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Inspiring disgust and loathing; repugnant.

Racism was abhorrent to us all.


Straying from the right or normal way

2: deviating from the usual or natural type :
Aberrant behavior can be a sign of rabies in a wild animal

t o re ce i ve o r t ake (s o me th i n g off e re d )
t o t ake (s om e t h i n g ) a s p ay me n t
t o b e a b l e o r d e si g n e d t o t ake or h o l d ( s o me th i n g )

They off ered him the job, and he accepted.

The store doesn't accept credit cards.
A surface that will not accept ink
They accepted some applications and rejected others.
She's still trying to get her manuscript accepted for
They refused to accept his resignation.

not including (someone or something) : other than (something or someone)
The stores will be open daily except Sundays.

Foolish or unnecessary talk, trouble, or activity
A bride-to-be caught up in the usual prenuptial ado

/ adieu
adopt / adapt
adverse / averse
affect / effect
afflict / inflict
aggravate / irritate
allude / elude
allusion / illusion / delusion

o ccu rri ng in or formi ng a re pea te d se rie s

use d to describ e so methi ng tha t happe ns on e ti me , do es n ot
ha ppen th e next ti me , hap pen s again , etc.
: oth er th an th e usual

We took an alternate route because of the traffi c.

Due to an emergency, the plane landed at
an alternate airpor t.

/ alternative

abl e to be und erstoo d in more tha n one way : h aving more th an

on e possibl e me aning
: not exp re ssed or und erstoo d cl early

We were confused by the ambiguous wording of the

He looked at her with an ambiguous smile.

/ Ambivalent
simultaneous and contradictory attitudes or feelings (as attraction and repulsion)
toward an object, person, or action

He felt an ambivalence about the nature of the inmates.

amicable / amiable
amoral / immoral
amuse / bemuse

A short story about an interesting or funny event or occurrence
He told us all sorts of humorous anecdotes about his childhood.
a su b s t an ce t h a t s t op s t h e h armf u l e ff e c ts of a p o i s on
: s o me th i n g th at c orre c ts o r i m p ro ve s t h e b a d e ff e c t s o f so m e t h i n g

There is no antidote to this poison.

For him, racing motorcycles is a great antidote to boredom.

: t o s a y h ow m u c h s om e t h i n g i s w o r th a ft e r yo u h a ve c a re f u l l y
exa mi n e d i t : t o g i ve an offi c i a l op i n i on a b o u t th e v al u e of
( so m e t h i n g )
: t o g i ve yo u r op i n i o n a b o u t th e c on d i ti o n , q u a l i t y, o r i mp or t an ce of
( so m e t h i n g o r s o me on e th at yo u h a ve s tu d i e d o r exa mi n e d )

The ring must be appraised by a jeweler before it can be

appraise the house and property
What is the property's appraised value?

to give information to (someone)
Let me apprise you of the current situation
t o t h i n k t h a t s o me th i n g i s t ru e or p ro b a b l y tr u e w i th ou t k n o w i n g th at
i t i s tr u e
: t o b e g i n (a rol e , d u ty , e t c. ) a s a j o b or re s p o n s i b i l i t y
: t o t ake or b e g i n t o h av e (p ow e r , c on t rol , e t c. ) i n a j ob o r s i t u a ti on

I assumed he was coming, so I was surprised when he didn't

show up.
She assumed from his expression that he was confused

/ presume
assure / ensure / insure
aural / oral / verbal
Bare / bear

a type of market found especially in Middle Eastern countries that has rows
of small shops which sell many different kinds of things
we wandered around the bazaar looking to buy gifts
Very unusual or strange

I just heard the most bizarre story.

She wore a bizarre outfi t.

breach / breech
bridal / bridle
capital / capitol
censor / censure
cite / site / sight
most exciting and important : forming a climax

At the climactic moment, the main character of the novel

fi nds herself face to face with the thief.
the movie's climactic chase scene

s o me th i n g th at c om p l e te s s om e t h i n g e l se o r ma ke s i t b e tt e r
: t h e u s u a l n u m b e r or q u a n t i t y of so me th i n g t h a t i s n e e d e d o r u se d

/ compliment

compose / comprise
concurrent / consecutive
confident / confidant(e)
connotation / denotation
connote / denote
conscious / conscience
contemptible / contemptuous
continual / continuous
correlation / corollary
council / counsel
decent / descent / dissent
definitely / definitively
demur / demure
didactic / pedantic
disassemble / dissemble
discomfit / discomfort
discreet / discrete

disillusion / dissolution
disinterested / uninterested
dual / duel
economic / economical
elusive / illusive
emigrate / immigrate / migrate
eminent / imminent
eminent / imminent / immanent
empathy / sympathy
endemic / epidemic
entitle / title
a branch of science that deals with the study of insects

a n ex p l a n a ti on of wh e re a w o rd c a me f ro m : t h e h i s t or y o f a w ord
: t h e st u d y o f wo rd h i s to ri e s
Several different etymologies have been proposed.

envelop / envelope
envy / jealousy
epigram / epigraph
epitaph / epithet
especially / specially
exalt / exult
exercise / exorcise

expedient / expeditious
extant / extent
facetious / factious / fatuous
farther / further
faze / phase
ferment / foment
fictional / fictitious / fictive
figuratively / literally
flair / flare
flaunt / flout
flounder / founder
formerly / formally
formidable / formative
fortunate / fortuitous
gibe / jibe
gig / jig
gorilla / guerrilla
grisly / gristly / grizzly
hale / hail
healthful / healthy
hero / protagonist
f am ou s or i mp or t an t i n h i st o ry
: h av i n g g re a t a n d l as ti n g i mp or t a n c e
: h ap p e n i n g or exi st i n g i n t h e p a st

She returned safely from her historic fl ight into space.

The court made a historic decision last week.

o f or re l a t i n g t o h i st o ry
: b as e d o n h i s t or y
: a rr an g e d i n th e ord e r th at th i n g s h a p p e n e d o r c a me t o b e

He strove for historical accuracy in the movie.

The kings are listed in historical order.

hoard / horde
homonym / homophone / homograph
hone / home
imply / infer
incredible / incredulous
indeterminate / indeterminable
indict / indite
inflammable / inflammatory
ingenious / ingenuous
insidious / invidious
instant / instance
intense / intensive / intent
introvert / extrovert
irony / satire / sarcasm

it's / its
laudable / laudatory
lay / lie
loath / loathe
lose / loose
luxuriant / luxurious
marital / martial
mean / median / average
medal / meddle / mettle
metaphor / simile
moral / morale
morbid / moribund
nauseated / nauseous
naval / navel
objective / subjective
optimistic / pessimistic
palate / palette / pallet
paradox / oxymoron
parameter / perimeter
parody / parity
peak / peek / pique
peddle / pedal / petal
persecute / prosecute
personal / personnel
pitiable / pitiful / piteous / pitiless
pore / pour

practical / practicable
pragmatic / dogmatic
precede / proceed
precedent / president
predominate / predominant
premier / premiere
prescribe / proscribe
pretentious / portentous
principal / principle
a st a te me n t t h a t s o me th i n g w i l l h ap p e n i n th e f u tu re
: t h e p o we r o r a b i l i ty t o k n ow w h a t w i l l h a p p e n i n t h e f u t u re

The prophecies of the author have all come true.

She has the gift of prophecy.

to state that something will happen in the future
The book claims that modern events were prophesied in ancient times.
<holy men were prophesying the coming of a new messiah>

prostate / prostrate
quote / quotation
rebut / refute
regrettably / regretfully
reluctant / reticent

respectfully / respectively
sac / sack
scrimp / skimp
sensual / sensuous
simple / simplistic
stationary / stationery
statue / statute
than / then
that / which
their / there / they're
tortuous / torturous
turbid / turgid
unconscionable / unconscious
Not unusually good, interesting, etc. : not exceptional
As an actor he was unexceptional, but he had a beautiful singing voice.
not likely to cause objection or offense


showing or motivated by susceptibility to bribery; corrupt.

Local customs officers are notoriously venal"
synony corrupt
dishonest, fraudulent, dishonourable, untrustworthy,unscrupulous, u

mercenary, avaricious, grasping, rapacious;

"the law courts are venal and can take decades to decide a case"


Denoting a sin that is not regarded as depriving the soul of divine grace.
"we cannot prevent ourselves sometimes from dreaming of performing venial
if not mortal sins"
(of a fault or offence) slight and pardonable.
synon pardonable, forgivable, excusable, condonable, tolerable, permissible,
yms: allowable, understandable, justifiable;
slight, minor, unimportant,insignificant, trivial, trifling, not serious, all
right, within accepted bounds
"he had compounded a number of venial failings with the mortal sin
of adultery"

truthful , honest

he has a reputation for being veracious, so people generally take his word for
/ voracious
having a huge appetite : ravenous
having or showing a tendency to eat very large amounts of food
He has a voracious appetite.
t o m ov e y ou r h a n d o r s o me th i n g h e l d i n y ou r h a n d u su al l y i n a
re p e a te d mo t i o n i n ord e r to si g n a l or g re e t s om e o n e

: t o fl o a t , s h a ke , o r m o ve b ac k a n d f or th b e c au se of w i n d
: t o m ov e ( so me th i n g ) b a ck a n d f or th
Flags were waving in the breeze.
We waved to our friends through the window.

/ waive
to offi cially say that you will not use or require something that you are
allowed to have or that is usually required

She waived her right to a lawyer.

The university waives the application fee for low-income

the state of the air and atmosphere at a particular time and place : the
temperature and other outside conditions (such as rain, cloudiness, etc.) at a
particular time and place
The weather today will be hot and dry.
/ Whether
which one of the two

See whether they've left.>

2: if it is or was better <I wondered whether to stay or go home

what or which person or people

/ whom
Whos is a contraction of who is or, less commonly, who has.
Whos watching TV?
Do you know whos going to speak?
Whose is the possessive of who or, somewhat controversially, which.
Whose book is this?
Do you know whose car this is?
I know a woman whose kids study there.

/ whose
re l at i n g to or b e l o n g i n g to yo u : m ad e or d o n e b y y ou
u s e d to re f e r t o a n y p e rs o n o r t o p e op l e i n g e n e r al
Please wash your hands before dinner.
You always manage to impress us with your ideas.
/ you're

you are
I hear what you're saying
you're welcome

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