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Jay Gatsby was obsessed with Daisy. She was his everything. In both the book and the
movie, there are many instances in which Jay tires to hold on to Daisy. He began talking
excitedly, denying everything... But with every word Daisy was drawing further and further into
herself, until only the dead dream fought on... (The Great Gatsby). This proves that Gatsby is
extremely obsessed with Daisy and he lives to love and please her. His entire life revolves
around her and her happiness.
Throughout the book the reader gains bits and pieces of information about the different
characters. Hints are dropped, conversations are had, and knowledge f the past, present, and
future is gained. Two interesting elements of The Great Gatsby, are minimalism and
maximalism. The minimalist side of the story is seen in the way the characters. Who are so
different, actually have many things in common. They all are searching for love, purpose, and
meaning. It also supports the lost generation idea of the 20s and 30s. The maximalist side of
the story comes into play with the descriptions of the parties and the way hat Tom, and Daisy,
and Gatsby lived. It was simply extravagant. It was so beyond what was necessary that
maximalism is the only way to describe it. The parties were bigger; the shows were broader;
the buildings were higher; the morals were looser; and the ban on alcohol had backfired...making
the liquor cheaper (The Great Gatsby).
The 20s and 30s were an era of people who really went around with no purpose. The
people of this era lived like there was no tomorrow. Its just, well, you see, I think everythings
terrible anyhow. You know Ive been everywhere and seen everything and done everything, and
Ive had very bad time Nicky... Im pretty cynical about everything (The Great Gatsby). Daisy
exemplifies these traits perfectly because she kind of just floats around like she has no purpose.

She has been doing this for so long that she has become depressed and negative about life. These
traits are also seen in many other characters.