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2012 2013 Annual Self-Evaluation Brief Report

Jeffrey M. Hartman, PhD

Associate Professor of Physical Education, Wellness, and Sport Studies
Gardner-Webb University
Respectfully submitted to:
Dr. Ken Baker, PEWSS Department Chair
Dr. Earl Leininger, Associate Provost


1. Teaching
Review of Goals from the Previous Year

New course preps: My goal is to successfully introduce the Exercise

Science curriculum, starting in the fall with three new course preps.
This goal will be measured via SOI quantitative and qualitative data.
o Completed and ongoing: First offerings of EXSI 200, 306,
310 were completed with positive responses from students,
both in terms of SOI responses and student interest. Additional
sections of EXSI 200 were offered in the fall, and two sections
of EXSI 200 needed to be offered in the spring.

Integrate the iPad into the classroom: I will be piloting the iPad
Mobile Learning Initiative into EXSI 200: Introduction to Exercise
Science, and as such, would like to integrate the device into the
learning objectives and outcomes as a seamless piece of technology
that both students and I rely upon to facilitate course content and
understanding. This goal will be measured via SOI quantitative and
qualitative data, as well as any research data as a result of the pilot
o Partially completed: Introduced the iPad to one section of
EXSI 200 in the fall; however, I did not receive the iPad until a
few days before the beginning of the fall semester, which
prevented a complete integration into the curriculum. Both
students and myself were learning the iPads academic
potential during the semester. I was able to create an iBook to
accompany the course textbook and blackboard course page,
and collected survey data reporting student feedback on iPad
integration into the course.

Goals for the Coming Year

Integrate laboratory and assessment room: I will look to improve

my teaching by integrating the Human Performance Laboratory and
Assessment Room resources into each course I facilitate via formal
hands-on laboratory activities and more informal equipment intensive

Hartman, Jeffrey 2012-2013 Self-Evaluation

2. Professional
Review of Goals from the Previous Year

Research: Complete two research projects, one involving

undergraduate students and the other in conjunction with the Mobile
Learning pilot project. This goal will be measured by any public
sharing of the data collected during the projects.
o Partially completed: Data has been collected on both research
projects. Currently working on the final manuscript for
submission on one project.

Goal for the Coming Year

Publish and Present: Submit original research report for publication

in a peer reviewed journal and submit poster for presentation at
regional academic conference.

3. Service
Review of Goals from the Previous Year

Department Service
o Exercise Science Program: Successfully integrate the
Exercise Science program into the traditional undergraduate
program, with an eventual move of the program into the School
of Health Sciences in the summer of 2013.
Complete and ongoing: Exercise Science and Athletic
Training Education formed the School of Preventive
and Rehabilitative Health Sciences in the College of
Health Sciences; however, no official announcement
was made during the 2012-2013 academic year.
o Mentoring: Serve as a mentor to our newest faculty member in
Exercise Science during his transition into the culture of
Gardner-Webb University by meeting bi-weekly to orient him
to the university and conduct a book talk on The Essential
College Professor.
Partial completed: I meet weekly with Dr. Granniss to
discuss any challenges and/or questions he had
concerning his transition to Gardner-Webb. While we
did not directly discuss The Essential College
Professor, we did review many policy and procedures
specific to GWU tenure-track faculty.

Hartman, Jeffrey 2012-2013 Self-Evaluation

University Service
o Worksite Wellness Program: Work with administration to
implement the faculty/staff wellness program initiative I
completed during my sabbatical and submitted to the President
and Provost of the university.
Incomplete: Attempts at communication were not
reciprocated. The university president expressed
interest in a worksite wellness program, but I was not
involved in any action(s), if any were made.

Goals for the Coming Year

School Service
o Continue to adjust the exercise science curriculum to meet
current academic and industry standards, including but not
limited to:
Exercise science program accreditation
Modification of EXSI 406 from a 3-credit to a 4-credit
lab based course.

University Service
o Worksite Wellness Program: Work with administration to
implement a worksite wellness program that utilizes the
resources, both physical and intellectual, provided by the
exercise science program, including but not limited the Human
Performance Laboratory, Assessment Rooms, faculty, staff,
and students.

Hartman, Jeffrey 2012-2013 Self-Evaluation