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High School

A. High School
1. London
2. America
a. Georgia
Atlanta, Georgia is main location throughout the story.
b. New York
c. Canada


Set in-between 2000 and 2016
A. 2008
1. 2012
2. 2004
a. 1996
B. 2000


It's mostly Adventure/Action Drama but it is a hybrid of Romance
and Fantasy because there are going to be a lot epicness and
emotions that no one will see it coming.
A. Comedy
B. Romance
C. Action
D. Adventure
E. Fantasy
F. Drama
G. Teen


A. Romeo
Romeo is an average teenager with a motive to win back Juliet's
heart. He has love for music and gardening. As he trying to
understand how hard his relationship is, there is no telling how
far he can go.
B. Juliet
Juliet is a carefree girl with heart. Like Romeo she loves music but
she can sing. With her love for Romeo in shatters, it will only take
a miracle to bring them back together.
C. Gregory
A guardian angel figure with cheerful attitude and sometimes a
serious person. As the new kid, he's quiet but at the end of the
day, he is the friendliest of friends. He gets along mostly with
Romeo & Juliet and shows them the modern world. He's a
photographer for memories and a retro kid for nostalgia. Not
much is known about him as he is dedicated and assigned to
bring Romeo & Juliet back together and build friendship with the

other Shakespearian Students. Little do they know, he has a lot of

secrets to hide and answers to seek and it will be a matter of
time before they find out about him.
D. Hamlet
He is an Athletic, Smart but the most proud student who knows
what it means to be friends.
E. Macbeth
He is the Jock who always have ways on hitting on girls but
dedicated to be popular in sports.

A. Romeo & Juliet
B. Macbeth
C. Hamlet
D. Othello
E. Richard III

VI. Emotions
The story has to have a hard hitting moment or a main point that
set the story forward.
A. Happy
1. Sad
2. Exciting
VII. Character development
Developing what type of story is the characters are involved or
going to tell.
A. Relationship
B. Romance
C. Behaviour
VIII. Thoughts
A. Mind Bubble

Thinking what the character is thinking. Understanding what the

character is feeling.
IX. Music
The music will set the tone based on emotion, drama and
A. 90s
1. 00s
2. 80s
3. 50s/60s

"High School. Just a normal part of life. But for these type of
teenagers, dont think about it." Shakespearian High School is a
story of Shakespeare's Characters as reincarnated teenagers
spending their lives in their high school while having out of this
world adventures and dealing teenage situations involving romance
and friendship with an aid from an extraordinary friend. Expect
Drama, Action, Suspense, Excitement, Heart Warming Fun with Feels
and an Emotional Roller-Coaster that will prove that every teen can
be not only Students, But Heroes.

XI. Description
Shakespearian High School was built in 1981 when the public
decided to allow the Mayor of Georgia and the Prime Minister of
Great Britain to honour William Shakespeare and his teachings by
education. This school after the foundation of William Shakespeare
High in London is unique. The school does Primary subjects and
Secondary subjects with the school specialize on Gaming, Music,
Karting and Arts. The School from Atlanta, Georgia, US has every
epic moment to be heroes at their prime, Now with Shakespearian
Teenage Students, What surprises could possibly come through the