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Sarah Byrd

Professor Jizi
Uwrt 1102
4 April, 2016

Annotated Bibliography

What Are The Benefits Of Meditation? Meditation 101 Program. Youtube, 6 Feb. 2013. Web. 3
Apr. 2016. <>.

The video, What Are The Benefits Of Meditation, is about, as the title says, the benefits
of meditation. Over the years meditation has been known as one of the most beneficial practices.
In this video, the Meditation 101 Program explains how meditation can not only improve your
life spiritually, but mentally and physically as well. Its known to improve your life style by
making you feel more happy and joyful, resulting in a more successful life.
What Are The Benefits Of Meditation is beneficial to my inquiry project because it
gives understandable and realistic benefits that can improve anybody's life who practices
meditation. When speaking of the benefits, the video is precise and gives examples, such as an
improved immune system and opening the mind, that are easy for the viewer to understand. I
wanted to incorporate in my project realistic ways that meditation can improve your life and
ways that are relatable to any human being.

To me, this video was a credible source because they have a website that includes a news
letter to the viewers. It is a three part mini course and is licensed by YouTube. In the comments,
viewers were raving about the video and the information in the video. Everything stated in The
Benefits Of Mediation was known to be reliable and valuable information. After doing further
research, I discovered that the main instructor behind the videos was Ihsan Alexander. He is the
creator of many world-famous programs such as the Islamic Meidtation Program and the Eternal
Warrior Way Program. He is also a personal coach in meditation in California.

Gerszberg, Caren Osten. "No Texts, Please, Were Meditating." The New York Times Company.
The New York Times, 18 Mar. 2016. Web. 3 Apr. 2016.

The New York Times wrote the article, No Texts, Please, Were Meditating, based on the
many meditation studios that are becoming so popular in New York City. The article focuses on
customers and instructors. Caren Osten Gerszberg, author of the article, uses feedback to
describe the benefits of meditating. Frequent meditators speak of meditating as a way to rewind
and clear their mind. Most people who pop in to try it out usually return. Meditators describe the
practice of meditation as stress relieving, which is one of the most well known benefits.
No Texts, Please, Were Meditating relates to my project because I can use the
information of how meditation is becoming a widespread practice. There are multiple customers
and instructors that give personal experiences and how the practice effected their lives. This

article was not just science research, it was actual experiences that happened to actual people and
therefore will provide a different perspective in my project.
I know this article is credible because The New York Times is one of the most famous
newspapers in the country. Also, the article provides pictures of the studios mentioned and of
classes provided by the studios, so you know the places are real. The article features reviews and
comments from meditators that are accurate making the source reliable.

Waehlisch, Martin (2009): 10 Questions on Peace Mediation. Interview with Herbert C. Kelman.
Berlin: Center for Peace Mediation (European University Viadrina, Humboldt- Viadrina
School of Governance). Web. 3 Apr. 2016.

In 10 Questions on Peace Meditation, Martin Wahlisch asks Herbert C. Kelman

numerous questions about his practice of meditation and how he strives for peace in the Middle
East. Kelman practices a type of meditation called peace meditation which focuses on ways to
bring people together. Its a type of meditation that focuses on resolving conflict between two
parties. Kelman states that meditation is beneficial for calming you down and brings peace and
happiness to those who chose to practice it.
The interview with Kelman will be a good interview to use for my inquiry because it
provides information on a different kind of meditation. Not only that, it provides information
about different effects than just physical. Its more of a worldly view and states how it is
affecting more than just the United States. Meditation is something practiced all over the world
and the benefits are endless.

This is a credible source because it was an interview conducted by the Center for Peace
Meditation. Wahlisch interviews Herbert C. Kelman, who is a Richard Clarke Cabot Professor of
Social Ethics and Emertius at Harvard University. Kelman is also a Harvard scholar. He served
as the director of the Program on International Conflict Analysis and Resolution for 10 years.

"Meditation: In Depth." National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health. U.S.
Department of Health and Human Services, 16 Mar. 2016. Web. 3 Apr. 2016.

The web source Meditation: In Depth start off by stating what meditation is. It then
goes into detail the physical effects of meditation on the body. These physical effects include,
reduced blood pressure, healing irritable bowel syndrome, aiding in anxiety and depression, and
more. This web source also goes into depth about the effects of meditation on the brain, speaking
of studies that prove meditation improves the way you process information and the way you
process emotions. Meditation can also stop changes in the brain that occur because of aging.
This web source will probably be one of the best sources to use in my inquiry project
because my research proposal was more towards the benefits of meditation on the body. Im
interested in how meditation makes you feel happier and healthier. Im also interested in how the
practice of meditation can have physical effects such as lowering blood pressure or aiding in
anxiety and depression. Those effects are some of the main topics in my research.
This is a credible source due to the fact that it is a government ran site. Meditation: In
Depth is written by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health. It also is
very organized and goes into detail about the benefits. The benefits were discovered by NCCIH-

Funded Research. At the end, references are given and many other government websites are

Kuchinskas, Susan. "Mediation Heals Body and Mind." WebMD, 25 Feb. 2009. Web. 3 Apr.

Meditation Heals Body and Mind is about the effects meditation has on stress.
Meditation is widely known as one of the best stress reducers. Not only that, the web source
includes an incident in which a man had a heart attack and the hospital recommend meditation.
Once he started, he became healed and has practiced it ever since. He also speaks of how
meditation improved the way his brain processed emotions saying things that used to bother him
do not bother him the way they once did. The web source also provides a how to on meditation.
This is another source that provides information of the physical effects of meditation on
the body. Seeing that physical effects is a main topic of interest in my project, this web source
can provide guided insight and useful information. I was also very curious, especially for
personal interest, on how to meditate. I liked that this web source provided a how to and also
gave suggestions for where they offer affordable classes.
The website I used was a credible source because it is a well known website about
medicine that many doctors and physicians assistants post on. It has always been reliable source
when used for other things, despite that is a .com source.