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Katlynn Nguyen
HELA 10 Block 3
15 February 2016
Destructions on the Causation of Human Trafficking
Human trafficking: an act of profiting human beings for the use of work by force for
others. This action has been assessed as a crime in threatening society, and is viewed on as an
obstruction in preventing progress for a nations safety and outlook. Though regarded as an
inevitable and an impending deterioration, it known to be ignorant to the country as a whole, on
how extensive this situation can become. It takes away an individuals will in having human
rights, such as the freedom of being, to be subordinate and enslaved to a superior. This
constitutes the imperative need for change as poor living standards results in the urgency for
survival, which then propagates the eviction of desperation, yet the causes of trafficking are still
being misinterpreted for the greediness of wealth and power.
This conflict is the result of great economic instability and inefficient government
interference. Victims of trafficking seek for any possible opportunities to survive. It is addressed
by Francesca Petriliggieri that poverty is one of the main factors for this concern, as it puts the
victims of human trafficking in vulnerable situations (Petrilliggieri, "Poverty Is the Root Cause
of Human Trafficking). Currently 35% of the worlds population is living under $2.00 a day that
being approximately 2.5 billon people in danger of being trafficked. Petrilliggieri also notes that
the lack of opportunities for an individual to rise above that level, suggesting the driven division
of inequality in wealth and social classes. There can be improvement in creating an adequate
system in under-developed countries, by exhibiting strict laws in prohibiting forced labor, or in
participation in any unwilling situations. The fact is that Goods enter the global marketplace and

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consumers have little or no knowledge of the complex supply chains and work conditions that
resulted in their production (Wallace, How to Stop Human Trafficking). This demands the
need for awareness in this cause, as it implies that many workers are being violated of human
rights for the profit of the corporation or of the country. AEI (American Enterprise Institute in
researching public policies) has directly taken command in this issue by approaching the remark
on how labor trafficking effects even the economic sphere, in increasing global health risks and
fuels the growth of organized crime (Wallace, How to Stop Human Trafficking). They have
then initiated in developing reports for companies to then process before purchasing from those
in the trafficking organization. These measures for preventions can combine in combating the
reduction of percentages in human trafficking.
The evidence from severe poverty, and lack of necessary living requirements concludes
on the sufferings of those from rising desperation for adequate caring and needs. Human
trafficking is known in exceeding the limits of what is expected by punishing the individual to
oblige. Yet this issue remains insignificant to a majority of the population. Women and children,
even men, are being smuggled into countries in promises of earning minimum profit for their
families only to be profited as objects. Klaudia Meszaros, an abolitionist and human rights
advocate states the shocking statement of how our world is (finally) internally recognizing this
as a form of slaveryand wasnt slavery abolished 150 years ago?(Meszaros, Poverty Fueling
Human Trafficking in Central America). However, unlike the relations in the act of slavery in
the past, these victims are tricked into business, due to not being able to live in a safe, protected
environment. But, to build freedom, these women and girls need education, economic
opportunities, gender equality and also political participation (Meszaros, Poverty Fueling
Human Trafficking in Central America). To that, protests are increasing in devoting security

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and equality for those who dont have it. The larger aim, though, is to provide an end to this
chain reaction before continues in growing.
Though without any knowledge on this topic, human trafficking is viewed as the worlds
most shameful crime, in robbing millions of people around the world of their dignity (UNODC,
Human Trafficking: People for Sale). However, trafficking can be misinterpreted into a
practice of which only stimulates popular attention. Noah Berlatsky in his article of Human
Trafficking Has Become a Meaningless Term, argues the use of trafficking rhetoric as a
propaganda tool in advertising to viewers. He uses politicians as an example, in deceiving
narratives to gain fame, to expose themselves by making fraudulent claims. Berlatsky also
notes how the term trafficking is misguided in meaning, transportation or migration from the
state for forced labor, as he concludes it being referred to any illegal subjection in forced work.
The public, as Berlatsky mentions, knows human trafficking only in its form of prostitution or
sexual activities, that what needs to be done is to address the issue at hand by examining the
reasons leading up to these events taken place.
Victims of human trafficking can be women, children, or even men; as women have a
higher percentage in sexual trafficking, and men in labor work. It is an increasing issue that
needs to be addressed both publically and formally. Criminals engaging in the trafficking
business are profiting about $34 billion a year, when that amount could be used to relieve victims
of poverty or inadequate care. The government should enable interference within this matter by
preventing economic corruption or form equality rights for genders as these items can result in
desperation amongst the people in seeking basic needs, due to the lack of privileges. Lastly,
trafficking is deemed as cruel and inhumane yet the public repels in acknowledging the depth of
the situation. More knowledge can place an informed individual to take action against the

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subject, thus creating numerous prevention of these crimes to grow. "There cannot be impunity
for those who traffic in human beings," said John Kerry, the US secretary of state. "It must
end." Slavery, he said, "Rips and tears at the fabric of the rule of the law".