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Leni Fink

Professor Lytle
RHET 1312
March 04, 2016

Making Choise to Develop Your Writing

Writing can be hard if we dont have a concept how to write about anything in effective
way. This article try to explain that writing can be easy and interesting if we include the all
formula that need to put in a good writing.
The author claim that before writing the writer should do a brainstorming that include
choosing a title, make a draft, feedback, sources. etc. By doing all those steps will create the
essay develop to a standard of essay.
The article well grounded and logic. For example such as giving various af stage of
progressive essay, 1. choosing among topic, 2. brainstorming, 3. writing an initial or zero
draft, 4. writing preliminary draft, 5. choosing student feedback, 6. completing a presentation
draft, 7. considering how to make these process work.
In conclusion the article is significant to help a new writer to have a concept how to write
in an effective way and make a writing become a subject that an interesting to learn.

Leni Fink
Professor Lytle
RHET 1312

March 01, 2016

Carroll - Backpacks Versus Briefcase

Carroll - Backpacks versus Briefcase is an essay which explain what the basis to make a
rhetoric that can bring a persuasive to an audience. The author explain that including many
concept such as ethos, pathos and logos can bring a rhetoric very effective to persuade
audience to accept the message. The article also give some other aspect to consider to make a
rhetoric very important such as observation, considering level of audience and etc.
The essay is effective because the author explain many steps to make a rhetoric effective
and in the same time helping the reader to consider the author standpoints.
In conclusion the article is important because helping student to understand that to make a
message across to the audience need to include so many aspect such as analytical thinking,
image, tone, language, situation and etc.

Fink Leni
Professor Lytle
RHET 1312
Reading response to Irvins What is Academic Writing?
In L Lennie Irvins article, what is Academic Writing? the author cover academic writing is the
skill that an individual has to present his knowledges in writing academically. Irvins believe that
academic writing should have few elements such as critical thinking and ability to write case or a
topic with academic language.

She also mentioned that an academic writing should be a case that has been researched or can
come from reliable sources.
What I found some interesting from Irvins article is that he mentioned the struggle of a begginer
to write academic writing. Irvins sensed the challenging and try to help the reader or new
freshman writer by explaining some methods that can alleviate the obstacle.
Furthermore that made me interesting is that the way Irvins explained his article is clear and
understandable to me.
In addition Irvins article encourage the new writer to build their writing by following the all
necessary steps that make the essays apply all the standard of academic writing.
Leni Fink
Professor Lytle
RHET 1312
March 01, 2016

Finding The Good Argument or Why Bother with Logic ?

1. The difference between deductive and inductive concept is that deductive is a reasoning
based on the broaden idea to more specific while inductive is a reasoning from detail to
more unspecified.
2. The difference between Aristotle classical rhetoric with Stephen Toulmins is that
Aristotles rhetoric is focus on many aspect such as ethos, pathos and logos while
Toulmins is seems to be focus on reasoning.
3. The interesting for me each models has a specific power to convey the messages with
their model.

Leni Fink
Professor Lytle
RHET 1312
February 17, 2016
Genetic-Environment Risk Factor Versus Neurotrophic Factor In Major Depressive

The etiology of major depressive disorder (MDD) has been researched for a while. It is
believed that multiple factors could be the source of MDD precipitator. Hereditary element is
one of many that scientist try to investigate. Other factors such as vulnerability to stressors,
maladaptive coping mechanism, hormones, race, etc also become the issues that many
researcher have considered to be a part of triggering MDD. This essay would review the
probable all those factors.
Depression is an overall of feeling sad, worthless, hopeless, or thinking of suicidal
thought. There are many type of depression such as major depression, persistent depressive
disorder, bipolar disorder, psychotic depression, postpartum depression and seasonal affective
disorder. In US itself by 2020 the increasing of MDD is inevitable. The economically cost has
been tremendously expensive. Most individual who are affected by it can not function well in
psycho motoric and cognitive (
Those reasons push government to intervene behalf of their incapacity by providing health
coverage, welfare and funding for MDD research. Not to mention the priceless of life itself is the
first priority that is concerned in each of individual with MDD. There are some studies and

experiments that ongoing to discover MDD. The intention is to find out the causes in order to
have a possibility to prevent and resolve it. Some focus in genetic segment and some interest
on the other factors.
There are 35 - 40% is believed that hereditary is part of an individual to have a
MDD(Glowinski et al 2003; Sullivan et al 2000). Allelic of 5-HTT variation which interact with
adversaries treatment in the period of childhood or infant is believed to be the onset of mood
disorder. For instance an individual who seems affected by trauma in the early life more than
four time resulted the person to have an inclination to have MDD and suicidal ideation (Caspi et
On the other hand other scientist look out the possibility of other factor that they believed
can be the source of this disease. There are seven neurotrophic factor in central nervous
system to have a role in displaying major depressive disorder(MDD). Brain-derived
neurotrophic, Glial Cell Line-derived neurotrophic, Insulin like Growth factor, Fibroblast growth
factor, Vascular growth factor, Neurotropin -3 factor and Nerve growth factor. Inadequacy of
neurotrophic factor to function in central nervous system will lead an individual to have the onset
of MDD (Ziang, xiaobin, Li jin, Sha wei wei, Bu ru. MDD - Cognitive and Neurobiological
Mechanism. June 11, 2015).
Major depressive disorder is likely triggered by the genetic-environment rather than
neurotrophic factors. To support this argument I will discuss some factual data which has been
studied extensively. Some scientist researched the pattern of hereditary illness in a family.
Because the identical twin share 100 percent genes and non identical twin only share 50
percent of their gene, a family with a MDD has an identical twin children will be inherit a higher
vulnerability to have MDD to their identical twin children rather than to a non identical children
( Immediate relative who suffer from
MDD will likely to have 2-6 times to have major depressive than a family that has not a family
history of it (University of Maryland Medical In addition MDD is like other disease

such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease. Those illness is triggered by combination of vulnerable
gene and failure to maintain a healthy lifestyle, so an individual who suffer from depression also
has the similarity causes like others disease. (
In conclusion major depressive disorder is a complex and delicate subject. There is no
assurance yet to this day the precise causes why some people have suffered from MDD. The
promise for solving this problem still ongoing and hopefully one day the cause can be
determined in order for MDD to be completely resolved.

Work Cited

Zang Xiaobin, Li Jin, Sha Wei wei, Bu Ru, MDD Cognitive and Neurobiological
Mechanism, June 11, 2015. Website February 17,2016.
University Maryland Medical,
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Depression National Institute of Mental Health. U.S. Department of health and human
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Leni Fink
Professor Lytle
RHET 1312
March 01, 2016

Finding The Good Argument or Why Bother with Logic ?

1. The difference between deductive and inductive concept is that deductive is a reasoning
based on the broaden idea to more specific while inductive is a reasoning from detail to
more unspecified.
2. The difference between Aristotle classical rhetoric with Stephen Toulmins is that
Aristotles rhetoric is focus on many aspect such as ethos, pathos and logos while
Toulmins is seems to be focus on reasoning.
3. The interesting for me each models has a specific power to convey the messages with
their model.

Leni Fink
Professor Lytle
RHET 1312
April 5, 2016

By Kerry Dirk

Kerry Dirk in his article navigating genre try to help the audience to understand the essence
of genre. He explain what the normally requirement for genre and how genre develope over
time. He gave many examples and details further to the reader about it. For instance he
mentioned several specialist writer genres such as Anne Freedman, Amy Davit, ect in their
genre rhetoric.
The article is persuasive and it give a sense for the audience because it contains details and
examples. The reader can understand and grasp the informations that the writer try to explain.
Moreover he gave several analysis and steps to write a genre.
Overall the article is a good informations for specially new students who just start to write type
of genre.

Leni Fink
Professor Lytle
RHET 1312

April 5, 2016

1. The audience that I try to reach is anyone who interest to know how to help an individual
with major depressive disorder.
2. They might already know the definition and the causes but has limited of knowledge to
solve it
3. Academic
4. Speech or powerpoint (consideration)
5. Journal medical article
6. The benefit of physical activity for MDD
8. Students, medical staff who interest with the issue
9. ?
10. ?
11. ?
12. georgia
13. Usually using graphs and bars
14. The tone mostly analysing with complex academic language




Medium: an agency or means of transmitting the message from writer to

Types of media include print, video, sound, and electronic media (such as
writing on the web).

Genre: often associated with or thought of as kinds or types of writing,

writing genres are the result of responding to a situation and the social
context surrounding the situation.
In the case of writing genres, we understand them by the conventions (or
accepted formatting structures) that form them. Examples of writing genres
include, but are not limited to the following:

Journal Entry

Personal Essay

Business Letter

Personal Letter

Schedule/To do list


Biography/Biographical Summary



Magazine Article

Article in the campus newspaper


Article in a scholarly journal






Letter to the Editor


Power Point Presentation


Blog post

To determine the medium and genre of your composition, you will need to
perform both an analysis of your audience (their expectations, wants, needs,
prior understanding of the topic) and an analysis of your selected genre.
Think critically about your argument and choose a genre that transfers the
message from writer to audience in the most appropriate way possible.

Part One: Audience Analysis/Determine Genre and

Use the following questions to complete your audience analysis.

Who is(are) the potential audience(s) of your argument?

2. What are the expectations of this audience? In other words, what do

they already know, what do they need to know, and what kinds of
insights can you provide into the topic of your argument?

3. What type of publication (academic, professional, civic, or personal)

would this type of audience read?

4. What type of writing genre do you propose for your argument and what
medium will you be using?

Part Two: Genre Analysis

Locate one example of your proposed genre. Use the following
questions to complete your genre analysis.
5. Where is this particular genre published?

6. What is the topic of the composition?

7. Who is the author of the composition?

8. Who is the audience of the composition?

9. What is the rhetorical situation behind the composition? (Why was it


Identify and describe patterns in the genres features including
its content, rhetorical appeals, structure, format, and sentence and
word style.


How are headings used in the composition?


What kinds of fonts are used in the composition?

How are visuals such as photographs, images, or animations
used in the composition?

What kind of tone does the composition have, and how does the
author use that tone, language, and sentence style to reach his/her

Leni Fink
Professor Lytle
RHET 1312
March 29, 2016
250 Sentences In A Fiction Story

Last spring break I spent many constructive activities met with my therapy who try to help my
depression try to figure out what kind of source that triggered my severe anxiety to relapse, we
could not find the precise cause, but we come to agreement how she can help me to tackle the
remission, I am very glad that she thought me few concept of relaxations, First is a breathing
relaxation, This therapy is really benefit me in a tremendous way, last night my panic and
anxiety attacked me severely, and I overcome it by my breathing relaxation, Normally I always
depended of my medications to calm me down but last night was the first time I handle my ill
free from medication interference. I am so thankful for that. The Monday I will have another
appointment for another teaching relaxation. I am looking forward to embrace it.
Other activity that I did on my spring break is doing a gardening. I love a gardening. I have a
small yard on the back of my house. I am doing a gardening almost 8 years. I love vegetables
that fresh and free from chemicals. It is really difficult now day to find produces on the stores
that free from chemical substances. Aside of that a gardening is part of my activity that help me
from stress and also is part of my hobby. I planted many of tomatoes. I love brandy type of
tomatoes. It is sweet almost like a fruit taste compare others type of tomatoes that more acidic.
Beside of tomatoes I planted watermelon, peppers, onions, turnip green, spinach, radish,
pumpkin, cucumber, zucini

Leni Fink
Professor Lytle

RHET 1312
March 04, 2016

Annoying Ways

Sometimes when we read an article, essay, book, or writing we feel annoying with the
contents of what we read. It can be many reasons for it. For example the punctuation,
paraphrases, the references or the flowing of of the contents. In this article Kyle D Steedman
try to help the reader to have some understanding about it.
The difference between the writer and reader understanding to view the same issue will play a
major role in Kyle view. When the writer write the subject and assume that all the audience that
read its writing will have the same level understand like the writer, it can result some annoyance
to the reader. The writer know how to write appropriately but refused to follow the standard of
writing because of ignorant, or some of writer that try write illogically also can make readers
apprehensive. The author commented in his view that some judgement is not always true but
he try to open others perspective of creativity of the writer.
The essay overall is persuasive. It gave some suggestion open minded of creativity to
understand the intent of the writer.

Leni Fink
Professor Lytle
RHET 1312
March 14, 2016

Annotated Bibliography

Haslam C, Brown S, Atkinson S. Patient with anxiety and depression wanted to know what to
expect when they started their medication. Family Practice 2004;21:204-12. UALR
Database, Web March 14, 2016.
The article explain that mostly patient who diagnosed with major depressive disorder
have received poor health education specially with drugs regiment. They struggled to
get sufficient helps when the side effects of medication seems worsen their depression.
Patient finally advocated their self to administer a dosage medication based on their

Leni Fink
Professor Lytle
RHET 1312
March 8, 2016

1. My purpose of my project in my argument essay is that I would like to educate myself

regarding major depressive disorder in broaden scale. For instance the aetiology of the
disease and the prognosis of the illness.
2. The audience of my project is some student or individual who are interest on mental
health problem
3. My essay was MLA style. In my view MLA style is familiar to me and easy to do unlike
4. I used sixt part of aspect to construct my essay by reading and synthesis all the sources
that I need to put on my essay.
5. I think the essay will be effective because it contains a definition, variety causes,
prognosis and a possibility of treatment.

6. I searched all of them from reliable sources such as government blog or study scholar
7. I read and try to understand the main points from the all the sources and create to my
essay with my own language.
8. The one gave me a feedback is Mr Lytle. He is my teacher and professor.
9. I studied FMLA style when I took english comp 1 and I familiar with it and sometime I
went to writing centre to ask helps.
10. Reading and analysing a lot of sources always increase my knowledge and skill to write

Leni Fink
Professor Lytle
RHET 1312
March 04, 2016

Strategy For Reading Scholarly Sources

Reading scholarly sources is some time can be hard and annoying, specially when you
unfamiliar with the content of the the book that you read. In addition some big word and term
that you may never heard. In this article Rosenberg try to help the audience to overcome that
In summary Rosenberg explain that as a reader first of all when the reader read a scholarly
sources that is not familiar, the audience have to discuss with some professor or partner that
familiar with it. By doing so it will open your sight about the idea of the book. The second is that

the reader should know the function of the writer, the audience and the text. By understanding
each function will enlighten understanding how to read scholarly sources.
The rhetorical strategy that is used in this article is logic and grounded well however the
essence of emotion is absent.
Overall The article is interesting to know because simplify the complexity of understanding a
reading scholarly sources.