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The Place Of My Dreams

The Place Of My Dreams


In the late 2030 s and early 2040 s the National Aeronautics and Space Association wants to send humans to mars on a two year mission. I, Micah Wilson want to go.This story is about what would most likely happen if I got the chance. Enjoy.

The place of my dreams


Cape Canaveral-Pad 39A


I had always dreamt of them; silvery cylinders leaping into the air; fire gushing out of nozzles with a roar. As a boy I read books about space and rockets, men who dared to go into it, books about ordinary people with one thing in common, their hunger for knowledge. At age seven I did a project about Buzz Aldrin, the second man on the moon, and have always put him in higher esteem than Neil Armstrong, the first. I continued to study space and at age ten read “ ROCKET BOYS, ” by Homer Hickam, and I learned about the anatomy of rockets and the necessary components to make a rocket fly.


Now I sit in this capsule aboard this rocket awaiting the sight I made so familiar from a different perspective. News flash: I will

be THE FIRST human to EVER set foot on the red planet.


Houston comes on over the headset mounted into my helmet, “Twenty seconds and counting. T minus 15 seconds, guidance is

internal. Twelve, 11, 10, 9, ignition sequence starts.” A roar fills my ears. “6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1,” A sudden pressure is placed across my

body and I am filled with adrenaline. “All engines running

OFF ! ” I turn on my microphone and give the report that we had cleared the tower. My mission Commander Alex Gable tuned in and started talking, “This is the Falcon here, Hades 9 mission, Lift off is successful.


Seven minutes later our view out the window has changed, I look

out and I see

Looking out the window to my left or right you see a large wall of blue and green, or more of a gradually shrinking orb. Despite the amazing beauty of what used to be my home it looks so bleak, so desolate, so lonely that I am filled with a great sadness. Looking back at the planet fills me with emptiness. I lean back in my chair, look at Alex, and ask a simple question, “Ready?” “Yeah, turn it on.” is the reply. He leans back, almost shoulder to shoulder with me. I reach for a lever, tap a few buttons, and pull the lever. The back stage, our solid fuel boosters fell off.


nothing, that is if you look the way I am.


We continue onward in our journey to Mars, staring out the window and occasionally pressing buttons. I realize, most people think of space as a beautiful place, from pictures seen online,

but no, it is bleak, desolate, devoid of anything for millions of miles. In every direction except back I see nothing.


We have been going on for more than an hour now

has really changed. We can still see the earth, and still we see nothing else in any other direction. I open the hatch situated at the bottom of the capsule and float down into the living area. Just floating around I begin to think and am filled with an overjoyed feeling. I am going to the place of my dreams.



5 years later

The Charlotte Observer




Acknowledgements ThankyoutoMrs.Passe,theworld’sbest5thgradeteacher,forlettingusdothisassignment.








MynameisMicahWilson,Iamanelevenyearoldboywhoonedaywishestogotomars.I wrotethisstorybasedonmygoalsforthefuture.