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Gauguin: Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?


Martin Smith Sept


Curriculum Vitae
Im a teacher of English and a student of languages. Students
must become teachers for example, of each other and

teachers must continue to learn, so that they have a first-hand

acquaintance of life on the other side of the tracks.
My ideas can be found at :
A language (where possible) should look back to philology, ahead
to its crystallization in literature, always scrutinizing its own
Philosophy and Achievements
Ive defined a radically innovatory approach to language learning
post Bolnisi Third School (2010-2013).
Ive not hesitated to highlight areas of concern either in Georgia,
or earlier. I initiated a campaign to save the childhood
landscapes of Seamus Heaney from road-building, have
intervened to preserve important cultural legacies (classical vinyl
record collection, Belfast; modern painting collection, London)
recognizing that even in failure theres always a lot to learn:
defining a problem helps to reposition it and take it some
distance towards solution, or at least facilitate its being fed into
back new and therefore promising circumstances. Im thus an
optimist and a Whitehead follower in my metaphysics and history.
cf. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi , Hungarian Positive psychologist at:
On occasion examining what I was trying to achieve and why I
couldnt get there Ive not shied away from addressing skills gaps
by taking varied sabbaticals: 1986-1989, Computer Sciences;
1996-1999, Manual /Rural Skills; 2003,Music).The results show in

my abilities to use technology to deliver a complex lesson or

two at once if need be! and in my savoir-faire in obtaining,
marshaling and deploying exciting (often original) materials .
Ive intercalated into teaching periods in jobs involving: following
orders from government departmenst or the military; contact
with the public, care of the elderly, the environment. Some of
which shows on my CV.Though single, I ve an easy
communication with young people and a corresponding
enthusiasm when dealing with their parents and teachers. Living
abroad validates and liberates qualities which life at home
frustrates; abroad is where I am happy, most able to make a

Work History
Involving languages:
2013-2010 Bolnisi Third School, Teacher with Teach and Learn
with Georgia project
January 2013 and projected: English classes for Language Center,
February 2010 Abdi Mohammed, Belfast: personally-tailored
English course
May 2000 October 2000: P&O line, Portsmouth Express :
announcer (French)
1995-1994 Universit Francophone de Bruxelles: English
Language Teacher
1995-1993 Language Studies, Brussels: English Language Teacher
1995-1993 Kids Computer Club, Brussels: English Language

1994-1993 Institut Taisnier, Brussels: English Language Teacher

1993-1992 Liren Institute, Brussels: English Language Teacher
1994, 1993 Residential Classes, Transinne Space Centre,
Ardennes, Belgium (English)
August 1985 Fort Augustus Abbey, Scotland: self-created English
Language course
1985-1982 ndalsnes, Rauma, Norway: Organist of Grytten Kirke
and Menighet
1981 University of Chiba, Japan: Temporary Lecturer in English
1981 Hitachi Keihin Institute, Yokohama, Japan: English Language
1981 English Center, Kamisuwa, Nagano, Japan: English Language
1980-1981 American Business Consultants, Nagoya: English
Language Teacher
1978-1979 Oxford Intensive School of English, England: English
Language Tutor
1977 British Tourist Authority, London: French-speaking Tourist
Information Officer
Involving Customer Service and the Public
2009 Mount Charles Catering Services, Belfast: Restaurant worker
2008 Graham Facilities Management, Northern Ireland: Airforce
base valeting of houses and kitchen deep cleaning
2007-6 Royal Air Force, Aldergrove: Kitchen worker in Sergeants

2003/2004 Hell Bay Hotel, Bryher, Isles of Scilly, Cornwall: Hotel

Kitchen Assistant
2002-2001 P&O line, European Pathway, Steward
2001-2000 Rail Gourmet, UK: mobile catering assistant
1992-1 Brigstock Manor Old Peoples Home Croydon UK: assistant
1991-1989 Pizzaland Company: pizza preparation assistant
1977 British Tourist Authority, London: French-speaking Tourist
Information Officer
Autumn 2003, rented cottage in NE England and devoted time to
musical composition
1999-1997, worked on dry stone walling in Northern Ireland and
Northern England and studied Painting and Decorating and allied
skills at Blackburn
1989-1985, followed courses on PC applications, programming etc
and worked for eight months as a Computer Support officer at
Applied Microsystems Technology, London

Kings chapel

Hell Bay Hotel Bryher

2006-5 Followed course in European Literature at University of
Ulster, Belfast
1988-87 Followed course in Computer Programming at University
of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, Manchester
1985 Obtained Certificate in Linguistics for the Teaching of
English, Strathclyde University, Scotland
1976 MA in History of Art, Class I, Kings College, University of
(followed courses in Iranian Studies, Theology and Medieval Art)

Degree Certificate may be viewed at
Beginner: Russian, Japanese, Biblical Georgian, New Testament
Improver: Spoken Georgian, Norwegian, German, Italian
Achiever: French
English Teaching Qualifications
September 2009: weekend TEFL course, Dublin (the TEFL
2008-7 East Antrim Institute: First Certification in the Teaching of
English to Foreign Students
1985 Strathclyde University, Scotland: Certificate in Linguistics for
the Teaching of English to Foreign Students.
Certificates may be viewed here.
Composition: 105 works, chiefly songs, composed 2002-2013; and
Courses at Shrewsbury (2012) Frome (2003) and Conques (1989)
Second Chance Award from Dartington Trust, 2002, for musical
Churchill College, Cambridge Musical Composition Award 1975
Instruments: organ, piano

An excerpt from my last work: a setting of Pasternaks Winter

Night for Soprano

Bolnisi, Georgia where I currently live and have my home