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Monday, February 22, 2016
AT&T is a company dedicated to developing technical
innovations that will benefit their users. They aspire to be the worlds
fastest and most reliable global network. The company is made up of
around 1,300 of the worlds smartest engineers and scientists.
Research is one of the companys biggest areas of focus, ranging from
entertainment services to industry-leading networks. The main goal of
the company is to provide the best and safest technology for their
It Can Wait is touring college campuses across the country to
raise awareness of the dangers of texting and driving. The tours next
location will be Virginia Tech, located in Blacksburg, Va., on March 3,
2016. At this location promotion through the campus and local media is
essential to making their goal of 10,000 Virginia Tech students signing
the pledge. The campaign includes a Tim McGraw concert and It can
Wait Driving Simulator.
The It Can Wait campaign has showed the public how much
AT&T cares for the safety of their customers. With the alarming rates of
nearly fifty percent of commuters texting while driving, and 4-in-10
drivers using social media while behind the wheel, AT&T knew it was

time to take action. The campaign is encouraging drivers to keep your

eyes on the road, not on your phone. To show
commitment to safety drivers can join the other over 7 million drivers
and sign a pledge to stop using their cell phone while behind the

The campaign also includes the use of their new DriveMode app,
which is free for all AT&T users. The app will automatically silence
alerts from text messages and social media when going above 15 mph.
When turned on the app will also auto-reply to tell friends and family
you are driving and cant respond.

Jess Cannon