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De Leon 1

Nashra De Leon
English 113B
Professor Lawson
11 May 2016
Rough Draft: Project #3
Word count: 1288
Creation of Family
Family is not a chosen aspect; we do not choose with whom we want to be related
to. Its just a natural aspect of life that kind of chooses for you. The ancestors and traits
that come along with, are what shape up the choice life does for a person. People live and
adapt to what was given to them. If scientifically speaking, genetics also play a huge role
to the family placement of a person. The genes of the parents then create the next
generation, their child, which precedes the familys creation. It is not a choice as to where
a person falls into when it comes to being a part of a family; the person is born into a
family without a preference; or so it is believed that way. Now, it is possible to shape the
creation of family and change its identity and what defines it. For example like the
families in the book The Giver by Lois Lowry, families are set up in hands of a
committee rather than it being a natural ancestry form. There is also many other ways
family becomes a form of structure slightly than a natural form of being.
Many people have their own definition of family. Is your definition of a normal
family a married mother and father and their biological children living together under
one roof? (Schulten, According to Katherine, in the
article How Do You Define Family? she starts off by stating this because to many,

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this is a very common definition as to what family is. It is usually believed that family
comes from the parents, a mother and father, along with their biological children. Others
may think that where there is love there is family. Since family is consider to always be
there by the persons side and care for them, the emotional idea of love is then established
which may be the reason as to why some people go by the idea of where there is love
there is family. There was a comment left on the article mentioned above stating, I think
family is a group of people who you have responsibility and love no matter what. This is
showing that this person goes by the idea of family being love.
On another note, what about the adopted children? These children do not fall into
their biological family. But does that make it any different? People in control of their
custody, for example foster homes choose the families for these children. Adoption is
another form of family as well. Only that adoption is a legal process that allows someone








they are




( In this aspect biology is not the purpose of

family; to many this isnt a problem and still believe it is family. In the article, The
Children of Strangers, by Larissa Macfarquhar, she writes about a women named Sue
Hoag who came across to a book at the age of twelve about a couple adopting multiracial
posse of twelve children, despite having very little room or money; since Sue read the
book, she had the desire of adopting. By the time Sue was eighteen, herself and her future
husband Hector, had already planned their family: they planned to have two kids of their
own and adopt two. Knowingly that these children are not her biological kids, Sue and
her husband still consider their future adopted kids as family (Macfarquhar, This shows

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that just like Sue and many other people put aside the belief of biological kids only being
family and created their own by adopting their children.
The LGBTQ community is another example to a structured family aspect being a
choice. Because same-sex couples cannot conceive together, their children arrive by a
multiplicity of routes into families that assume a variety of shapes (The Future of
Children, Scientifically speaking, gay or lesbian couples are
biologically not allowed to have kids of their own as stated above. Therefore because of
this, they have other options as to creating a family of their own. In the cases of lesbian
couples, they get an anonymous sperm donor and as for gay couples, they have
arrangements with a surrogate birth mother. The LGBTQ community has the opportunity
of creating their family, opposing to the idea of families only being a biological choice.
In the book The Giver by Lois Lowry, there is a community that is based off of
rules and orders in hands of the Committee of Elders. It is also a community based on
sameness, where everything and everyone has to be the same and equal. The ways family
came about were by an application process in control of the Committee of Elders. They
are the ones to establish families and everything else in the community. When in the real
world, this is not the way family is created. Families in this book are chosen; it is not a
biological formation of family, but a family formed by people. Two children--one male,
one female--to each family unit. It was written very clearly in the rules (Lowry, ch.1
pg.8). As shown in this quote, families were limited to only two children. This
demonstrates how families were a factor of creation by people instead of it being a
biological form. Their Match, which like all Matches had been monitored by the
Committee of Elders for three years before they could apply for children, had always

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been a successful one(Lowry, ch.6 pg.48-49). People in the community were monitored
to just even barely apply for their children. The matter of even applying to create a family
specifies how controlled and different it is to get a family. It was all a process to begin a
family in hands of the Committee of Elders and not by ones biological desire. Although
families were established this way, within the community they were still considered as
family. The community didnt see it as a way of families being created but doing so being
normal. So of course the chosen children became theirs and from there they family then
became upon.
Now in the real world, the idea of family comes in varies different meanings.
They are not formed like how they are in The Giver or have that concept of creation.
Commonly people dont have the choice as to where and with whom they would like to
be related to. A person is usually born into their family. Blood unites each and every
member. A family is a special bond to many. The concept of family can be immensely
taken into consideration; some consider their friends as family. Doing so shows how they
consider family as a important part of relationships and life. As previously stated many
believe in the idea of love being the definition of family. Where there is love and
appreciation amongst each other, family is what defines that group. Americans still hold
the stereotypical nuclear family (husband, wife, kids) as the gold standard virtually
everyone agrees that such a group counts as a family. Being legally married, or the
presence of children, generally leads to acceptance of a grouping as a family (Sharp, There is a common idea people share in relations to what
family is, as shown in the quote from the article How Do We Define a Family? by
Gwen Sharp. Science defining family falls into genetics, most of where the foundation of

De Leon 5
family comes from. Nonetheless, families are not all just genes and biology; the idea of a
family now a days, comes in different variations, and not mattering how it is about it is
still family.

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