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Lopez 1

Robert Lopez Jr
Professor D. Altman
English 113B
17 March 2016
Shitty First Draft
According to estimates from the 2013 ACS, the U.S. immigrant population stood at more
than 41.3 million, or 13 percent, of the total U.S. population of 316.1 million. Between 2012 and
2013, the foreign-born population increased by about 523,000, or 1.3 percent said by the people
in These percentages have been unstable throughout the years due to
Government control and regulations. The lack of power the government has on the border
between countries are really underestimated, immigrants at many points can easily cross the
border by being really coordinated. Due to this, our country at many locations are being over
populated, jobs are being harder to find, and deportation is at an all high wasting more money the
government doesnt have. To this exception, countries abuse their power over illegal immigrants
due to jobs, threatening deportation, and corrupt legal system.
Jobs in the U.S are really hard to find these days. People are also blaming it on
immigrants that are taking all the jobs. In my personal opinion, I think it is all lies to make
people feel more vulnerable to whoever is listening the them. Immigrants come to the U.S. to
have a better life and future for their families and themselves. In what I have seen personally,
immigrants are taking physical and dirty jobs that one will never see themselves doing. Working
hard is what immigrants do in a regular basis and that is what they will do every single day until
they cant no more. In the film, El Norte directed by Gregory Nava, a brother and sister escape a

Lopez 2
massacre that was happening in their home town by the army. They both come to the U.S. trying
to have a better life but instead they were treated unfairly and made to live in this unsaturated
place. The brother worked really hard for him and his sister but couldnt earn enough by himself,
the sister then began to work cleaning houses to these rude and obnoxious white people. They
treated the maid and the sister very bad but they both needed the money so it didnt even bother
them. The brother was a very hard worker that he was promoted very fast and other workers
were very jealous, a worker was very mad that he even called immigration services to come in
and take him away. He escaped and found a new job, the brother was a hard worker and was
promoted but this time he was supposed to leave out of state and leave his sister behind. The
brother thought about it very carefully and decided stay behind. After a few days the sister got
sick and died, the brother then went back to the lady to get his job back and he did but when it
came to leave, the brother didnt show up so the lady left without him. The brother then found a
new job in construction and became a good worker. As the movie ends, you see that any
immigrants find very dirty, physical, and dangerous jobs that a person with papers will never find
the decency to ever work there.
Deportation in the U.S. reach record high in 2013 with a total of around 438,000. This
number is both immigrants and criminals that were deported in the year 2013. In the movie
Children of Men, directed by Alfonso Cuarn, England is one of many other cities that is still
standing due to the tragedies the world faces. Birth is at its all-time lowest and the youngest
person in the world has died. Many people around the world are migrating to England because
other places arent functioning as properly as England is. Due to Englands size, it started getting
really packed and England decided to deport any person without documents. In the movie, you

Lopez 3
see in the background a bunch of people in cages like if they were animals about to be deported.
It doesnt say really where they take them but big buses come and take them all away.

Lopez 4
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