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Braulio Torres


To: Obama
From: Braulio Torres
Date: 10/6/15
Subject: Ratifying the U.N.
Purpose: To prevent war as long as we can to delay the devastating effects of
war. I recommend that the United Nations should be ratified to really prevent
unnecessary wars. I believe if we give half of the executive power of the
military authorization act to the people of the nation that is attacking or
defending a nation. This will create a two-step system to ensure the people
of the nation truly want to go to war. The two step war authorization act will
save thousands of lives with this new policy, because many wars are caused
by a tyrannical government pursuing its trail of dominance, power and
agenda. Many people would argue that the united Nations doesnt work in
preventing wars with no true power to prevent war that are started are minor
things to ensure that wars can be safely defused securing the safely of the
War has run savage even before we had document recording of first human
history. War is so common it is basically part of human nature to mass kill our
own kind in war. Even in our modern times with advanced technology,
society and forms of government we still have the same age old problem of
war. When we put boots on the ground and t to war its like we lost the sense
of reasoning, dignity, and the will of reason so we go invade them and kill
everyone in their own land. The casualty of wars is mainly of the civilians
not the common soldier that doesnt have a clue of the sick, twisted ill
minded people behind closed doors that ordered his certain death. The true
problem is that a tyrannical government can use the pretext of war to further
their own agenda at the costs of its own citizens. The U.S. is reviled for its
preemptive, unilateralist foreign policy that is characteristic of statesponsored terrorism. (peter kystein)For example the Terrorism war excuse to
funnel money into the government pocket also its stole the rights of
American people.
My solution is to divide the United Nations and give the true power to the
people. If this policy is implemented then we would have less wars and rid of
l the negative effects at war has on society. The policy will ensure that war
can be argued over when the cost and benefits to ensure a nation truly

wants war. United nation will not hae authority to make a country go to war
or make the decision of preventative wars.
Conclusion: war is not necessary at any time war can be stopped we just
need to be civilized and communicate to each other. With this new ratified
U.N. we can be prevented more efficiently with the people agenda.
(peter kystein, why Iraq like Vietnam its immoral and
(Julia kignston, immoral and unjust wars,