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Jardi Tancat notes

Enclosed Garden
Dry landscape
Catalonian people
Section one Waking up
Waking up
start of the day
connection with the land
praying for land
repetition through cannon used to reinforce
First phrase
upstage opposite prompt low level
waking up, stretching
Second phrase
moving on the diagonal
getting ready for the days work
Third phrase
Group huddle upstage prompt
little 'sobbing' movement
faster adulation of the body
extension of idea when the run forwards

spatial elements
setting and environment
dancer (significant in Jardi)

High release upward actions

religious connotations- praying for rain for a good crop

Contracted movement
pain and hardship

Narrative formal structure

Section two Mens physical labour

swinging ploughing actions
male trio

heavy movement faster release of energy shows anguish

contrast to the first section

Phrase one
Ploughing movement, harvesting
Phrase two
supporting each other
male trio
Phrase three
male solo to show physical labour
swinging and hitting action frustration
Horizontal movement sweeping across the floor . Female dancer feeding in and out of male
dancers in a horizontal line
unison everyone moving at the same time
unity- how something makes the work whole
ABA form
Music Drumming instrumental time signature
repetitive nature, working vigorous, weight bearing
Section three Female emotional response
Phrase one
Begins with female dancer transitioning into the third section by weaving in and out of the
male dancers on the diagonal
Female vocals accompany this section
weeping movement, uses the dress to enhance the feminine movement
curved hunched lines
Literal sobbing actions hands covering the face
circling of the torso through the convex shape
the burden of heart ache all day every day, still trying to remain strong for the family
weight on the shoulders
Section four Community
Jiri Killian style singling a dancer out as the rest of the company dances
Female solo breaks out showing individual hardship
partner work
linear floor patterns, diagonals
horizontal movement pathways
praying for the rain
Phrase one
Everyone in unison
slight cannon movement
showing the hard work of the group
Phrase two
Female solo
pushing through movements
struggling to ge through life's adversities
Phrase three
Partners on the diagonal

assisting one another
first time we see the partnering
Phrase four
transition zig-zag pathway coming from downstage
sharp hitting of the shoulders, heavy
Burden, heavy, weighted action
repetitive movement
partner work is an extension of this phrase
Phrase five
Goes back into the cannon unison idea
sweeping across horizontal pathway

burden and heart ache through partner solo and community

soft music spanish female singer
Section Five
Phrase one
Dancers have a 'siesta' at the front of the stage
Female duet- mother daughter, passing on tradition, dress colour, protective movement
Phrase two
percussive dynamic quality
sweeping action enhanced by the dress
emotional connection, through skirts
Mother letting go of the daughter, grown up and 'ready to leave the nest'
Section six Three Pas De Deux relationships
Phrase one
Male section
Phrase two
Brown couple young love
new love, connection
Phrase three
Light purple- Married
toil on the relationship
Phrase four
Red couple- Old
hardship further evident
walking movements, angular movement
less contact
Conclusion of the work
finishes how it starts cyclic nature
External structure

Theme and Variation

Same idea in every section
Narrative a day in the life
order of the sections aids in the narrative story line
enclosed garden- sticks set up
lighting changes
give examples of contrast from the whole work

repetition to assist with unity