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TCNJ Lesson Plan

3 R Writing Project
Student Name: Georgia Racanelli
School Name: Hopewell Elementary School

Grade Level: 1st

Host Teachers Name: Mrs. Heiser

Guiding and/or Essential Questions:

What are different ways we can reduce, reuse, and recycle in our lives?
Pre-lesson Assignments and/or Student Prior Knowledge
Students will have already discussed the 3 Rs in class, as well various ways to
implement all three of the concepts in their own lives. The class will have created an
individual anchor chart for each of the 3 Rs, recording these implementations.
Additionally, the students will have also discussed the importance of implementing the 3
Rs in their own lives. Overall, students will have discussed and practiced various ways to
care for the Earth.
CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.W.1.8. With guidance and support from adults, recall
information from experiences or gather information from provided sources to
answer a question.
Learning Objectives and Assessments:

Learning Objectives
Students will write about ways in which they
can reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Student writing will be assessed for

completeness and correctness. Writing must be
logical and based on facts learned throughout
the unit.

Students will use their completed graphic

organizers to transfer information onto final

Student final copy will be assessed for accuracy

in the transference from their graphic organizer
onto the final copy.

Computer/Epson projector
3 R anchor charts
graphic organizer with four boxes
final copy- lined paper
Plan for set-up/distribution/cleanup of materials:

Teachers will hand out a graphic organizer sheet to each student. When students complete
their graphic organizer, they will raise their hands for it to be collected and checked. A
teacher will also hand out final copy paper at the appropriate time.
Step by Step plan: note: this lesson will be introduced during writing workshop time in
the morning and will also be revisited during the allotted social studies time.
Writing Workshop:
1. Students will be seated at their desks.
2. Today we are going to be starting a writing project all about the 3 Rs!
a. We will be writing about three different ways we can care for our Earth.
b. Explain that it will be combined with their t-shirt design and picture to
make their final projects, and show examples from previous years.
3. We will watch the 3 R Brainpop Jr. video to refresh their memories.
4. I will project the graphic organizer onto the board using the Epson projector
a. Heres what your graphic organizer will look like. You can use your
scholastic articles, the books weve read, and these charts on the board to
think of three ways you can care for the Earth.
b. In the first empty box here, you will write about one way you can reduce.
The next box youll write about a way to reuse, and the third box will be a
way you can recycle. The last empty box will be a way that you can wrap
up the whole paragraph.
5. I will model for the students how to complete the graphic organizer.
a. All of our sentences here must be complete sentences. How do you think
I can start a sentence here?
b. Best way to do it: you can reduce by.
c. I will repeat the process for reuse and recycle.
d. Now in our last box, we have to write something that wraps up our
writing. Does anyone have any ideas?
e. I will record some ideas on the board for students to look at later.
6. As a class, we will brainstorm some ways to care for the Earth to give students
7. We will be working on this in the afternoon as well, so if you dont finish this
morning youll have more time later.
8. I will hand out graphic organizers to students by table and walk around to monitor
progress as students work.
9. As students finish their graphic organizers, I will collect and check their work.
10. Students who finish their graphic organizers during writing workshop can take out
work in their yellow folders. Students who do not finish them will work on them
in the afternoon.
Social Studies Time:
1. Students will be handed back their graphic organizers.
2. Now we are going to work on our final copies of this writing project.

3. Do you remember using graphic organizers for your mammal reports? Well
thats what were going to be doing here. We have to transfer over our corrected
work on our graphic organizers onto final copy paper.
4. I will use the doc cam to project a piece of final copy paper as well as my graphic
5. Whats the first thing I should copy down? (the introductory sentence)
a. I will continue the process until I have completed a whole draft on the
6. I will review the order of copying things over, making sure that everyone knows
to copy down the introductory sentence before they start the other boxes.
7. I will also remind students that we made corrections to some of their spellings, so
to make sure that they copy down the correct spellings.
8. We will walk around and monitor progress as the students work.
9. Students who finish early will work on something in their yellow folder. Students
who need more time will keep it in their yellow folder and work on it the next
Key Questions:

What are some ways we can care for our Earth?

What is the first thing I should copy from my graphic organizer?

Timing: 30 minutes during writing workshop, 30 minutes during social studies time
(only for writing)
Writing workshop:
Intro + directions: 10 minutes
Work time: 20 minutes
Social studies time:
Intro + directions: 10 minutes
Work time: 20 minutes
Students will remain at their desks for the duration of the lesson.
Classroom Management:
We will walk around the classroom during independent working time to check on
student progress and help keep students on task.
For students who struggle to think of three ways to care for the Earth (like RS),
teachers will help them brainstorm. Students who finish early can work on a 3 R
worksheet or something in their yellow folder. RL and R will be given extra support
during brainstorming/ writing processes. Students who have more developed writing
abilities will be asked to write more than one sentence about each way to care for the

Earth (AS, SS, KW, DC, JS). RS and RH will need extra monitoring. RS gets off track
easily, especially with writing. RH struggles to correctly copy down words and will need
help spelling her words correctly even on her final copy.