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Unit test 4A

1 Choose the correct options.

1 point for each correct answer

How much / many calories are there in

this meal?

Id like any / some coffee.

How many / much tap water do you drink

every day?

Can I have some / a few milk?


3 Complete the sentences.

no, any, some, or every?


The concert was a huge success. Every one

cheered and clapped.

Have you got many / any cheese?

______body likes getting bad news.

There are a few / a little tomatoes in the


Im bored. Theres ______thing to do.

There isnt any / some pasta in the


Sorry did you say ______thing? No,


Would you like some / much salad with

your steak?

I usually steam some / any rice to eat with

grilled fish.


Have you got any / not much cooking oil?

1 point for each correct answer

2 Complete the sentences.

some or any?

There are some biscuits on the table. Help


Is there ______ tea in the pot?

I havent seen ______ tropical fish

swimming here.

Wed like ______ slices of mango for

much or many?

How ______ tissues do you need?

There arent ______ people on the bus


The teacher didnt give us too ______


Does she have ______ free time these

a little, a few, a lot of?

She likes ______ milk in her coffee, but not


10 There are ______ people waiting on the

platform the train is going to be full!
11 Itll take ______ minutes to download this
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Unit test 4A Continued


We know ______one who is an important

programmer at Microsoft.

I cant find ______one to give me a lift

home. Ill have to get a taxi.

1 point for each correct answer


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thing, where, or one/body?


Are you going some______ nice for your


Can we meet later? Ive got some______

important to tell you.

Did you buy any______ at the shops?


Well have to stay at this hotel as all the

others are full. We looked every______!
1 point for each correct answer


4 Complete the conversations with the words from the

a little something anyone everyone (x2)
somebody (x2) a few nobody anything
anywhere somewhere
1 A I feel shy. I dont know anyone here.
B Dont worry Ill introduce you to
______ ! This is Lars and his wife Maria
A Actually, ______ I know just walked in
the door. Hello, Angela!
2 A Gerralds depressed. He thinks ______
likes him.
B Thats crazy ______ thinks hes a lovely
person. And hes got lots of friends.
A I know. But he needs ______ special to
say that. You should tell him!
3 A Yuk! ______ in this pasta sauce tastes
B Please dont say ______ ! Hassan spent
ages cooking it. Hell be so
A OK, OK. Im going to eat ______ just to
be polite.
4 A I dont like going on holiday.
B But this is our honeymoon! Isnt there
______ you would like to visit?
A Well, if we really have to go ______ , lets
go to the Maldives. We could spend
______ days there I suppose.

Unit test 4A Continued

5 Write a/an, the or (nothing).


7 Match the sentences with a place. You can match

some places with more than one sentence.

Im going to have two desserts an ice

cream and ___ slice of carrot cake.
Did you know that theres ___ restaurant
in Thailand where all ___ waiters are

You can get ___ best latte in Manhattan


Can I have ___ glass of water, please? Of

course. Would you like ___ still or

The check-outs are all so busy!

I need something for a headache.

Im looking for a pair of black jeans.

Take two pills twice a day.

Fruit and vegetables are on aisle six.

These two wines are both great with

chicken or fish.

One espresso and a slice of cake. Is that

to eat here?

What time are we having ___ lunch? Im


Did you stay at ___ home in the holidays,

or did you go away somewhere?

Sorry, there are no more copies of the

Evening Standard.

You dont look eighteen. Do you have ID?

I usually go food shopping once ___week.

1 point for each correct answer



She goes to the work by train.


She goes to work by train.

Im afraid these only come in blue.

Clothes shop

6 Find one mistake in each sentence and correct it.



Can you give me recipe for this delicious


1 point for each correct answer

I always drink an glass of apple juice at


We live in south of England near the sea.


Did they come to work by a bus?


1 a loaf of bread

6 _______ of cake

Do you ever use internet to do your food


2 _______ of petrol

7 _______ of sunglasses

3 _______ of potatoes8 _______ of chewing


I go on holiday three times the year.

1 point for each correct answer

8 Match the quantities in the box with items 19.

a loaf a bottle a kilo a pair a slice a

a can a piece a packet

4 _______ of Coke

9 _______ of ham

5 _______ of water

1 point for each correct answer

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Unit test 4A Continued

9 Order the two conversations.


10 Complete the conversations with sentences ah.

1 A Please help yourself to the carrot cake.

B I will. It looks absolutely delicious.

In a newsagents
Hello, have you got any copies of The

Did you make it yourself?

A I did. ______________

___ Thanks. How much is it?

2 A ______________
B Have you got any decaf?
A No, sorry, but weve got decaf coffee.

___ Oh, and Ill have a can of Coke, too.

___ OK. Thats 85p altogether.
___ Here you are.
___ Yes, its over there, next to The Daily

3 A ______________
B No thanks, but Id love a little more
A Theres a bit. Please finish it!

___ 35p.

In a caf
Hi. Can I have two lattes, please.

___ Thats 3.00 please.

___ And would you like chocolate on the top?
___ One medium and one large.

4 A Could you pass the bread, please?

B Yes, of course. ______________
A No, thanks. ______________

___ What size?

a Did you make it yourself?

___ Yes please.

b I got the recipe from my best friend.

c How would you like your tea?
1 point for each correct answer


d Do you want the butter too?

e Is that OK?
f Just the bread.
g Is there any in the bottle?
h Would anybody like some more dessert?
1 point for each correct answer

11 Translate the sentences.

Would you mind helping me carry these

bags? Theyre really heavy!

Can you tell me whats in this dish? Im

allergic to dairy.

Many stations have automated ticket

machines you use a touch-screen
computer to buy your ticket.

Would you mind lending me some

money? No, not at all.

The beach is spectacular. You can swim

with turtles and tropical fish in the crystalblue sea.
2 points for each correct answer


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Unit test 4A Continued



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