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Enlightened Synergy Kombucha Tea

Julia Bjornland

Scout Will

Taryn Cordani

Kelsey Herniman

Amanda Ling

Table of Contents
1 Executive Summary
2 Agency Identity
3 History
4-5 Environmental Analysis
6 Competitor Analysis
7 SWOT Analysis
8 Objectives & Budget
9 Research & Objectives
10 Brand Value Proposition
11 Target Market
12 Target Market Profiles
13 Campaign Strategy
14 The Big Idea
15 Creative Strategy
16 Print Ads
17 Online & Billboard Ads
18 Online Video & Creative Testing
19 Media Objectives & Strategies
20 Media Mix: Magazines
21 Media Mix: Online Video
22 Media Mix: Billboard
23 Media Flowchart
24-25 Brand Activation
26 Evaluation

Executive Summary
GTs Enlightened Synergy is a specialty kombucha tea beverage
that prides itself in being organic, raw, and all natural, giving
consumers an energized lift to their day while keeping their
mind and bodies ultimately balanced and regulated.
Our goal is to position GTs Enlightened Synergy as the
beverage of choice to consumers when they are not drinking
water to help them stay at their best so they can live
happier, healthier, and stronger. In our campaign, we will be
using print, online video, online display, and billboard
advertisements to reach our target market.

Agency Identity

Eminence Agency is a team of five creative and talented women who embody the name and spirit of the
company. We work to express our clients stories through collaboration, detailed planning, and innovative ideas.
We believe in the strength of integrated marketing campaigns and the importance of reaching all markets of
communication while spreading awareness of the brand. Eminence Agency believes each client is as prestigious
as their products and showcase this through the services we provide. We strive to do this through:


Goal Setting





The owners mother, Laraine, was diagnosed with cancer and was drinking kombucha - which she believes is part of the reason she is still here. Knowing that this helped
his mom, the owner, GT, began making kombucha tea in his parents kitchen. He was only a teenager when he started the business.


The business began getting too big for the small house. GT was selling 30 to 50 cases a day. He rented a 2,000 square foot industrial space in Gardena, CA
and started hiring workers. Soon, Whole Foods was calling.


Whole Foods gave GT Kombucha the power it needed to become a brand across the states. The tea was now found all along the Southwest. He quickly rented
another 2,000 square foot building in Gardena, CA.


The tea was in high demand all along different regions. GT was still using the traditional brewing process with took up a lot of time and attention. GT refused to
hire a contract manufacturer, or change his product. He stuck to his traditional way of brewing and worked even harder to get his brand going.


GTs Tea began being seen everywhere - with many celebrities being shown carrying it. Honest Tea, partly owned by Coca-Cola, began to be a competitor. GT started hearing from retailers that
some bottles were leaking and bubbling while still on the shelves. The product was tested and was found to be fermenting on the shelves with an alcoholic content as high as 2.5%. Retailers
pulled it off the shelves for fear of selling alcohol illegally. Lawsuits were filed against Honest Tea, and GTs.


GTs changed the potential for alcohol by controlling the chemistry of fermentation. This then led GTs to have new Enlightened Synergy, which was
non-alcoholic. It had 5% juice content which was sweeter for many customers. The new category when put on shelves grew more than 40%.


GTs products are now seen in the mainstream, which is great for business. Conventional grocers are now the largest retail channel for kombucha. They
have risen by more than 60%. .

Environmental Analysis

Competitive Forces:
As of right now, GTs Company rules the Kombucha market and is the largest supplier in the industry. Other
health drinks such as Kevita, Viva Coco, Bai 5, and Honest Tea have the same target market as GTs and are of
the brands biggest competitors. These other health drinks tend to have lower prices and utilize aggressive
advertising techniques. GTs Enlightened Synergy sets itself apart from its competitors by offering customers a
variety of flavors, and a unique, delicious, taste due to its 5% juice content. The beverage also has immense
health benefits that attract a growing health conscious crowd such as proprietary probiotics and powerful

Sociocultural Forces:
In todays society, there is an increased awareness of what people are consuming and how it affects their overall wellbeing.
The trend of being healthy is growing quickly. As a result, people are searching for both creative and delicious ways to
nourish their bodies. GTs Enlightened Synergy is a drink that can offer both rewarding effects and great taste, while also
helping one achieve or maintain an active, healthy lifestyle. GTs is committed to having a local, personal impact on their
consumers lives and stories. Therefore, the company understands the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility. GTs
recently paired with the non-profit organization, The Art of Elysium, founded in 1997 that works to make art a catalyst
for social change. Additionally, a limited edition flavor Sharing Gratitude was created as a thank you to its loyal fans
after 20 great years.

Environmental Analysis

Legal & Regulatory:

There has been an ongoing debate as to whether Kombucha is actually beneficial to ones health or even safe for
people to consume. Consumers may have been doubtful in choosing Kombucha drinks because of the process in which the
Kombucha is fermented with bacteria, yeast and tea to create the final product. GTs Kombucha first faced controversy in its
original, Classic formula in which the fermentation of the tea was deemed to have caused too high of an alcohol level
for a non-alcoholic drink and was pulled from the shelves. GTs responded by creating the new Enlightened Synergy drink
as well as bringing back the Classic Kombucha for consumers over 21.

Competitor Analysis




Cheaper than GTs Enlightened

Celebrity endorsement

Extremely hydrating and high in
High brand recognition

$400 million and growing coconut

water market

Strong social media following


Less flavor variety

Acquired taste

Flavored versions contain added

Higher calories per serving than GTs

Juice nature of drink more

approachable than Kombucha
More widely distributed than GTs
Enlightened Synergy
High caffeine content
Less calories per serving
Cheaper than GTs Enlightened Synergy
Strong social media following


Artificial sweeteners such as stevia

Plastic water bottle (less environmentally

Widely available
High brand recognition
Variety of different flavors
Strong Corporate Social Responsibility
Awarded Best Engagement Campaign
at the 2015 Golden Bevies
Cheaper than GTs Enlightened Synergy


No probiotics or antioxidants
High in calories
No longer produces Kombucha because

of regulating challenges

Owned by Coca-Cola, diluted brand

SWOT Analysis


Health benefits such as: Probiotics, Metabolism boosting & Immune system health
GTs dominates 95% of Kombucha market
Synergy brand extension tastes better than regular Kombucha due to 5% juice
USDA Organic, Gluten Free, Vegan
Strong Corporate Social Responsibility
Celebrities seen and photographed with GTs Synergy (Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow,
Reese Witherspoon, etc.)
Strong social media presence
Product is becoming increasingly available in mainstream retailers such as Walmart


Growing health conscious crowd

Opportunity to create different flavors with juice content
Probiotic and detoxing diet trends
Kombucha category is growing about 30% a year


Against company values to produce unnaturally at faster rate & lower cost
Traditional way of brewing slows down production
Breweries currently only on West Coast
Little to no advertising or marketing
More expensive than most health drinks
Massive recall in 2010 for over 2.5% alcohol content


Legal issues regarding alcohol content

FDA regulations constantly changing

Other companies joining market with aggressive advertising and faster production

Kombucha could become fad and then die out

Competitors using local ingredients

Objectives & Budget

Marketing and Advertising Objectives:

This campaign is aimed at informing consumers of Kombucha and its health benefits. We will improve awareness of GTs unique product, Synergy Kombucha,
as a lifestyle brand. Our focus is on the regal health benefits and feelings Synergy brings to the lives of its consumers. The increased awareness of Kombucha
as a drink will allow us to achieve our marketing goal of increasing overall sales by 12%. GTs Synergy Kombucha targets women between 18 and 34 years old
who have active lifestyles and are health conscious individuals. By the end of the campaign our goal is to have 80% of our target market be aware of GTs
Synergy Kombucha and 55% of the target market will understand the benefits. The effective reach for this campaign is 80 with an effective frequency of 4. To
achieve these objectives, at least 80% of our target market needs to see our advertisements at a frequency of 4 times. This is our effective reach and frequency
so that our advertisements are seen enough but not so much that the consumer becomes annoyed.
Time Frame:
The campaign will run for one year starting December 2016 and
ending November 2017. With a budget of 11 million dollars we will be
able to effectively advertise throughout the year. Synergy is a raw and
organic product associated with a healthy life. Most consumers create
a New Years Resolution which tends to include a goal towards bettering ones health. By jump-starting our campaign we can keep Synergy
in consumers minds when thinking about a healthy lifestyle. We are
advertising Synergy as a lifestyle product so we will run advertisements
continuously throughout the year. We will increase the number of ads
during the summer months as this is when consumers are the most
physically active as well as looking for healthy products. This will increase
comprehension and conviction within our target market.


Research & Objectives

Determine the health benefits that our target audience seek from specialty beverages
Determine our target audiences overall awareness of kombucha
Find out the reasons why our target audience drinks kombucha
Uncover the reasons that are keeping our target audience from drinking GTs Enlightened Synergy

Primary Research:

Eminence Agency conducted primary research by creating and distributing a

survey to students at Ithaca College and friends and family from each team
members respective hometowns. We also conducted a small focus group
consisting of seven individuals within our target market. The purpose of this
research is to find out what consumers look for in a health drink, their knowledge of Kombucha, and their media habits. The focus group confirmed our
belief that initially people are intimidated by the product but found the taste
to be surprisingly delicious. We also received feedback on the packaging of the
product and how to improve it. After receiving 142 survey responses we filtered
them to represent our target market. We had 101 females ages 18-24 take the
survey. Only 8% of respondents had heard of or were aware of GTs Synergy
Kombucha and even less knew what Kombucha even was. This reinforced our
thoughts of focusing on making consumers knowledgeable about kombucha
and GT. Consumers also stated that taste (88%) and price (80%) were factors
when choosing a health drink. In terms of media, Facebook was the most popular social media site and 93% of participants use Netflix on a regular basis
which we factored into our decision to not create television commercials and
create online commercials instead.

Exploratory/Secondary Research:

To understand Enlightened Synergys target market, Eminence Agency researched

why and how often our target audience consumes our product. Our team visited
numerous online health and fitness blogs from women alike in our market to find
out what they had to say about Enlightened Synergy. These women are health
conscious, fit, and aspire to live a happy and healthy life. By doing so, they incorporate drinking kombucha into their daily or weekly lives. These women seek the
best organic, natural, and eco-friendly choices.

Brand Value Proposition


Functional Benefits:
GTs Enlightened Synergy is a line of GTs Kombucha tea that offers a wide array of health benefits such as detoxification,
as it is rich in enzymes and bacterial acids to detox the body, aided digestion and gut health, and boosted immune
system. Enlightened Synergy offers great taste while also being low-carb and low calorie. It is raw, vegan and kosher and
contributes to healthier skin, hair, and rejuvenated energy. GTs Enlightened Synergy is offered in 12 varieties, such as Mystic
Mango, Cosmic Cranberry, Gingerberry, and Cherry Chia, so that members of our target audience can find a flavor most
suitable to them!
Emotional Benefits:
Since GTs Kombucha is made naturally and organically, women who choose to drink Enlightened Synergy feel invincible
knowing they are strengthening their bodies and their minds. Consumers of GTs Enlightened Synergy can feel happier
and more relaxed while drinking our Kombucha tea, knowing and feeling the health benefits of our products. With these
benefits of Enlightened Synergys kombucha tea, consumers can feel ultimately balanced as the kombucha regulates the
body and mind to a neutral state.
Self-Expressive Benefits:
Women who drink GTs Enlightened Synergy can be identified as health conscious women who embrace the natural things
in life. These women represent the active and environmentally friendly lifestyle. Enlightened Synergy drinkers are also
trendsetters and support homemade companies, like GT. Most importantly, GTs Enlightened Synergy drinkers are
identified as happy, spiritual, and peaceful


Target Market




18-34 women

Those in our target market

and are moderate users of
health drinks. Considering
GTs Enlightened Synergy is a
specialty drink with a steeper
price, most consumers only
buy one or two per week.
These women look for
beverages that are healthy
and delicious, when plain
old water gets boring.

Our campaign is national,

however we will emphasize
our advertising efforts in
areas where people embody
active, outdoorsy lifestyles.

Our target market cares

about eating organic and
works towards achieving
healthy and sustainable
lifestyles. They shy away from
overly processed foods and
enjoy leisurely forms of
exercise and activities that
benefit their entire wellbeing
such as hiking, rock climbing,
yoga, painting, writing, etc.


Target Market Profiles

Meet Hannah 18-23

Meet Sarah 24-28

Meet Erin 29-34

She is a 20 year old Ithaca College student

majoring in Environmental Studies with a minor
in nutrition promotion. Hannah is a determined
environmental activist and loves cooking meals for
her housemates. Her hobbies include doing yoga,
hiking, and updating her Wellness Pinterest board.
Hannah drinks GTs Enlightened Synergy because of
its natural health benefits and she loves being able
to reuse the glass bottles. She brings her favorite
flavor, Cherry Chia, with her to yoga every week.

She is a 25 year old graphic designer living in Lorraine, Ohio. Sarah is an artistic, spiritual, individual
whose favorite things to post on Instagram are
pictures of her dogs. She loves eating healthy and
staying fit, however her weakness has always been
Orange Soda. Sarah heard about GTs Enlightened Synergy from her spin class instructor and
has been a loyal consumer ever since. Even though
the drink is more expensive, she loves that it is
naturally carbonated and is a great alternative for
sugary sodas. After she finishes a bottle of Trilogy
she feels rejuvenated, energized, and happy with
her choice to nourish her body with something
nutritious and healthy.

She is a 32 year old from Santa Monica, California.

She graduated from the University of California Los
Angeles with a degree in Psychology and is now
a Child Counselor at Avivas Family and Childrens
Services. In her spare time she loves rock climbing
with her fianc, playing with her niece, and sharing
healthy dessert recipes with her Facebook Friends.
Erin prides herself on staying active and cares
about what she puts into her body. She has celiac
disease, but that does not keep her from drinking
GTs Enlightened Synergy considering it is Gluten
Free. When she has a bottle of her favorite beverage she feels like she is doing something good for
herself without sacrificing taste.


Campaign Strategy

Despite kombuchas incredible health and wellness benefits, many people are uninformed and unaware about
kombucha. GTs Enlightened Synergy also faces the preconceived idea that the taste is unpleasant. Eminence Agencys
challenge is to inform and create more awareness to our target audience about kombucha and its health benefits
to encourage our market to incorporate Synergy into their routine and healthy lifestyle. We also want to communicate that kombuchas benefits are not a sacrifice for taste with GTs Enlightened Synergy.

Through our research, we discovered that our target audience cares about achieving life-long wellness while staying active. Eminence Agency wants our audience to know and fully embrace the immense health benefits of GTs
Enlightened Synergy kombucha for the mind, body, and spirit.

Brand Promise

Key Insight

Kombucha originates from 221 BC China where it was once known as The Tea of Immortality. Our mission with
GTs Enlightened Synergy is to help people stay active and do what makes them happy, while reaping in the
health and wellness benefits. When consumers buy GTs Enlightened Synergy, they become a part of a community
that values an active, holistic lifestyle that embodies the synergy of the mind, body, and spirit.

The Big Idea




Creative Strategy
Creative Strategy

-How the brand will deliver the brand promiseOur research has allowed us to identify the needs and beliefs of our target audience. These women ages 18 to 34
care about what they are putting into their bodies and have a lifelong passion for health and happiness. Our
Harmonize Your Health position GTs Enlightened Synergy as the superior choice of beverage for the ultimate
mind, body, and spirit revitalization. It will empower women to achieve happiness and health in any activity while drinking GTs Enlightened Synergy.

-Elements and link to strategy, show product/packageFor our print ads, we chose to put the primary focus on the product, GTs Enlightened Synergy, with the target market (women 18-34)
doing activities that emulate what the brand represents; harmonizing your health in the mind, body & spirit. For the mind, the ad
features the drink in the foreground with a woman shown in a studio pursing her passion of drawing, with the quote illustrate your
happiness, to earnestly persuade consumers to also pursue their passion. For the spirit, the ad shows a woman doing yoga in the background, which informs potential consumers that GTs will allowed for them to reach for their happiness. For the body, the ad features a
woman hiking along a trail and reminds consumers that happiness has no boundaries, so they also shouldnt sacrifice their happiness
when choosing a drink to better their health. Each ad includes the GTs logo as well as the gluten-free, non-GMO & vegan logos. The
big idea, harmonizing your health, will also be front-and-center.


Art Direction

-Copy elementsAll of our ads will display the slogan, Harmonize Your Health as the consistent message. The additional copy for these
ads will communicate the health benefits of GTs Enlightened Synergy with creative alterations based on the activities
seen in the visuals. The copy will focus on the holistic benefits of GTs Enlightened Synergy, supporting our big idea,
Harmonize your Health. The copy will be visually appealing and be tailored to the images in the advertisements.
The Vegan, Gluten Free, & Organic logos will also be seen on the print advertisements as well as the GTs Enlightened
Synergy logo. Additionally, a call to action will be placed on most advertisements to encourage consumers to visit the
GTs website,

Print Ads


Online Display & Billboard Ads

Our idea for the billboard was to have the
actual bottle be 3D. The cap and droplets would be
mobilized so as the cap opens the drops would fall out
and then return to their original position, closing the
cap. This process would be repeated.

Online Display


Online Video & Creative Testing


1 Scene opens with a yoga class. Everyone is mediatating. The sound of the gong
going off is in the background.
2 The gong signifies everyone saying Ohm. Camera pans from left to right.
3 Camera stops on a woman holding up a bottle of GTs Enlightened Synergy.
4 Zooms in to just her taking a sip of the drink and then instead of saying
Ohm she says Yum!.
5 Everyone in the class turns to her with curiousity.
6 Everyone in the class grabs their bottles of GTs Enlightened Synergy and
drinks, feeling themselves become balanced.
7 Voice over comes on stating: Theres a reason why yum sounds better than
ohm. Bring some balance into your life and harmonize your health with GTs
Enlightened Synergy.
8 GTs Enlightened Synergy Logo.

Creative Testing
In our research while testing our advertisements we found that the cohesive balance and integrity of our ads were
understood by the audience. The theme of health and happiness was seen as representing the drink by a multitude of the
people involved in the creative testing.
I like the juxtaposition of the product with the scene. I think it attracts a wide variety of creative people.
I like that the ads are relativity simple and that the women are just carrying the drink along with them during their everyday lives The fonts are nice.

Media Objectives & Strategies


Target Market
Our primary target audience is women ages 18-34 who are brand loyal to health drinks as well as a moderate user of these drinks. Women at this age are focused on their health as well as
what theyre putting into their bodies. Since this is a specialty drink and a lifestyle brand, consumers are likely to purchase it around once a week during times of stress or when regular health
drinks become repetitive. These consumers are interested in organic and sustainable lifestyles while enjoying mindful activities including yoga, hiking, and meditation. They choose alternative
forms of medicine such as herbs and natural healing while staying away from processed and frozen food. We plan to reach these women with our campaign through a media mix including
online video, magazine print advertising, billboards, and online banners.

Geographic Placement
We plan on the majority of our advertisements being placed nationally, such as our magazine advertisements, online video and banners. However, our billboard advertisements will be placed
regionally throughout the United States. Advertisements will be placed in areas with a younger population and a bustle of outdoor activities. These areas are San Francisco CA, Minneapolis MN,
Austin TX, and Boston MA.

Message Weight
This campaign is targeted towards the entire United States. States in the Midwest and Southern area will receive a heavier exposure to GTs Synergy advertisements as it is more beneficial to
them year round.


Our campaign will be a pulsing continuity
campaign. This is ideal so that our message effectively reaches our target audience continuously
throughout the campaign year while increasing
ads during the summer months. Our advertisements of Synergy drinks will increase from June
to August when consumers become more active
and health conscious.

Length/Size of Ads Magazine

Reach and Frequency

(3) Full-color sized 8.5 x 11; Online

Video (1): 30 second commercial; Online:
Banner (1) 468 x 60 pixels; Out-ofhome Billboards (1) 30 x 20.
*Highlighted portions are the sizes I
thought you could fill in once you finish
the ads and know the exact dimensions.
Any questions or problems let me know!

Eminence Agency plans to achieve an effective

reach of 80 and an effective frequency of 4
throughout the length of the campaign.

Media Mix: Magazines

Circulation 2,575,900
Shape is an American magazine that covers
fitness, healthy eating, weight loss, lifestyle, and
celebrities. This magazine promotes healthy
and realistic living that our target market
wants. In Simmons research, women ages 18-34
are 66% more likely than the average person
to read Shape in the past six months. This
magazine has a loyal following and target
those serious about their health. This will
help us reach our campaign goals as Synergy
is a serious health drink that consumers will
appreciate. Shape conveys to women the need
for positive body images and healthy ways
of losing weight. Synergy is about creating
harmony with your body and the first step to
that is loving yourself.

Circulation 2,348,000
Glamour magazine is an international publication that focuses on fashion, beauty, celebrities, health, news, and love. Recently, Glamour
redesigned their brand to create a more open
and relatable magazine. According to Simmons
research, women ages 18-34 are 69% more
likely than the average person to read Glamour
within the past six months. Glamour showcases
many lifestyle brands and is a magazine made
by women for women. Consumers can gain important information about topics still taboo in
the United States. It is focused on making sure
women keep themselves healthy and happy
which co-insides with how Synergy wants their
customer to feel.


Circulation 1,495,537
Self magazine is an American magazine for
women that specializes in health, wellness,
beauty, career, and style. The women who read
this publication want to achieve the best. Women ages 18-34 are 56% more likely than the
average person to read Self magazine, making
it another high indexing example of an outlet
read by our primary target audience. Self not
only focuses on the health and wellness aspect
of life but also on a womans career as well as
her lifestyle. This promotes female-empowerment and confidence that we want consumers
to feel when they drink Synergy. Women arent
just helping their bodies, theyre also helping
their mental wellness.

Media Mix: Online Video

This streaming website has around
16,791,929 unique visitors despite the
monthly subscription fee of $7.99. Hulu
offers a variety of cable television shows,
Hulu originals, and movies at this low price.
Our target market is extremely busy and
wants to maximize their time which means
missing their favorite tv shows during air
time. A large portion of consumers use
Hulu in order to watch what they want at
their convenience. Television is a way for
consumers to retreat from their hectic lives
and enjoy their down time. This is an easy
way for us to reach a large portion of our
audience through an ad that can capture
viewers attention and make them aware of
how Synergy can benefit them.

Spotify is a music streaming service where

one can use it for free or purchase a
premium account for monthly fee of 9.99
or 4.99 for students. Users are able to
create playlists, favorite music, or listen to
others playlist when they are connected to
an internet or data source. On the free
application between songs they have to
listen to 30-minute ads which is how the
site can generate revenue. Our target market is a large user of the streaming service
because they can have their music whenever
they need it. Our consumers are all about
customization and making life easier and
Spotify is the way to do it. Users cannot exit
out of ads so its a way to attract consumers
with a unique video to catch their

Through primary research we found most of

our target market watches television shows
aired through ABC. These shows include:
How to get Away with Murder, Scandal,
and Once Upon a Time. Here we can reach
our target audience and other secondary
markets through advertising on the ABC
website which users can watch their show for
free after it has premiered on television.
Here we can use our creative advertising
to appeal to viewers while watching their
favorite shows as well as motivate them to
harmonize their health.



Media Mix: Billboard

San Francisco, CA- Population: 837,442 people

Minneapolis, MN- Population: 400,700 people

Our target market continues to settle down in this West

Coast city, even as the cost of living continues to increase.
San Francisco embodies the spirit of Synergy with warm
weather and lots of outdoor activities. With the bay nearby
and the convenience of outdoor weather most of the year,
consumers can embody the spirit of Synergy whenever
they please. California has always been known to embody
the organic, natural lifestyle, making it the perfect area to
begin advertising. San Franciscos location also allows us to
advertise year round well staying relevant.

Minneapolis continues to appeal to the college and post-grad students despite the frigid winters.
Many graduates come to the city as it continues to be one of the top cities for finding a job according to Fortune magazine. This is possible due to the headquarters for major companies including
Target and the Mayo Clinic. Despite the cold weather, Minneapolis ranks second on the American
Fitness Index. Most residents live within walking distance of a local park; and this enables citizens to
be active. All of these factors create an environment for Synergy to thrive and build loyal customers.

Austin, TX- Population: 885,400 people

This southern city grows in popularity amongst those ages 18-34. The city has that weird vibe similar
to Portland, and is appealing to young people because of their belief in individuality that becomes
more popular each year. The city is cheap to live in and is home to the infamous music festival,
South by Southwest (SXSW), as well as over 200 music venues. Austin is also known for having a
synergetic lifestyle by balancing work and enjoyment as well as a healthy lifestyle well occasionally
treating themselves to the numerous food trucks. Austins continuous warm weather is also appealing
because we can advertise year-round.

Boston, MA- Population: 645,966 people

Boston is one of the more popular East Coast cities among
college students during and after their four East Coast cities
among college students during and after their four years.
There are over 100 colleges in the greater Boston area
and this old city is booming with restaurants and bars to
appeal to appeal to the millennials. Boston is also home
to beautiful parks and waterways so consumers are active
when possible. The hardy spirit and growth of the city is
similar to the attitude of the average Synergy user. Placing
billboards in Boston can help consumers keep up with their
fast-paced life.


Media Flowchart
September October November
# of issues

Total Impressions

# of days

Cost per ad
Magazine Total


Online Video Total


Cost per day

Billboard Total


Total Impressions
Online Display Total
Grand Total


Brand Activation
Stickers in Magazine Ads
This will distinguish our advertisements from others within the media vehicle by allowing consumers to interact with our print ads. Our
target audience will place the stickers on surfaces where their friends and co-workers can see, ultimately increasing brand awareness. This
will hopefully spur positive conversation about our brand and recruit new customers to try a bottle of GTs Enlightened Synergy.

Decorating laptop cases, car windows, and reusable water bottles with various stickers is a popular trend that a large part of our target
audience takes part in. We will spice up our print advertisements by including a fun and colorful sticker on the magazine page. The
GTs Enlightened Synergy logo in our magazine advertisements will double as a sticker. GTs social media accounts will tweet telling
followers to keep a look out for the stickers in magazines and post a photo of what surface they end up decorating.

Bottle Cap Pins

Raise sales and brand awareness by re-thinking the GTs Enlightened Synergy bottle cap as also being a pin. Additionally, promote
sales by offering an incentive for collecting a certain amount of caps. Our research showed that our target audience was generally
displeased with the cap of our product. They thought it was boring and ugly, so this would be an exciting way to respond to this
customer feedback.


For a limited time, all GTs Enlightened Synergy drinks will have bottle caps that also double as pins. The pins will read a variety
of sayings that represent the message of the brand. This brand activation strategy will support our big idea of Harmonizine Your
Health because we will encourage consumers to collect all different pins that embody areas of wellness. The caps will have an access
code on the inside. Once our consumers collect three pins and essentially harmoize their health, they can use the codes to redeem a
coupon for a free beverage through GTs website.


Brand Activation
GTs Enlightened Synergy Wellness Event
This event will raise interest and awareness of GTs
Enlightened Synergy and cause consumers to associate the
brand with a fun experience revolving around holistic
health and wellness.


People will embody our big idea of Harmonize Your Health at this outdoor
event put on by GTs Enlightened Synergy. This event will have various tents
and activities set for attendants to take part in that promote overall health of
the mind, body, and spirit. These activities will be designed to also interest
our target audience of women 18 through 34 and include yoga, painting, rock
climbing, massages, and jewelry making. Additionally there will be music and
raffles. At the event we will also have a booth of empty GTs Enlightened Synergy
bottles and various arts and crafts supplies. We will encourage those at the event
to get creative and recycle the bottles in an artistic way. At the end of the event,
the winner will receive a gift basket. These events will be held throughout the
spring and summer in city parks to gain an optimal amount of attendance and

The three main goals of
Eminence Agency were to increase
comprehension rates of the brand of
GTs Enlightened Synergy Kombucha
by 80%, increase conviction rates by
55%, and to increase sales by 12%.
We planned on achieving these goals
by carefully considering all options
in terms of the placement of the
ads and brand activation tactics. The
comprehension and conviction rates
throughout the campaign fluctuated
until we finally exceed our
original goal.



Creative Brief

Vita Coco, Bai5, Honest Tea

Underlying Emotional Need:

Many of the consumers in our target market are health conscious. They want products they know
are organic, raw, and all natural to match their active and healthy lifestyle. These women seek a
beverage that keeps them balanced and at their best.

Advertising Problem:
Many consumers are neither aware nor informed about kombucha and its health benefits. This
also comes with the preconception that kombucha tea has an unpleasant taste and a strange
fermentation process. We plan to find solution to this problem by creating more awareness about
our brand and kombuchas health and wellness benefits in our campaign.

Target Market:
Our target market consists of women between the ages of 18 and 34. These adventurous women
are health conscious and lead an active lifestyle, while seeking a happy life. They are moderate
users to various health drinks as an alternative to drinking water. Members of our target market
tend to also eat organic and raw, while caring for the environment. These women pride
themselves in staying active, but also place a strong importance on their mental and physical
health as well.

Marketing Goals: Objectives for this campaign will increase overall sales of GTs Enlightened
Synergy by 12%.
Advertising Goals: Within the target audience of women, 18-34 years old, Eminence Agency will
see 80% comprehension and 55% conviction. The effective reach for the campaign is 80 with an
effective frequency of 4.
Time Frame: This will be a year-long campaign, beginning in December 2016 and ending in
November 2017.

Historical Background:
In 1995, GT Dave, founder of GTs Synergy products, began brewing kombucha in his kitchen
for his mother who had been diagnosed with breast cancer. He was only a teenager when he
started his business, but GT was dedicated to share the strength of kombucha that helped his mom
to everyone. After selling bottles from his house, in 1999, Whole Foods gave GTs kombucha
brand power across the states and his tea became in high demand. Fast forward to 2010, GTs
kombucha was seen with celebrities in tabloids and began gaining popularity. Today, GTs
Synergy kombucha teas are in the mainstream and see great business, with conventional grocers
being the largest retail channel for GTs kombucha.

Creative Brief

Agency Profiles
Julia Bjornland

Scout Will

Taryn Cordani

Julia Bjornland is a sophomore Integrated Marketing

Communications major from Utica, New York. She has
always had a passion for art, advertising, and fashion. On campus she is highly involved with HiFashion
Studios marketing and advertising team, is apart of the
American Advertising Federation chapter on campus
ParkAdvenue and works for the Office of Public Safety.
In her spare time she enjoys spending time with family,
painting, and buying new shoes. Julia plans to go into
the creative side of advertising. She wants to go to
portfolio school then have a career in fashion marketing. Julias favorite flavor of GTs Enlightened Synergy is
Cosmic Cranberry.

Scout Will is an Integrated Marketing Communications

Major with an English minor from Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
At Ithaca College, her favorite club in which she is most
involved in is Ithaca Colleges chapter of Women in Communications. This summer, she is most looking forward
to an opportunity to intern at the agency Tierney in
Philadelphia. Scout enjoys many outdoor hobbies such as
mowing the lawn, playing croquet and hiking the trails
of Pennsylvania with her dog, Rango. Her favorite flavor
of GTs Enlightened Synergy is Grape Chia.

Taryn Cordani is currently a sophomore at Ithaca College

majoring in Integrated Marketing Communications with a
minor in Sport Studies. Additionally, she is a member of
the Womens Cross Country and Track & Field teams. She
enjoys being a part of Ithaca Colleges branch of Student
Consulting for Nonprofit Organizations, and helping
local nonprofits overcome strategic challenges. Her career
focus is in cause marketing. It is her goal to use advertising, PR, social media, and new technologies to help create
social good. She believes that advances in mass media
do not have to come at a cost that harms our environment or society in general. In her free time she likes to
knit, walk her dog, and color mandalas. Taryns favorite
flavor of GTs Enlightened Synergy is Trilogy.

Agency Profiles
Kelsey Herniman

Amanda Ling

Kelsey Herniman is a Business Administration major

with a concentration in marketing and an Integrated
Marketing Communications minor from Gowanda, New
York. Kelsey is highly involved with market research as
a marketing intern at the Suicide Prevention and Crisis
Services in downtown Ithaca, NY as well as the Assistant
Vice President of Market Research for the Ithaca College
chapter of the American Marketing Association. When not
working with marketing, Kelsey works as an office assistant
for one of the Residence Directors at IC while also being
a Peer Leader for freshman students. She also enjoys ice
skating and playing tennis. Kelseys favorite flavor of GTs
Enlightened Synergy is Mystic Mango.

Amanda Ling is a sophomore Integrated Marketing

Communications major, with a Sports Studies Minor from
Lake George, New York. She is currently on the social
media team for ICTVs Sports Final and was previously
a PR intern for a licensing company for high profile
brands and celebrities such as Juicy Couture, Michael
Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, and Muhammad Ali in New
York City. Amanda aspires to work in public relations for
a company or celebrity. Amanda enjoys hiking, going on
adventures with friends and playing tennis. Amandas
favorite flavor of GTs Synergy is Mystic Mango.