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Liliana Gomez
English 113B
Professor Batty
May 10, 2016
Treat Other How You Want To Be Treated
Why arent animals treated fairly like humans? Animals arent creatures that should be
getting mistreated. They are to be loved and cared for thats why sometimes we get animals to
have them as a companion, also animals should be free and not isolated. Technically, many say
animals are a mans best friend, on the other hand, many may think animals are just creatures
that are just roaming the earth. Although some people think that animals are not like humans, but
many believe that animals are like humans and should be treated equally; the law for neglecting,
abusing, and killing an animal should be a lot harsher and be addressed more thoroughly for the
sake of justice for all the animals humans have hurt. If a person isnt able to take proper care for
an animal then fine should be higher, jail sentencing should be longer, and more counseling
should be a requirement after jail sentencing.
Many people believe that animals are here to serve us humans, but the fact that they are
living creatures and have characteristics of their own means that they should be treated equally.
These beautiful creatures are meant to be loved and free, but animals are neglected every day.
Neglecting an animal is when someone in unable to take care of an animal. To have an animal it
means that you have them because you want them as a companion. It takes a lot of work and
time to take care of an animal; you need to feed, shower/ groom, and love them just like a
human. In the Humane Society of the United States responded to Q&A question An animal
without proper shelter can also quickly succumb to extreme heat or cold conditions Often

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these animals perish only feet away from the homes in which their caretakers live (Humane
Society of the United States). This is unbelievable that an animal can be forgotten so rapidly.
This shows without proper care and treatment the animal will not have the proper mind set to be
happy and comfortable. Owners should be more aware of needs of an animal. Animals are living
creatures just as much as human. We as humans are a living object part of the world, animals
should be treated 100% the same as a human. Many people do care for their animals, but some
people dont show much care to their companies. Some people having an animal chained down
with nowhere to move and that isnt giving freedom to the animal. In other word animals should
be able to roam around and be able to chase the pollen in the air. This is neglecting an animal by
taking their freedom to move and should be people should be penalized.
I do understand that pets arent perfect they do make mistakes just like humans, but they
shouldnt be mistreated. Just like humans we arent perfect. We should have harsher penalties for
people who mistreat animals. The problem with the law is that they arent strict on people for
abusing animal. At the moment the law for a misdemeanor is only $1,000 and 6 months in prison
stated by A Study of U.S. Cruelty Statutes. A misdemeanor is when someone does something
slightly wrong. In the Humane society of the United States analysis a case of a dog chained
dogsliterally frozen to the ground or dead from heat prostration because of lack of proper
shelter from the element. This article tells us about how a dog can get ill by being trapped and
unable to move from where they are chained at. I believe people should get a larger fine like
$10,000 fines and 25 years in prison. Taking a life should never be taken lightly. The Humane
Society of the United States show stats on how many and what kind of animals get abuse in the
year 2007, The animals whose abuse is most often reported are dogs, cats, horses and
livestock 64.5 percent (1,212) involved dogs (25 percent of these were identified as pit-bull-

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type breeds) 18 percent (337) involved cats 25 percent (470) involved other animals (The
Humane Society of the United States). The Humane Society of the United States shows that there
is a high rate of animal abuse and 64.5% of it is dogs. Also, animals should have proper shelter to
rest and feel comfortable. These are cases that shouldnt be taken lightly. Animals are suffering
and people should be treated harsher for mistreating an animal and even chaining a creator and
not letting them be free. Abusing an animal
People hurt animals even to the point where they are dead or even hurt to the point they
almost die. People hurt these poor animals either because they are upset with something they
have done or their just not technically not fully there. Cases have been listed on this page; it
gives us brief writings on pet owners who have killed and abused their animals in the most
horrifying way I have never ever heard of; or thought of. The article talks about a boy who was
19 years old named Jamie Blake the article says he put his cat into the microwave for 3
minutes. (Second person in article, 8 Cases of Extreme Animal Cruelty That You Should
Absolutely Not Read If You Love Animals) This is not right this boy should have been sent to a
mental hospital for doing what he did. What kind of person in that state of mind would ever do
such a thing? The proper penalty charge for what the boy did is Misdemeanor $1,000 6 months
and felony $20,000, in State Prison or 1 year in county jail (A Study of U.S. Cruelty Statutes).
This wouldnt even be nearly close to when person harms another person, when a human harms
another human, The range of prison sentence for this type of murder conviction varies by state
25 years to life in California (First Degree Murder Penalties and Sentencing, Thomson Reuters).
It is mentioned how this penalty is much harsher for humans than a person hurting an anmimal.
Technically, the way I see it is you hurt another life you should be put away because you are a

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threat and can do harm to others. So shouldnt someone who hurts an animal also get the same
sentencing as a person who hurts another person?
I came across many video of multiple pet owners and they treated their pets very cruelly.
Many of these videos were about people mistreating them and abusing them because they didnt
follow an order. This YouTube video completely broke my heart because I couldnt continue to
watch these animals getting mistreated for no apparent reason. It was a YouTube video about
dogs and cats it looked like they were trying to make them do certain tricks. The man would lock
them up and bang on the cage till they stopped either barking or kick them when they werent
paying attention. This is horrifying that someone will push them and kick them to the point they
are dead or close to death. Another video I came across the man was showing his dog and the
dog started crying maybe he was afraid of the water and the man kicked him. Animals shouldnt
be treated like they are worthless. An animal wasnt brought to this world to obey a human and
be a slave to someone there complains. These animals are afraid so they know that they have to
follow what these abusers are saying to not get hurt; that is no way an animal should ever live.
They are meant to be out and free and have space to roam around.
Thus, when people abuse, neglect, and kill animals should have higher fines, longer jail
sentencing, and should arrange counseling after jail sentencing. All these living animals should
be treated fairly. A living life and soul should be free and able to roam the world to explore it.
Animals are still living creatures and we should help before its too late. Animals will remain
getting hurt, but we should treat them as we would treat ourselves. Many people still wont
believe animals should be treated equally, but I believe animals and humans are the same in
many ways, the law should be harsher on people that neglect, abuse, and kill animals. Like a case

Gomez 5
of a person receiving 25 years to life for harming a person, animal abuse shouldnt be taken

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