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Allyson Katana Urry

Socratic Seminar
7th period
Q: What views in flatland on women could still be seen in todays society 130 years in the
A: It is among the belief of many men that women speak another language. In the book the main
character refers to this as he says: Males have to lead a bilingual, and may I say, Bi-mental,
existance. With women we speak of love, duty, right, wrong, pity, and other irrational and
emotional concepts. On social media there have been text posts (textual pictures where people
bluntly state their opinion) of the stereo typical idea that women are in a more complicated sector
than males. This common thread between Flatland and the present day is so very thick. It shows
that people still seperate genders and stereo type them as such.
Q: How does the way that A. Square is treated after becoming a prophet relate to the way
religious people have been treated throughout history?
A: In Utah a dominant releigion is that of mormonism, also known as the church of Latter-DaySaints (LDS.) The way that A. Square is treated after explaining what he knew about other
dimensions relates not only to the mormon religion, but to every religion. However, for the sake
of time, Mormon religion will be discussed. It relates closely to A. Squares experiences from
Seven years have elapsed and I am still a prisoner debarred from all companionship.
Mormons were ridiculed in New York and driven out to find their own new land. When they
finally landed on Utah, it became a sort of haven. However prior to this, especially in Europe,
people of such religion were ridiculed to the point of being thrown into prisons and asylums for
their crazy disallusion, told to beg and shout that they were wrong.
Q: Who are the pentagons and circles of todays world?
A: The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is the United States government
agency responsible for the civilian space program as well as aeronautics and aerospace research.
This is a place that houses the knowledge of other worlds, much like the pentagons and circles
The nobility six sided figures or hexagons, polygonal and circles, the priestl;y order, maintain
all knowldege above the rest. Also, liek the USA govenrment where there are things known
above others. This shows the similarities to the world as round as the whole. Other ideas give
way to social media shaping minds the way circles did with their paradigms
Q: What in the 20th to 21st century could color relate to from flatland to our land
A: Cigarettes: were normal, then were suddenly were seen as badand finally were then attempted
at erradication Year by year the soldiers and artisans began to more vehemently assert
Cigarettes are much like color, however mankind has taken a softer approach. Potentially even,
too gentle. Cigarettes can cause cancer, however at the height of their release and popularity they
were all the rage. The aggitation for the universal clour bill continued for three years; and up to
the last moment of that period it seemed as though anarchy were destined for triumph People
couldnt get enough of them. It wasnt until the abusive dangers of these death sticks were made

aware to the general public that a crack down on them came about and they were removed from
popularity, to remote and lung cancer worthy.
Q: Is participating and seeing a different culutre like seeing a whole new world like they do in
A: It seemed that this poor ignorant monarch was persuaded that the straight line which he
called his kingdom and in which he passed existance, constituted the whole of the world, and
indeed that of space. On a sixty minute special on a specific species of phillipeanen monkies, a
whole knew culture was brought to the host. He was taught about the nature and absolute
similarites between humans and monkies, but also drew a connection to the monkies. Such a
life, with all vision limited to a point, and all motion to a straight line -I was surprised to not the
vivacity. The monkies lived a different world and life. They were not known to be violent -they
were joked about as being hippies. All they had was love in their hearts, kind and gentle monkied
souls. A noise of confused, multitudinous chirping or twittering issued from them at intervals as
long as they were moving.