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Few anonymity tips

Anonymity stands for keeping ur privacy on the net. U never know who is watching u
and what he/she is looking for. The main concern is to keep ur ip (Internet
Protocol) hidden.
NOTE: The major problem is about adsl and school connections which have a static
ip (doesnt change). Easy to trace.

Exploring the net.

When visiting a site, ur ip date and hour is recorded in webserver's logs. Thats
happens in every GET request. So, u can use proxies to stay anonymous.

Anonymizer -

The Cloak -

NOTE: Proxies are caches that relay data. When u configure ur web browser to use a
proxy, it never connects to the URL. Instead it always connects to the proxy
server, and asks it to get the URL for u. It works similarly with other type of
services such as IRC, ICQ etc. There'll won't be direct connection between u and
the server, so ur real IP address won't be revealed to the server. When u view a
website on the server, the server won't see ur IP.
When u login in a site or a service (ex. yahoo mail) and there is an option the PC
to remember the username and password, if u accept this, those data will record in
cookies. So, NEVER use a public PC and type username and password. If u have to do
this, make sure that the option to remember the username and password s off (or if
the msg box popups up, just click no).

When signing for services on the net, ALWAYS use fake informations. ex. when
signing for yahoo, use a fake name and any other fakes data u like. U 'll be able
to use the services again, but nobody 'll know who u really are.

Send and receive messages via ICQ server, not directly. Every direct connection
enables attacker to learn ur IP. Encrypt ur messages by dedicated software,
encryption addons.
NOTE: There are addons which enhance ur ICQ with possibility to encrypt outcoming
messages. The user on the other side needs to have the addon as well in order to
decrypt your message.

Top Secret Messenger (TSM) - (trial

version has only weak 8-bit encryption)
Chat Buddy - http://www.planet- ( a freeware Windows
application for encrypting chat sessions)

SSL tunneling.
SSL tunneling means, basically, encryption. U can identify it if the URL starts
with https:// (usually a normal normal URL starts with http:// ). So, if a URL
doesnt using SSL tunneling, not suggested to give sensitive private or business
informations (ex. credit card number).
NOTE: U can secure ur connections too with SSL tunneling. For windows and for windows and unix .

FTP transfers.
When using an FTP client program to download files, assure yourself, that it's
giving a bogus password, like , not your real one. If your
browser lets you, turn off the feature that sends your e-mail address as a
password for anonymous FTP sessions.

Emailers and remailers.

Do a search on the net and find anonymous mailers. With this way u wont give ur
real email. Although be afraid that there is a risk for ur ip to be recorded in
email headers. So, u can simply use remailers.

* Chain - (is a menu-driven remailer-chaining

* Raph Levien's remailer availability page - (offers comprehensive
information about the subject)
* The Cypherpunks Remailers -
(developed to provide a secure means of providing anonymity on the nets. Here you
can find out about the available remailers, those which have been standard in
existance for a long time as well as the new experimental remailers and anonymous

1. Well, u can use proxies or socks4 or socks5. With that way ur ip will be hidden
behind the proxy.
2. U can connect on a BNC, which 'll hide ur ip again.
3. If u are connected on undernet, u can create a username on @x
( ) join #cservice for help. When u create one,
type /msg login username password. Then /mode urnickname
+x .This 'll hide ur ip and ur host.

U must have a firewall, so ur PC 'll be protected against attacks, trojans etc.
Firewalls are listen on ports for incoming and outgoing requests (depends the
firewall) blocks any attacks and give u a report.
NOTE: Even if u have a firewall, there is a possibility to get hacked.

* Black Ice Defender -

* Zonealarm -

A good place to find all kinds of proxies, socks4 and socks5 is