now. Pg.

I completely agree with this statement

because if you have things going on in your
life that arent making you happy you must
put them aside or change them to seek

If the cause of your unhappiness is really

not your circumstances, then surely it must
be that you were just born this way. Pg. 186

I agree and disagree with this quote because

some people find what makes them happy
and other people could be born with an illness
like depression, that can make it harder to
find their happiness.

those of us who wish we were a great

deal happier should be a little less hard on
ourselves. Pg. 187

I agree with this statement because if your

stressing about finding happiness, you wont
find it. Most of the time the things that make
you must happy stumble upon you when you
least expect it.

the conclusion that the genetic basis for

happiness is strong very strong. Pg. 190

Im not completely sure that genetics has

anything to do with happiness unless its an
illness that prevents it.

It turns out that depression is associated

Depression is an illness that makes it harder
with a particular gene, called the 5-HTTLPR, for people to become happy.
which comes in two forms, the long and the
short. Pg. 192
Overall the more stress and trauma had the
New Zealanders had experienced during
their last five years, the more likely they
were to become depressed. Pg. 192

I agree that stress and traumatic events are a

source of developing depression and other

He finds that happy people, those who

smile more, and who report themselves to
be enthusiastic, alert, and engaged in life

I think its very interesting how the left side of

the brain is more active in people who find
themselves happier. It makes you wonder

show a curious asymmetry in their brain

activity; they have more activity in their left
prefrontal cortex than in the right. Pg. 193

what part of the brain controls happiness and

how can it be changed in people who have

In a nutshell, the foundation of happiness

can be found in how you behave, what you
think, and what goals you set every day of
your life. Pg. 196

I somewhat agree with this because you have

to be happy with how your life is going but
theres more to happiness then just that. I
think happiness is different to everyone and
cannot be truly defined.

Re-thinking with the believing game: If the cause of your unhappiness is really not your
circumstances, then surely it must be that you were just born this way. Pg. 186
It is possible for you to prove this quote, but its a fallacy myth like either you have it or you
dont kind of thing. This view is interesting because it varies depending on the person you ask.
Some people are born with illnesss that can affect their happiness while other people dont
have that worry.