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Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) Words and Music by John Newton, Chris Tomlin and Louie Giglio VE GHD) Db LA ~ maz = ing_grace,how__sweet_ thesound, _ that saved. (2) grace that_taught_ my. heart to fear, and grace. 4 AS/D> wretch — like me. I once_ fears — re lieved. How pre - 5 Db DUE o Db was lost,__ but now. Ym found, was blind _ -cious_ did that grace ap - pear, the hour— > AS/Db DS AS/D> _ but_now 1___see. aTwas I_first_ believed, CHORUS 10 Db DIF Gh DIF _— My chains are. gone, Tve been set free, my God, my 8 Gh/Bb Db/Ay DF Gb Sav - ior —hasran -somed me. Andlike a___flood_—Hismer -ey__ CCLL-Liedsummer 476815 (© 2006 sssteps Music | Vamos Publishing | worshiptogethercom songs ‘Nataung ausschiefich im Rabin der SongSelect-Nutzungsbedingungen. Alle Rechte vorbehalten, wwe de ‘CCLE Lizenznurmer 2163467 Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) - 2 6 DIF Ebm? AL? rains, un-end —- ing___ love, a-maz —~ _ ing grace. . VERSE 3 Db DF Gh/Ds Db 3. The Lord has_ promised good. tome, His word Ab/Db my hope se-cures. He will Db DIF G Db 23 NY — — _ ny. shield and por tion be, as Tong_ ‘CHORUS Ab/D> Db DWF G _ as___life_ endures. _ My chains are. gone.____T've been set _ 28 DWF Gh/Bb Db/Ab DWF myGod,my Sav jor _—_has ran -somed. me. And like a G DWF rains, un-end —- ing___ love, flood His mer = ey Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) - 3 Ebm? AN” Db DL/F D> amazing grace.__ ‘My chains are __ VERSE4 6 GHD Db 4.The earth ___ shall__ soon dis-solve— 38 Gh/D) Db Ab/D) like snow, the sun__ for - bear _toshine. But_ “ Ds DIF G Db — God, who — called — me here be-low, will be Ab/Db Db for - ev - er mine,__ will be Ab/D> Db ~ for = ev = er mine,__ You are— L/D) Db ” _ for - wo - oer mine.