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This confession is for Neha Verma 3rd Year B.C.A.

Without you,
Without you, my heart desire
There is no point in living without you,
Every nerve and vein sings your name
My eyes wait for you to come
My heart yearns and calls to you
Come back , I swear on our love.
Since you left, I have felt utterly alone
Even the birds have flown away from the house
My eyes yearn for you
My heart calls to you
I cannot bear this loneliness
Come back my love, come back
Spring has come and it has gone
But I still wait for you
If not now, when you will come?
The birds of spring are here again
Why do you not come too?
Dont fail me, I beg you
In this loving season come back.
My friends all celebrate and sing,
Sings the song of love
I watch the streets and roads
I am forlorn, waiting for you
I count each moment
Each minute
Come back my love.
The devout go to the mosque to pray
But I just sit watching the way.
Happiness has turned its face away
Joy has been banished from my life
Lover, I can no longer live.
No longer live without you
What do you get by doing this to me?
The easterly breeze brings only sorrow,
I shudder when I hear the birds sing
If only you could see how I suffer,
I beg you please come to me.
My eyes are tearful, waiting for you
The street urchins make fun of me,
I walk by, lost in thought, alone.
The seasons taunt my loneliness
Come back, come back, my love
My eyes yearn to see you.
Come back, my love
Yours loving jaan